Under the Dome's second season welcomes back the citizens of Chester Mill with a few new faces

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July 01, 2014 at 03:26 AM EDT

Welcome back to Chester’s Mill, the town that’s trapped under a dome and yet still nothing interesting happens. The first season of Under the Dome ended with what the writers hoped was a cliffhanger that would have viewers begging for a second season. Big Jim (Dean Norris) was yelling at Junior (Alexander Koch) to hang Dale “Barbie” Barbara (Mike Vogel) as the Dome turned from pitch black to opaque white and blinded everyone.

Those who tuned in tonight hoping for an Under the Dome that was less silly and provided more answers, less questions were probably disappointed by the episode’s end. Under the Dome remains just as ridiculous (not in an endearing way) as ever—in its second season premiere, a lead character is killed off, new mysteries are introduced (because that’s exactly what we need) along with new characters, and several pages out of Lost‘s playbook come into play.

The episode opens with a man, who we later find out is Big Jim’s brother-in-law Sam Verdreaux (Eddie Cahill), living in a cabin in the woods and looking out his window as he reacts to the Dome’s groaning and bright light. We then return to the town square where the Dome’s antics cause people to lose consciousness. Big Jim tries to continue with the execution but is stopped by both Junior and Sheriff Linda (Natalie Martinez) who insist that the Dome is trying to tell them something, so obviously they pay it a visit… and that’s when the Dome takes a tragic turn: Linda is crushed by a car while trying to uncuff Barbie, who was stuck to the Dome because the Dome suddenly became magnetic and was drawing all metal objects toward it. Still following? It’s not exactly sad to see Linda go as her incompetence was only matched by The Following‘s version of the FBI and because the show’s first season did a poor job of making us care about her character.

Next: The Dome is angry again and Big Jim offers himself as tribute. 

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Chester’s Mill residents suddenly find themselves cut off from the rest of the world by a mysterious, impenetrable barrier, which surrounds the town in this Stephen King adaptation.
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