The Thanksgiving episode inspires a list of 10 reasons to be grateful for the series, from Betty's return to ''Mode'' to those fabulous sound bites
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Ugly Betty | ''Oh I'm sorry, I couldn't hear you over your loud shirt.'' —Betty lashing out at Marc (Urie) for his constant insults, episode 3

”Ugly Betty” recap: 10 reasons to give thanks

In honor of the Thanksgiving-night episode (and the fact that the turkey fumes are seriously getting to me by this point), here are 10 reasons I’m thankful for Ugly Betty:

1. Betty is back at Mode I had been thinking a lot about the possibility of her not returning to her job, and I came to the conclusion that such a thing could never happen. Right? As weird as it sounds to say now after her dubious first few weeks at the magazine, Betty is Mode. Daniel sweetly told her, ”I think you can stay here and be the person you want to be, someone your mother would be so proud of.” I do, however, applaud her renewed focus on her morals, even if her good behavior isn’t nearly as much fun to watch as Willy and Marc’s evil ways. Which actually brings me to…

2. Willy and Marc’s relationship This pair’s connection is uncanny and fabulous — and it continues to clip along. I loved it in this week’s episode when they showed up at Bradford’s funeral and Marc was trying to seed everyone’s thoughts about her big entrance, whispering, ”What is she doing here? Who is she wearing? I can’t believe she came!” As usual, the episode was banter-licious: When Willy referred to her father, Marc said, ”I always imagined you rising out of a cauldron or born of a jackal,” to which Willy retorted, ”You’re so sweet. You get an extra piece of cheese.” Marc repays her affection: He left Mode — and his BFF Amanda — to go be with Willy and her new magazine, Slater. And heck, he cooks Willy and her senator father frickin’ omelets. If that’s not dedication from an assistant, I don’t know what is.

3. Willy falling into the grave That all-black Dolce outfit? $2,000. That new pair of funeral-ready black Jimmy Choos? $500. Seeing Willy fall into Bradford Meade’s open grave? Priceless.

4. New Betty twists A pink Christmas tree at the Suarez home, an all-nighter at Mode to deal with the departure of Willy and Bradford, a post-op transsexual locking a little person in a room to get what she wants. Totally normal and totally fabulous!

5. The sex room I wonder if the producers realized the usefulness of the hidden chamber when they introduced it last season. Honestly, everything seems to circle back there: Bradford’s will, Amanda’s wall of possible fathers, Christina and Stuart’s sexcapades.

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6. Amanda’s continued attempts at singing/rapping Two weeks ago it was ”Milkshake,” and this week she tried introducing her ”What’s Hot” pizza-girl pitch with bombastic beats that fell flat. ”She’s selling pizza!…Ohhh, cheesy!” She even made a DJ record-scratching sound and touched her finger to the girl as if she were literally sizzling. Like Marc when he went off about Shakira having bendy straws, Amanda is so earnest when she puts on these performances that I can’t help smiling.

7. Betty and Henry’s relationship Are you still on board? I definitely am. Many of my colleagues and other friends have complained that it’s not going anywhere, and I couldn’t disagree more. Sure, Henry and Betty are at that sick point where they finish each other’s sentences and snuggle gratuitously, but we waited so long to get to this point, folks! Enjoy it! (And gosh darn it, it’s Thanksgiving, so be nice!)

8. The little things Betty’s socuteit’ screen-saver. Ignacio’s kidney-stone Christmas ornament (ewwww!). Willy’s ”Medusa X” meltdown program (complete with her evil face flashing across computer screens!). It’s often the small details that make me chuckle.

9. Alexis and Daniel getting along While it may be hard to have a sister who used to be your brother or, conversely, to have a brother who’s kind of a nitwit (but has a damn smart assistant!), these siblings warm my heart. One good thing that came out of Bradford’s death was their growing even closer and working toward the common goal of getting Mode out. Since I’m on my own in New York this Thanksgiving, it made me miss my own post-op transsexual sister right even more. (Kidding! Kidding!)

10. Awesome one-liners! All right, you all saw this one coming, TV Watchers. Betty’s quippy lines are always worth a shout-out. Here are my favorite Betty bites of the evening:

· Betty, when Bradford’s subconscious-remorse ghost showed up in a tiki shirt: ”My guilt wears island casual?”

· Justin, prepping to decorate the Christmas tree: ”Okay, got the Christmas ornaments and the garland. The lights are still up in my room from when I turned my closet into a nightclub.”

· Marc, consoling Willy after her public humiliation at Bradford’s funeral: ”If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times: No one pushes Wilhelmina Slater into an open grave!”

· Justin: ”So let me get this straight. Wilhelmina Slater was pushed into a grave, and you didn’t get one picture? Way to turn a funeral into a tragedy.”

· Marc, thinking Willy’s latest plan to take down Mode might go too far: ”Is this gonna be some sort of murder-suicide thing? Because Cliff and I have Chorus Line tickets tonight….”

· Willy, pitying the remaining Mode employees: ”Now as for the rest of you, your loyalty is admirable. You remind me of the orchestra that stayed behind to play as the Titanic sank.”

What about you, TV Watchers? What are you thankful for about Betty this year? What was your favorite quote of the evening? Will Amanda ever find her actual father? And does Slater have any chance of actually launching?

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Ugly Betty | ''Oh I'm sorry, I couldn't hear you over your loud shirt.'' —Betty lashing out at Marc (Urie) for his constant insults, episode 3
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