Christine is busy manipulating everyone in town while Jim and Julia try to take her down.
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Christine has made a mockery of the Chester’s Mill townspeople — not that that was a difficult task when so many of them acted like fools to begin with. But she’s taken full advantage of her brainwashing oxytocin goo, bending the crowd to her will, whether that be making them kill, be killed, or just really want to have sex.

Yes, the doomsday scenario of the dome seems to have the people of Chester’s Mill riled up and looking for love, even though their own survival should be at the top of the priority list. But their minds have been dulled by Christine, risking the lives of the entire town while a few brave, valiant souls attempt to save it.

Chief among that small resistance force is Julia, Jim, and Jim’s new best friend, the dog he once spent an entire episode yelling at. What I wouldn’t give for an entire episode focused around Big Jim and his new canine pal, scampering around their own private island on a series of misadventures. Big Jim could spout platitudes the entire time, laugh maniacally every few minutes, only for the episode to cut to the dog’s blank expression.

Unfortunately, “Alaska” robs us of such a special episode as they go in search of Eva and Christine’s camera. Jim, once again strangely the voice of common sense, wants to reveal Christine’s true nature to the town, hopping that will loosen her grip on it.

The camera has disappeared, however, so the two decide to see if the Aktaion outfit in town may have it. They invade the house where Jim was previously held, only for a series of guns to be pointed between Jim, Marston, and Marston’s brigade of red shirts. Marston has the footage on his computer, but more importantly he wants the egg.

The episode’s namesake comes from a file on his computer, as a team of researchers discovered a fractured egg in Alaska. It was full of a clean energy source that could change the world. Sadly, the egg also infected them as it has the townspeople, and eventually led them to their own suicides. Worrying the same could happen to the town, Julia wants to find Christine, which Marston agrees to, letting her take a goon squad with her to find Christine. Jim stays behind to negotiate information about the egg (which he conveniently avoids saying he destroyed for as long as possible).

So what’s Christine been up to while Julia plots her assumed demise? Other than having uncomfortable cave sex with Junior, she spends most of “Alaska” escaping her problems with manipulation, even if it kills a few people along the way.

Nuisances begin to arise all around Chester’s Mill, starting with the town hall. After Junior took out a column that the town’s resident Bob the Builder, Pete, told him not to, the ceiling actually collapses, pinning a number of workers underneath the rubble.

Barbie comes to the rescue, just as he’s about to confront Christine to expose who she really is. A meeting with Eva confirmed Julia’s suspicions that they aren’t who they say they are, but that whole “townsfolk in mortal peril” thing distracts Barbie.

He sticks around to help Pete fix the building, the latter frustrated to no end thanks to Christine’s bossy attitude. Luckily for him, Barbie seems to be on the same page as the two bond over their military service while patching up the hall. Pete and Barbie both decide Christine won’t be making any decisions while the builder bros are working together.

But like a snake slithering through the grass, if that snake had a bell around its neck to let you know it was sneaking up behind you, Christine works in broad daylight to undermine their fast friendship. Christine quashes Eva’s desire to reveal their identities by inviting her down into the cave. After a little dose of oxytocin, she promises to do whatever she can to stay with Barbie. (Christine also says that Eva and Barbie’s would-be child will be her successor, but that’s a complicated family affair for another episode.)

Christine continues to lay the groundwork for her bid to reclaim favor by pitting Barbie and Pete against each other. When Barbie notices oddly cut beams in the hall, he brings his suspicions to Christine, who agrees Pete sabotaged the project. She leaves him with only one option — to take care of it. Which, as we all know, is the wimpy way of saying murder.

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She also doubles back to fan the flames on Pete’s side of this sudden and incensed disagreement. She tells him Barbie suspects Pete of intentionally causing the collapse, and that if Pete wants to truly have power and women (he’s still reeling from when his wife cheated on him outside the dome while he was in the service), he has to take out Barbie.

One well-placed explosion later, and Pete goads Barbie into a fight. The two have it out in the streets, but Barbie snaps when Pete strikes Eva. Barbie beats him to a pulp with a baseball bat, embracing the injured Eva, who promises she’ll do anything for him.

So Christine’s plan takes effect by bringing one couple together, and she continues her reign of terror by pulling another apart. Sam has fallen back into his alcoholic ways now that he’s shacked up with Abby. This does not please Queen Christine, and so she seeks Abby out for a few more mindgames.

She chastises Abby for the pain she caused her daughter, drinking so much during her pregnancy that the baby was delivered in a severely impaired state. Abby has been coping with even more alcohol, and Sam has fallen under the same spell. But Sam is yet another worker bee for Christine (the dome is basically becoming an alien beehive at this rate), so she must protect him. With some blunt talk, she convinces an emotionally distraught Abby to kill herself, and Sam comes home to find her face down in a full tub with the water still running.

That leaves Christine with only one other major pairing to break up — Joe and Norrie. The two, having gotten back together, have one particular thorn left in their side. Hunter tries to pull Norrie away from Joe, asking her to take over food duty from him (the townspeople now appear to be eating whatever slop is not consumed by the Big Brother houseguests).

She resists, running off with Joe instead to work on solar panels. It may not be what Christine wants, but hey man, Norrie isn’t confined to any system. Hunter won’t leave them alone, and follows them up to the roof of a house they’re working on. He tries to forcibly take Norrie back to the town hall with him. She resists, attempting to shake him off, but he loses his balance and falls off the roof.

Conveniently, that leads Joe and Norrie to exactly where Hunter, Christine, and Junior wanted. Barbie assesses Hunter’s injuries when he’s brought to the town hall, but when he leaves, the young couple are left encircled by a group of brainwashed townspeople. They blame them for intentionally hurting Hunter, despite both of their protests that it was an accident. Joe and Norrie attempt to run away, but Junior and the mind-melded group refuse to let them leave until Christine has her say.

They might be waiting awhile for that, though. Julia returns to town hall, gun in hand, and convinces Christine to take a ride with her to the waterside. There, Marston’s men wait to take her away, though she warns Julia any plans she has for saving the world are too late.

Though that may be what just about every villain says, for the moment it’s proving to be true. Julia is out on her own while Marston reneges on his deal to help Jim. Instead, he traps the poor sap in an actual bird cage, demanding information on the egg. He can sense Jim is lying, however, and threatens the life of that adorable dog.

Jim finally fesses up to destroying the egg, and Marston allows him to reunite with his new best friend. But he won’t let Jim go. Marston has an experiment in place to see what the egg’s effects are. Christine is the experimental case, and Jim is the control for this little scientific venture. But the words “Jim” and “control” don’t go well together on Under the Dome. So I wouldn’t expect Marston’s experiment to go exactly according to plan.

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