Aktaion and Big Jim try to figure out what the dome has planned, getting plenty of people killed in the process.
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All roads lead to Bird Island in “Caged” because… get it, “Bird” Island. And there’s a cage… on Bird Island… because birds are kept in cages. Yes, nothing’s ever subtle on Under the Dome, and luckily “Caged” doesn’t change that fact.

With Christine captured by Aktaion but the mind meld on Chester’s Mill continuing to exert its grasp, the fate of the town’s future falls into the hands of a few brave, unaffected souls: Big Jim, Julia, Joe and Norrie. So clearly the townspeople have nothing to worry about.

And while Jim and Norrie deal with the fallout of their accidental maiming of Hunter, the real action centers on Bird Island. Marston fills Jim in on their plans to discover what exactly Christine’s motives are as the official dome spokeswoman. From their footage, it appears Christine touching the egg set off the dome’s creation, but other than that, they have little else to go on. So what else is a major, seedy corporation to do than rely on a loud, temperamental man to extract information from an otherworldy being?

That’s exactly what Marston chooses to do, tasking Big Jim with finding out what exactly Christine wants to do with Chester’s Mill. Marston provides Jim with an extra incentive, promising they’ll infect him with whatever has transformed Christine unless he complies.

Jim plays along at first, as he’s returned to his cage with Christine. He starts to probe her for information, but she’s not willing to say much of anything. She proves she’s great at faking human emotions but offers him little else, assured that Junior will come for her. Jim seems concerned about this fact (despite having wanted to murder his own son only a few episodes ago), and the emotional distraction prevents him from pulling any more information out of her.

Marston is unhappy with the results, so he has a soldier smokebomb the room, knocking Jim and Christine out so he can pull Jim out of the room for another debrief. Jim explains that he needs leverage, so they concoct a plan to make Jim seem like he could be an ally for Christine. They give him the key to his cell, which Jim, once back in the cage, pretends that he pulled off a guard during a struggle. They even rough Jim up a bit, much to his displeasure, to ensure the lie seems authentic.

Christine quickly buys into it, which either means the town’s general lack of common sense has found its way into its dome overseers, or the alien controlling Christine is just very, very dumb. Either way, she promises Jim she’ll help him out of the dome, later revealing the ultimate plan is for the dome to come down anyway. But their conversation is cut short when gunfire sounds from outside, as Barbie and Junior storm the Aktaion compound.

Jim makes a move to leave after his dog runs away, but Marston tries to stop him. Unfortunately for Marston, Jim has little time for things like conversation and sense, so he slits Marston’s throat and chases after his only friend in the world. Fortunately for Christine, Barbie and Junior have killed every one of Aktaion’s personnel and come to save their dome queen.

But Barbie and Junior haven’t just been sitting around, waiting for the chance to rescue Christine. Without her presence in town, Junior has tried to carry out the projects she began, building dorms in town hall, while Eva attempts to continue working her magic on Barbie.

NEXT: Julia tries to reason with Barbie, but reason has no place in Chester’s Mill.

Junior has kept Norrie and Joe locked up in a room all night after the town, in its brainwashed state, blamed them for purposely hurting Hunter. Hunter’s bedridden, but they don’t know the full extent of his injuries. To determine that, Norrie’s mom, who is fully a member of the dome squad, takes her daughter to retrieve an x-ray machine while Joe works on setting up solar panels to power the machine.

But as Joe doesn’t exactly excel at his given task, Junior decides it’s time to punish the boy. Julia rushes to his defense, having already searched Christine’s office for answers. She’s witnessed the town’s strange state firsthand, and is looking for any sort of solution she can find. Unfortunately, her public attempts to assist Joe land her in further hot water with Junior. The de facto leader decides to punch Julia in the back of the head, the less bloody incarnation of his father’s negotiating tactics.

He locks Julia up in Christine’s office, while Barbie, having discovered where Christine is possibly being held, rushes to tell Junior and Eva. Eva goes off to run the tests on Hunter with Sam, and the prognosis is bad. Even if they had medical attention outside the dome, there would be no hope for him to ever walk again. And that means only one thing—he’ll have to die for the good of the group’s medical supplies.

Norrie and Joe, their kinship tasks accomplished, meanwhile, realize Julia may be the only sane one left to help them. The two fake their way into Christine’s office, knocking out the guard keeping watch over Julia and rescuing her from either compliance or death. (While she’s imprisoned, Eva tells Julia if she gave herself over to the group, they could both be with Barbie. So the dome aliens are clearly not from a monogamist culture.)

Julia goes off to save Barbie, leaving Joe and Norrie to kidnap Hunter before Eva can kill him—which is the only option for a lame dome member, according to her directive. Ensuring one of the show’s pointless love triangles continues on, the two successfully make it out alive with Hunter, deciding to lay low until they can figure out their next move.

Julia decides to go after Barbie, so she travels to Bird Island after Christine has already been broken out. She makes a last ditch effort to convince Barbie things are amiss, telling him Christine and the townspeople are infected.

But Barbie feels fine. In fact, he’s great thanks to Christine, so he shrugs Julia off to bring Christine safely back to the mainland. Julia stays behind on the island, running into Big Jim, who for now, with all of Aktaion in the dome dead, is her only ally. Unfortunately, he’s a bit more concerned with finding his dog at the moment than he is stopping Christine.

Back at home, Christine commands Eva to continue her seduction of Barbie so that he fully becomes a member of their kinship. Like she did to Junior, apparently the only way the aliens know how to convince us resistant earthlings to do something is with sex (which they probably learned as soon as they discovered Google).

She attempts to do so, but for now Barbie is so shaken by the day’s events that he needs some alone time. But Eva’s failure to convince Barbie is nothing compared to the dire situation Christine finds herself in. Sam returns to her, having discovered that Christine was the one who gave the pills to Abby that she used to overdose. He initially pretends to be grateful to Christine for having saved him, but in actuality he’s there to kill her. So he stabs her in the stomach, leaving her to bleed out. (If he really wanted to get the job done, though, he could have stabbed her maybe one more time.)

Junior once again comes to her rescue, finding her on the cusp of death. Per her commands, he brings her to the caves where another cocoon swallows her up to heal her. But her salvation comes at a cost—more of her precious amethysts die out, which is likely not in the dome’s plan.

What is that plan? Well, despite an entire corporation’s attempt to determine that in “Caged,” we still have absolutely no idea.

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