Did that seriously just happen?! The fashion gets hotter as the show gets darker

By Nina Terrero
July 20, 2016 at 09:24 PM EDT
Kata Vermes/FX

With a personal tragedy looming over Molly and Bassam — that’d be Emma’s kidnapping of last week, the details of which you can catch up on here — you’d think that cool-looking clothes might be an afterthought, right? Well, lucky for us, that wasn’t the case this episode. Each of the cast member’s wardrobes — whether it was Molly’s floor-skimming duster, Leila’s sexy power threads, or Daliyah’s beautifully embroidered caftans — gave hints about impeding drama and the conflict ahead. Remember: Sometimes clothes are just clothes, but in the world of Tyrant, fashion choices provide major clues about motivation and choices to be made.


Is it wrong to be all “Slay, queen slay!” at even just a partial look at this fabulous outfit? Every piece screams “I’m here to werk”: The tailored taupe sheath, the luxurious wool topper, and of course, those gorgeous gem-crusted earrings. Forget about the fact that in an earlier scene, Leila and Ahmed were told that Jamal desperately needs a kidney transplant. This woman is unbothered by mere virtue of the fact that she’s definitely not in love with the sickly ruler. She doesn’t hold back in telling her son so either, uttering a chilling “I tried” when he asks her about whether she ever loved his father.


What does this photo say to you? If you said “happy family,” you’d be wrong. For all his lofty liberal ideas about democracy, prosperity, and freedom, the prof is deeply secretive about his sexuality in a way that begs a question about what freedom truly means. He’s dressed head to toe in separates that would fit perfectly in preppy New England, with a wife and daughter in tow … and if it weren’t for what we’ve come to know about him through his relationship with Sammy, and the deeply dismissive way he treats his wife this hour, we’d never think of him as anything but a by-the-book freedom fighter.

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Is there anything prettier than a gal in a white dress? If you ask Fauzi, the answer is a big fat “no.” Though he initially approaches Daliyah under the pretext of her connection to his daughter, whether he knows it or not, he’s drawn to her given her faith in future political peace. The two have a lot in common — a mutual feeling of loss, frustration with the past, and hope for Abbudin’s future — and that’s what makes their one-on-one dinner so rewarding. (For the record Fauzi invited himself over because the man knows what he wants!) As for Daliyah’s outfit during the meal, this gauzy caftan, made even more striking with its intricate embroidery, is the color of untainted white, a departure from the darkness that has inhabited Fauzi’s world for so long.

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On to some serious stuff, like Kim Kardashian! Her influence on style knows no bounds. She’s a fashion icon for the ages! Just kidding, but really: Anyone with an internet connection saw countless photos of Kimmy K wearing dusters throughout her last pregnancy, a style choice which trickled down to store racks everywhere.


Now we’re seeing that very same look on the small screen, with Molly in a pale pink duster coat that hints at a “lady on the go” vibe. Yes, it’s an all-American trend, but isn’t that the point? Molly isn’t completely at home in Abbudin, and thanks to recent events, she may never be. Her daughter is being held at the mercy of a mercenary, and as she sees it, she’s the only one who can ensure her daughter’s safety.

However, once Bassam gets wind of her idea he makes it known that he does not approve of Molly trading herself as is. That being the case, he recruits General Cogswell and palace police to help him cook up a new plan, which has Molly shadowed by police as she makes the trade in hopes of making a safe grab for Emma. However, the plan is foiled and — grab your tissues now — Ihab murders Emma as video cameras broadcast the tragic event to the palace. This will undoubtedly have somber consequences on Molly and Bassam’s relationship, the likes of which will shape the rest of the 10-episode season.

And while we’re on the topic of relationships, how about Nafisa’s betrayal of her husband? In the case of both relationships, it’s a matter of spouse vs. spouse, loyalty vs. loyalty.


Oh, Ahmed. While his mother was not into the idea of Ahmed donating his kidney to his ill father, the dutiful son was reluctant to align himself with Leila’s thinking. Struck with remorse and sadness about the demise of he and his father’s relationship, Ahmed decides to look through a box of old photos in hopes of sparking a memory of a bond he and his father once shared. Just remember you guys: It’s easy to find dirt when you’re digging around. And wouldn’t you know it — he finds evidence of his father raping his bride. Cue an anger and thirst for revenge, with a subsequent scene showing the once loyal son standing over his father with a pillow. Though there is the briefest moment of hesitation, Ahmed’s reluctance to end his father’s life gives way to his desire to seek vengeance for Nusrat and in a way, for his mother, whose entire adult life has been in Jamal’s shadow. Here’s the thing though: Will Ahmed push for the presidency, or will he support his mother’s bid for power? This could definitely lead to some serious conflict in episodes ahead.

Fans, what’s your take on “The Dead and the Living”? Did you see those two death coming? With the action kicked up a notch this hour, where do you think Barry’s future — and that of Abbudin — is headed?