A resistance force forms as the world seemingly comes to an end. And if Jim and Julia are the last people left on Earth, let's hope that's not the case.
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The end of the world isn’t nigh as far as the people of Chester’s Mill—well the non-brainwashed ones, anyway—are concerned. It’s here, and they’re helpless to do anything but watch throughout “Ejecta” as the outside world appears to meet its doom.

But are we really left in a world where only those inside the dome survive? I would hope not, because that would mean a scary, logic-less future awaits mankind, but the end of “Ejecta” suggests not all is lost. Before addressing the call that no one feels compelled to answer, let’s take a look at the denizens of Chester’s Mill while they think the world is crumbling into ash.

Eva and Barbie

Eva still has explicit orders to fully turn Barbie over to the kinship, Christine’s directive demanding she seemingly do so by seduction. And Eva sees an opportunity after she and Barbie have stopped the brainwashed masses from killing themselves. The flock of the kinship in town hall has lined up like lemmings to fling themselves out a window of the building. They tell Barbie and Eva that they’d rather die than live in a world without their queen.

Their interference seems to halt the single-file suicides for the moment, but the two watch as pink stars and a meteor fall from the sky. They decide to survey the damage outside the dome from the firehouse tower, where Eva uses their isolation as an opportunity to put the moves on Barbie. And she decides to sweet talk him with… mentions of apocalyptic doom?

Yes, Eva seems to think telling Barbie of the utter destruction awaiting the outside world will get him in the mood, but it only spurs him to action. He wants to save people on the outside, bring them through the red door. He attempts to leave and head to Bird Island, but the door’s locked and the key has gone missing.

The two search, but they come up empty-handed while Barbie broods over not being able to help. But Eva, who pretty obviously hid the key, tries to make him see her side of things. They can’t do anything for those outside the dome. Bringing more people in would deplete their resources, and only the most selfish on the outside would fight their way into safety. She wants him to be with him, the kinship, and he’ll be free of all of his worries and troubles. But just as a disrobed Eva pulls Barbie in to seal the deal with a kiss, she fails when Barbie steps on the key right by her feet.

Furious, Barbie runs and leaves Eva seemingly at a loss, but when he reaches the dome wall, he discovers that all hope may truly be lost. He watches as outsiders bang on the wall, attempting to escape the wall of fire preparing to engulf then. Eva comes to him, tells him to forget the world outside and accept his new place in the new order. He considers his options, and for now, accepts her proposal, grabbing her hand as they return to town.

Joe, Norrie, and Hunter

The short-lived love triangle has holed up in the diner, hiding Hunter from the outside world. Norrie is giving up hope, while Joe tries to console her that a future does still await them. But that idea is threatened when another person enters the building, and Joe prepares to strike.

That figure is revealed to be Sam, who has also reclaimed his sanity. While Joe is wary of teaming up with Sam, they recognize that they may be some of the few left who can stop the horrible fate befalling Chester’s Mill.

And it appears they may have another ally on their hands—Hunter. When Sam comes to visit, Hunter is in extreme pain but apparently of sound mind, not wanting to be killed by the entire town any longer. Sam gives him some medication to fight off the pain, but their plans to unite are short-lived as someone else comes into their hideout. Sam shuts the three of them in the freezer while going out to defend them.

NEXT: Big Jim and Julia decide to form a group to save the town. That can’t go well.

They leave in the morning, finding not a single trace of Sam nor whoever he came into contact with. Worse than that, Hunter has started acting crazy again, threatening them with a smashed glass and demanding he be brought back into town to carry out his execution.

Norrie, making a couple correct assumptions that even Dr. Gregory House may find suspicious, diagnoses Hunter’s change in temperament. When he’s in pain, he seems to be himself, but when Sam gave him the pills to recover, he returned to his brainwashed state. The kinship is thriving on sapping them of their emotions. Just like Norrie’s outburst of anger and Joe’s grief keeping them in the realm of the sane, it’s Hunter’s pain, tied to the loss of his mother as a child in a car accident, that keeps him free of its hold.

(ASIDE: All of the emotions Norrie mentions that allows them to maintain their humanity are all on the negative side of the emotional spectrum, so it’s understandable that some people might want to wipe themselves of that pain. But, as Inside Out so wisely taught us, you need to counterbalance the joy with the sadness, though I do not actually think Under the Dome is making the same point with anything nearly as smart or adorable. END OF ASIDE)

Sam and Junior

The person Sam encounters in the diner is actually Junior, sent by Christine before her latest cocooning to find Sam. He does so, simply playing coy and saying Sam is the only one who can help a mysteriously stabbed Christine.

He takes Sam to the caves, on the way revealing that the alien mind-set has almost completely taken over. Junior says the great destruction is happening again, just as it did on their homeworld. Sam plays along, pretending that he remembers this terrible alien destruction, but, being the terrible actor he is, does little to fool Junior. The right-hand man to Christine starts fighting Junior once they are in the dark of the caves. He overtakes the man who attempted regicide on his precious queen, holding Sam down as Christine begins to rise of her resting state.

Big Jim and Julia

And all the while, Big Jim and Julia are living out a bottle episode on Bird Island, holed up in the Aktaion house as they ride out the apocalypse. Jim starts tearing down all of the alterations to the house in honor of the man who lived there and thinks they can make a stand against the brainwashed legions in town. He’s accepted he’ll likely die in the process—there was no other outcome once the dome fell, in his mind.

But the destruction outside discourages him, and, in honor of the previous owner of the house, they begin draining the home’s alcohol supply. They drink themselves to sleep, discussing their regrets (Big Jim “supposes” he may have been too hard on Jim. Can’t imagine what, other than the attempted murder of his son, he could mean by that.)

They’re awaken from their slumber when Indy—who Big Jim assures us is not a liberal dog—returns to them. But they wake up to more fire reigning down the outside world, believing they may be the only people left in the world. A thought that turns Julia hysterical, until Indy starts barking. Jim goes to grab his gun, but it’s not Christine and her supporters standing on their stoop. It’s Jim, Norrie, and Hunter.

Together, they realize they are all that’s left of rational thought. They form a resistance force, armed and ready to take back as much of their town as they can. If only they’d look at the military laptop receiving a call from the outside, very clearly coming from an alive person. Will they answer it in the next episode or is the volume just turned down too low? We’ll have to wait to find out.

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