Christine plots her takeover of Chetser's Mill, but a few brave townsfolk fight for the town's freedom.
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With most of the town under Christine’s control at the end of the last episode, “The Kinship” finds a few lone townsfolk of Chester’s Mill to fight against the hive mind forming among the brainwashed masses.

How do they go about accomplishing that? Plenty of shouting, wild leaps in logic, and, surprisingly, plenty of hook-ups.

Yes, like Interstellar, the answer to some of the mysteries plaguing those who are under the dome appears to be love… even if that love comes from a two-week long relationship. Barbie and Julia’s relationship continues to struggle as they try to come back together, both Sam and Junior find themselves unexpected partners, and Joe continues to pine after Norrie. And, sure, an entire town’s worth of lives may be at risk, but when the heart wants what it wants, sensible survival takes a backseat to everyone wanting to feel like Joseph Gordon-Levitt in that one (500) Days of Summer scene.

Julia is trying to reconcile with Barbie, but he still hasn’t quite given up that year of imagined life he lived in the fake Chester’s Mill (which everyone has problematically been calling “the matrix.” I think the Wachowskis might have something to say about that…).

But Christine wants to make sure Barbie moves on from his past and accepts the life she and the dome have planned for him. When the townspeople realize their food supplies are dwindling, Eva and Barbie conveniently volunteer to go out alone in search for another food supply.

Julia becomes concerned, and Christine only continues to push her to the brink of unbridled jealousy. She says Barbie and Eva spent the night together. What they were doing is never said, but Julia can fill in the lines for herself.

Joe finds himself in a similar situation. There’s a new man in Norrie’s life, Hunter, and because she still acts like the person she became in “the matrix” (it pains me to call it that) and not the Norrie who Joe grew to love, Joe is at a loss for what to do. But because Joe isn’t holding on to the life he led in the cocoon, he seems to be free from the “kinship” Christine has created for the town.

Seeking to correct that, Christine comes to him—barging into his room with a continued lack of concern for boundaries in this town—and tries to make him see the error of his rebellious ways. She suggests he pitch in to help the town like others have. Junior is building dorms for the residents in the tents (at the behest of Christine), Eva and Barbie are gathering food (again, because of Christine’s interference), so why can’t Joe help as well?

He does think Christine has a point, and so it looks as if Joe will soon become a member of the mind meld. You can practically hear Christine chanting, “One of us, one of us” from offscreen. It takes another rebellious spirit, Julia, to snap him out of Christine’s spell. While Joe is collecting solar panels for use in town, Julia recognizes the Aktaion symbol on a piece of equipment. And it just so happens to be the same symbol on Christine’s ID card she found in the tunnels.

Julia tries to use this newfound information to convince Barbie things are amiss. She confronts him back at their motel room, which is only a few doors down from Eva’s. She reveals her discovery, telling him Christine is not to be trusted. And perhaps neither is Eva. Accusing Eva sends Barbie over the edge, however, and as Julia vents her frustration with his behavior, he punches his hand through the wall, mere inches away from Julia’s head. He runs off to Eva, who’s still not pregnant with his child but very much would like to be. With his attention turned away from Julia, that may well be on the table in the real world, not just in the imagined one.

NEXT: Chester’s Mill is up all night to get lucky.

Though Julia’s love life quickly loses steam, Joe’s is picking back up. Norrie gradually begins to shake the notion that she’s happy with her spunky new attitude and feelings for Hunter. But when he only seems interested in sex (he does promise, in the least romantic tone possible, that he’s open to “talk or whatever” with her too), Norrie breaks away from him.

She runs into Joe back at their makeshift campsite. He’s upset because Sam, still wanting forgiveness, asked Joe to meet with him but never showed. His behavior infuriates Norrie, as she starts shouting about how Joe should never forgive him.

Suddenly, Joe’s face lights up. There’s the pissed off, disgruntled Norrie he fell in love with all those days ago! And while she rebuked Hunter’s advances, she and Joe are certainly not holding back in celebrating their reunion.

Speaking of Sam, he doesn’t show up because he’s gone in search of the missing Abby Dewitt. Sam walks into her house only to find her attempting to hang herself. Sam cuts her down, and the two talk out her depression and the lingering guilt she feels for losing her kid to child services.

Sam sticks around for hours to support her, but that support quickly turns from lending a shoulder to cry on to hooking up inches away from where she tried to commit suicide. Maybe move that to the bedroom, just to avoid any bizarre associations that might come up between the two events in a later therapy session?

But Sam and Abby are not the only ones to unexpectedly strike up a fling during “Kinship.” Christine periodically pops up in Junior’s life throughout the episode upping the flirting ante each time she sees him. He’s completely wound around her finger, and even if he makes a few enemies in the process, he’s willing to do whatever Christine asks of him. This culminates in a trip for two down into the tunnels, where Christine promises him she has a plan brewing for Junior. For now, she has him right where she wants him, smearing some of the cocoon goo on his face before the two begin to have sex on the stone floor in probably the episode’s most uncomfortable hook-up.

Making it even more uncomfortable? Christine momentarily pauses to look at her reflection in a purple crystal. But rather than her human face, she sees a smooth, bald, alien-like head. Hopefully Junior won’t mind if that look ever becomes her actual visage, or this relationship might be short-lived.

This Week in Big Jim

Jim, leading a solitary life on his island, is kidnapped by Aktaion’s Malick, who he previously struck a deal with. Malick and his boss want information on the egg, but Jim isn’t willing to speak. He tries to appeal to Malick’s sense of decency, but when that fails, Jim holds him hostage, hoping to trade Malick for his freedom.

It’s a shame then when that plan goes south, as Malick’s boss has a lackey shoot him. Jim argues that if he’s killed, they’ll never find the egg, so he runs away only to later be chased by more Aktaion soldiers. Who comes to Big Jim’s rescue? Julia, who holds Jim at gunpoint before shooting one of the men chasing him when Jim reveals Aktaion is after him. It appears the two mortal enemies have a common foe now. Might Jim get a shot at redemption? Does it matter at this point? He’d likely find some way to screw it up with his ego, anyway. But for now, it may give Julia some support in her fight against Christine.

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