On ''Ugly Betty,'' after Amanda learns she's not Bradford's daughter, Marc creates a wardrobe malfunction for her at a fancy ball; plus, Betty makes a career move
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Ugly Betty | ''Oh I'm sorry, I couldn't hear you over your loud shirt.'' —Betty lashing out at Marc (Urie) for his constant insults, episode 3

”Ugly Betty”: The naked truth about Amanda

Braces and ill-fitting blouses notwithstanding, Betty has found herself embracing her inner Mode girl this season. Not only has she had no qualms about bending the law (see: breaking into Wilhelmina’s apartment last week), but Betty also found herself making a dreaded deal with Beelzebub herself. And last night our heroine dropped her usual pleasant demeanor and had an Amanda moment, thanks to — that’s right — a sandwich. After getting into a fight with Gio, Mode‘s new sandwich guy, about her order, Betty was accused of being spoiled and demanding, just like the other staffers at the magazine. (Speaking of sudden changes, your usual Betty watcher, Tanner Stransky, is out this week; he’ll return next time.) But could you blame Betty? With all she has gone through over the past few months — the death of her future brother-in-law, her father’s deportation, and her boss’ drug addiction and near-death experience — is it such a crime that a girl would want a sandwich prepared the way she wants it prepared?

Well, according to Gio, it is. And also according to Gio, a girl can no longer be considered down-to-earth if she even knows what a sun-dried tomato is. So an angry Betty vented her frustrations to Daniel, who did what any good boss would do: fire the employee who insults his customers. Naturally, Betty, being Betty, felt bad and — in fear of becoming one of those Mode girls — told him he could make some extra cash by driving her to New Jersey to pick up a space-age wheelchair for Daniel. Cue the awkward sing-alongs and deep conversations about Betty’s life and future.

And boy, did Gio hit the nail on the head when it came to Betty. I was glad that the conversation between the two characters touched on the fact that our heroine has yet to contribute any real work to Mode, as Betty has seemed far too content as of late just delivering bagels to Daniel. And Gio’s observation that Betty is ”one of those people who wait for things to happen”? Couldn’t fit Betty more. Whether it’s waiting for her feelings for Walter to grow, waiting for Henry to make a decision about Charlie or waiting for an assignment at Mode, Betty has been all too passive. So kudos to our heroine for deciding to use her lunch break for writing classes — hopefully we’ll see her take more control of other parts of her life as well.

While Betty was off chasing iBots and justifying her career choices to Gio, the rest of the Mode staff was preparing for the night’s Black and White Ball. Marc and Amanda made plans for her to come out as Fey Sommers’ illegitimate daughter to snag some attention — and swag — at the party. Though Fey’s old attention-grabbing technique — wearing red to the Black and White Ball — failed to garner interest from the paparazzi, Marc wasn’t above staging a little (scratch that: big) wardrobe malfunction to land Amanda on Page Six. Now with her newfound fame, I wonder how long Amanda will continue to occupy the receptionist’s chair at Mode.

But it seems Amanda is more interested in discovering her true roots than submitting résumés. We learned last night that the DNA test proved that Bradford was not her father, which means we can now breathe a sigh of relief knowing she wasn’t sleeping with her brother last season (seriously?gross). But the moment between Daniel and Amanda seemed a bit odd to me. First, I feel that we Betty fans were cheated out of a scene showing Amanda telling Daniel that they could be brother and sister. And having the two kiss again, albeit mostly out of relief, seemed a bit out of character for two people who have put their relationship long behind them.

After all, Daniel’s wandering eye was far from focused on Amanda. When a basketball tutorial for Justin proved that the wheelchair-bound Daniel can not only walk but dunk a ball, he admitted, in true Daniel style, that he was faking his pain in order to bag a chick — his physical therapist, in fact. (Do I smell possible future guest star? Bonus points to whoever can predict who it might be.) Justin, ever the honest boy, called Daniel a dog, then told the editor that he reminded him of Santos. Beyond an interest in women and basketball, I’m not sure I see the link, but it is touching to see Justin discover a new father figure. But as moving as that was, last night’s episode could have used some Justin-Marc moments. Wouldn’t we all rather see Justin accessorize than attempt to throw a basketball?

NEXT: A bombshell and a gunshot

As for Wilhelmina, everyone’s favorite bad girl hit a new kind of low tonight. Sure, we knew she was evil and manipulative and all, but stealing a microphone from a sick child to announce her wedding plans? All I can say is her Cruella De Vil-inspired gown was very fitting. But sealing a wedding date to deter Claire from trying to win back Bradford was only the half of it. Through a book of hilariously Photoshopped pictures (thanks to Marc’s ”a-mahzing” skills), Willy was able to convince Alexis that they were best friends before her accident in order to gain Alexis’ approval to marry Bradford on the date originally set. Another nugget of (mis)information Willy dropped: Claire divorced Bradford, and not the other way around. Poor Alexis. With all the lies being fed her way, it’s a wonder that she even knows about the sex-change operation (though that would be pretty hard to miss). But where was Daniel to do some Willy damage control?

Speaking of lies, after Henry got over his hangover (note: melon and apricot mix well. Also note: alcohol and antihistamines do not), he confronted Charlie, who confessed to cheating on Henry with Betty’s orthodontist. Though we won’t know the paternity until Charlie’s 14th week of pregnancy [good catch, reader Lynn!], my guess is the baby isn’t Henry’s. He has to get together with Betty sometime, right? In the meantime, I wonder if Betty’s new friendship with Gio will lead to some kind of romance. It wouldn’t kill Betty to make Henry just a teensy bit jealous, would it?

And before I forget, Ignacio officially returned home to Queens after being held at gunpoint by his former boss and romantic rival. With all the soap operas Ignacio watches, he should have known that no villain is truly ever dead. I think it’s a pretty safe bet, however, that Ramiro was at least wounded by his son, who was probably fed up with all that verbal humiliation.

And finally, speaking of verbal humiliation, what would a Betty TV Watch be without its sound bites? Here are my top five quotes:

5. Wilhelmina, ushering overzealous stylists out of Alexis’ hospital room: ”She’s a tranny, not a drag queen.”

4. Betty, on how long it’s been since she’s written in her diary: ”I’m pretty sure my last entry went something like ‘I love Lance Bass. I want to marry him.’ ”

3. Marc to Amanda, after she appeared naked on Page Six: ”The whole office is talking about you. I know, they always do, but now it’s with envy instead of pity and disgust.”

2. Marc, after Amanda said she’ll have to pee on the carpet to get the attention of the press: ”Courtney Love did that before you got here.”

1. The Fashion TV anchor, on the Black and White Ball, which benefits the New York Children’s Hospital: ”The clothes will be fabulous, and the kids will be sick.”

What do you think, TV Watchers? What was your favorite line of the night? Will Alexis catch on to Willy’s deception? Do we really have to wait until Charlie’s 14th week of pregnancy for Henry and Betty to get together? Who is Amanda’s real father? And finally, after a hungover Daniel threw up last season after catching a glimpse of Suarez cooking, don’t you think Hilda should have refrained from eating in front of a hungover Henry?

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Ugly Betty | ''Oh I'm sorry, I couldn't hear you over your loud shirt.'' —Betty lashing out at Marc (Urie) for his constant insults, episode 3
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