Everyone's working on a secret agenda, which means Jim shares similar goals, even if he doesn't know it, with a surprising group -- the kinship.
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The dome may be coming down! So naturally, someone wants to keep the dome up, and it’s not those in control of it. Aktaion—Hector Martin, specifically—has found its way once again into the dome, looking to put an end to their mission while the resistance continues to wage war with the kinship. And that means a whole lot of unnecessary murder, fighting, and generally bad decision-making. So let’s jump into the fire, literally.

The funeral home remains under attack, with kinship redshirts attempting to set it on fire at the start of “Legacy.” Jim puts up a fight, gunning down any kinship members who get too close. (This being the man who later on wants to look like a hero to the rest of the world by bringing down the dome. We’ll just forget all of those murders…). But a few Molotov cocktails fly through the windows, and the building is a pile of burning ash waiting to happen.

Luckily, Hector and his Aktaion soldiers burst through the house’s backdoor with ridiculously perfect timing, offering to help Jim and his crew to safety. They accept, and Jim leads the combined groups to the town nursery, the perfectly ironic hiding spot for an adult man with the temper of a toddler. Jim wants Aktaion gone, but Hector wants answers about Marston. Jim, naturally, lies, telling him Marston is hidden away, and so he leads Hector and his men to the Aktaion house that was previously burned down.

Jim hopes he can play it off like a surprising accident, a sign of the kinship’s might, but more importantly it presents a problem for Hector. He came to the dome for Marston and his research with Christine’s DNA, but Hector mysteriously lost contact with his doctor when Jim entered the picture. Marston was working on a cure, which was of great personal value to Hector after he lost a coworker and close friend, Patrick, to insanity that plagued him once Patrick touched the egg.

Now that that research is gone, and with the knowledge of Jim’s proclivity for shooting first and asking questions later, suspects that Jim was the real culprit behind Marston’s death. To escape the bullet resting in a chamber centimeters from his head, Jim promises to help Hector gain access to Christine, make up for what was lost in the fire and Marston’s death.

Hector agrees, and though Jim immediately then complains about having to risk his life to help Hector, he decides to go along with the plan after learning more about Patrick’s infection at the hands of the egg and the realization that Junior could suffer a similar fate.

The two make a pact. Jim will help secure some of Christine’s DNA if Hector helps them take down the dome, and they both come out of the situation looking like heroes. Jim doesn’t want to be double-crossed, and unfortunately for him he’s getting into bed with the wrong leader of a major corporation. Hector has no intention of taking the dome down. In fact, he came into the dome knowing full well that it was going to be a one-way trip with no return-travel plans set. He tells all of this to Lilly, the replacement-Hunter (who may or may also not be in the flirtation phase of a romance with Hunter), whose father was actually Patrick. Filling the father role for her, Hector believes they’ll be safer Under the Dome™, the cure offering them safety from the kinship while preventing any chance of the pain and bizarre circumstances Patrick suffered from occurring in anyone else.

Hector and Jim’s goals may not perfectly align, but Jim is not alone in his fight to take down the dome—it’s what the kinship wants, too. Junior and Sam have imprisoned Joe, who is apparently the ONLY PERSON in all of Chester’s Mill who understands soundwaves and what that might mean for Christine’s schematic. (You would assume at least one other person paid attention in science class in all of the town, otherwise this speaks extremely poorly to the schooling standards in Chester’s Mill.)

Junior and Sam try to beat compliance out of Joe, but he isn’t willing to budge. It actually takes Barbie’s intervention to put Joe to work. But wait a minute, didn’t Julia save Barbie last week with love? She did, indeed, but as the two reconnect and Julia fills Barbie in on the resistance’s plans, he decides to go undercover to save Joe while Julia, discovering the funeral home empty, heads out to find the rest of their team.

NEXT: Is Joe helping the kinship? Is Barbie really cured? Is anyone acting sensibly?

Barbie makes his way to town hall, also wanting to check up on his child (he’s unaware at this point of the accelerated pregnancy schedule Christine has Eva on), but first taking steps to secure Joe’s life. He runs into Junior and the two try to put Joe to work once more.

Junior thinks they’re pulling a good cop, bad cop routine on Joe—Barbie slugs Junior after he attempts to once again pummel acceptance out of Joe. He kicks Junior out of Joe’s cell and attempts to convince Joe that he’s returned to being the man he once knew, not the brainwashed one he last saw. He wants to break Joe out, but Joe has convinced himself that he needs to stay and work on this project. Either he completes the project to take down the dome and they kill him, or the dome calcifies and he dies anyway. He thinks it’s worth choosing the former (even though that would let a murderous group of aliens out into the free world, but thinking three steps ahead has never been Joe’s strong suit).

Barbie agrees to let him stay behind, though his behavior appears suspect to Junior. It’s so disconcerting that after Barbie tells Junior where he buried Julia’s body, Junior takes a few men out to the supposed burial ground to check. Unable to find a body (it doesn’t look like they dug more than a few holes before giving up), Junior jumps to the conclusion that Barbie a traitor and that Christine must know of his treachery.

But if Christine wants better news, she can check in with Joe. He makes some headway on the importance of the soundwaves and the amethysts when Sam’s whistling triggers something in the stone that causes it to glow. He also is able to use a certain frequency to drive Sam, his guard, away when Norrie appears outside the window to check in on him. She’s not happy with it, but she’s willing to let Joe stay inside when he explains his situation, and all remains well with the show’s youngest romance.

As for Under the Dome’s most precarious romance, Barbie and Eva may be on the outs, even if the latter doesn’t know that. Returned to Julia, he wants to prove to her that he still loves her and is only checking on his dome-chosen love to fulfill his paternal duties. After his ordeal with Joe and Junior at town hall, he ventures out to the barn where Eva is being kept. She’s frustrated, sick of being pulled away from her dearly beloved, all the while consuming the life force of the women Christine chose for her to accelerate the pregnancy.

Barbie appears, however, and though she senses all is not well, he puts on a show of love and care, walking out hand in hand with her to tell the town the good news of their future queen. (ASIDE: If the dome is really going to come down soon, Patrick’s blabbering may have been an indication of what to expect afterward, as he mentions the war begins once the new queen rises. END OF ASIDE)

Despite his protests to Julia that he no longer has feelings for Eva, she begins to worry again after seeing Barbie and Eva looking chummy outside the barn. She’s already in a frazzled state, discovering the mass grave filled with a few of the women used for Eva’s baby to be born more quickly. To make things worse, she was saved by Norrie, who landed her first kill with a gun (a moment an Aktaion soldier warned her would change her forever). Now, she wants to believe that Barbie is putting on a show, but everything she sees contradicts that.

She’s so concerned because of what Hector said to her earlier—that those they believe to be cured aren’t actually fully healed. Instead, he explains, the disease is merely in a dormant phase, and eventually they will succumb to its might again. Julia wants to believe they can conquer the dome with emotions (“Love saved him,” Julia tells Jim at one point in the episode. Insert audible groan here.), but that hope may be fleeting. And that could only spell trouble for the resistance as they prepare to make another strike on the kinship.

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