A fatherly kidnapping and a hunt for a red door is just another day in Zenith.
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Well, that was more serious than usual. Who wants to guess that it was due to actor Peter Weller (24, Psych), who directed tonight’s episode? He brought a somber visual aesthetic to the show; all of the colors looked rather faded. Weller’s direction made “The Red Door” the show more interesting to watch and was a distraction from some of Under the Dome‘s brand of silliness. Moreover, there wasn’t a crisis of the week under the dome, which is always something to be thankful for.

You remember the men in black army gear who captured Barbie at the end of last week’s episode? Well, it turns out they are part of Don’s private security force, and he has tasked them with interrogating Barbie to find out the location of the egg. We don’t find out why he wants it—all we know is that he needs to get it before the government finds out about it, and he’s willing to do anything to get it; even having his goons torture his son.

Ever stubborn, Barbie refuses to give up Julia and the egg in the interrogation. In the few scenes with Barbie being questioned, we learn that he actually knows what the Geneva Conventions are and that he’s capable of putting two and two together. When his dad comes to visit him, under the guise of a worried father, Barbie is clearly not buying the act and refuses to hand over Julia and the egg. Eventually, Barbie gets the upper hand during the interrogation and manages to break out. We later find out, however, that this was part of Don’s security team’s plan. The security team was hoping to follow Barbie back to somewhere related to where he came out of the Dome, however, Barbie manages to lose his tail.

Don’s security team is really having a bad day. Not only do they lose Barbie, but they also fail to capture Lyle, Sam, and Pauline, who are trying to find the red door, which they hope will take them back to Chester’s Mill. They decide to go to the park where Sam and Lyle came through to see if there’s a red door there. While Pauline checks out the door—it’s too early in the episode for it to be the right one—Lyle and Sam lead two of Don’s men on a goose chase.

As she waits for Lyle and Sam at the rendezvous point, Pauline starts to have visions of a spiral that makes her worried about going back to Chester’s Mill. Lyle is the first to make it back to the meeting place and attempts to have a tender moment with Pauline, but is shot down almost immediately. When Sam arrives, the three of them decide that they can’t return to Pauline’s apartment. But that’s okay because Pauline knows somewhere they can hide. Anyone have any guesses where she might be heading?

If you guessed “Hunter, the computer guy from last week,” then you were right. It makes sense that Pauline knows Hunter since Hunter is the one behind the “Hounds of Diana” page, and it was through the Hounds of Diana email that Pauline sent Junior that video message. The Hounds of Diana and their new guests, however, are joined by one more person who doesn’t understand the concept of self-preservation and wants to return to Chester’s Mill: Barbie.

NEXT: Melanie tries to find love in a hopeless place.

The people in Zenith aren’t the only ones dealing with drama. Sheriff Big Jim, who found out that Barbie made it out of the Dome, is using his “detective” skills to get to the bottom of it all. Luckily, he doesn’t have to work too hard to find out what’s going on because Junior, who stupidly decides to trust his dad, admits that Barbie is alive, tells his dad about the egg, and shows him the cliff. Standing at the cliff’s edge, Big Jim has a Moses-like moment and decides that it his duty to lead his people out from under the dome through the cliff. (It’s clear the writers at least intended some comparison to the Biblical story here because in the scene before this, Lyle was talking about Passover.)

Elsewhere, Julia, the kids, and Melanie are eagerly awaiting another email from Barbie. They eventually receive an email, but it’s not from Barbie. It’s from Don and contains a video message from him. Pretending again to be a caring father, he pleads with Julia to hand over the egg to save Barbie, and to make sure he’s convinced her, he says at the end of the video, “It’s an unfortunate way to meet the woman who means so much to my son.” Obviously, Julia starts to consider handing over the egg because… love, but encounters opposition from Melanie, who recognized Don’s voice during the video, but didn’t know from where. In a fairly hilarious exchange, Melanie points out that Julia keeps saying that the Dome is there to protect them, to which Joe and Norrie point out the obvious that the Dome has, in fact, been doing the opposite. In the end, Melanie storms off right as Rebecca comes in to warn them that Big Jim knows everything and is looking for the egg.

Since the incident with Barbie at the Dome wall, Don’s security force has doubled it’s presence around the edge of the Dome. Big Jim decides to negotiate with them. He says that he’ll give them the egg if they let the people of Chester’s Mill out. The head soldier says no. Big Jim then says he’ll give it to them if they let him and Junior out, and the soldier says yes and shows him the location of the egg.

Junior moves the egg before Big Jim can get to it, and on his ways to hide it, he meets up with Melanie. Junior decides to hide the egg “right under his father’s nose” in the cellar where he had Angie locked up. As Junior gets ready to leave, Melanie asks if they can lay on the bed together because it’s peaceful down there. She wants to “enjoy the peacefulness with him,” and hopefully feel less alone. The image of them cuddling on the bed is far from cute and is disturbing when you remember that this is where Junior held a girl hostage. Thankfully, it’s clear from his face that Junior is also a bit uncomfortable with the moment. All together, there’s just a bit too much creepiness in the cellar.

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After Barbie gets all of his aggression toward Sam out of the way and Pauline finds out that Sam murdered Angie, they start looking for the red door. The computer nerds start searching for all the red doors in Zenith, but stop when Barbie recognizes the door in Pauline’s painting and tells them that it’s in his backyard. Everyone saw that coming, right? Okay good, moving on.

The ones who made it out of the Dome sneak onto Don’s property with Hunter in tow and head down the red door in the backyard before Don’s men find them. In the root cellar, they find a passageway which leads to the tunnel and head through. Once in the tunnel, Sam, Barbie and Pauline encounter a swirling smoke that makes them see different things. Sam and Barbie have flashbacks: Sam remembers the day of Pauline’s funeral when lil’ Junior asked him to save him and take him away from Big Jim; and Barbie remembers the day the root cellar door was painted when he was little, and it turns out that Melanie was there that day and promised little Barbie that she’d see him again one day. (Huh?!) Pauline, on the other hand, has a vision; she’s standing in the crater where her friends found the egg and Melanie appears to her and tells her that this is where it all began and that is where it must end.

Suddenly, all three of them are floating in the lake. Hunter is there too, but he wasn’t special enough to have a flashback. Lyle, again, is missing (someone needs to put a tracking monitor on him). Once they get back on land, Barbie sets off to find Julia and Pauline sets off to find Junior. Sam wants to go with her, but Pauline says no and tells him to talk to Hunter and find Lyle because they need him.

Pauline returns to her old home and starts looking around. As she is exiting her son’s room, she runs into Big Jim, who is obviously surprised to see her. The episode ends with Big Jim saying Pauline’s name in disbelief. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t at least somewhat excited to see what comes next because while we don’t know what’s going to happen (who knows with these writers), we do know that Dean Norris is going to act the hell out of his character’s first scene with the wife he thought was dead. And watching Dean Norris act the hell out of a scene is always fun.

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