The season 6 body count grows as Gov. Burrell's plan becomes clear
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True Blood, Anna Paquin, ... | In the season 3 finale, vampire Eric (Alexander Skarsgard) made Bill confess to Sookie — who can't read vampire minds — that he let her…

We all knew someone was going to die this episode, and the fact that it was neither Eric nor Pam was not a surprise. In short: Terry, who’d been glamoured to forget he was ever in the marines (and therefore that he’d hired one to murder him), was shot and killed as he took out the garbage at Merlotte’s. Bonus! Bilith beheaded Gov. Burrell after he realized Jessica was at Vamp Camp. Also, Nora was infected with a lethal strain of “Hep V,” which will also be in every bottle of Tru Blood hitting shelves and cell blocks unless Eric saves the day. Sarah Newlin intended to have Jessica take part in a “copulation study” in front of new LAVTF member Jason, but the male vampire, James, refused to do it even after they repeatedly burned him with rays. (In related news: We love James.) And, oh yeah, SOOKIE MOUNTED WARLOW. Let’s break it down.

We opened with Sookie’s father, still in Lafayette’s father, continuing to drown her. Bill felt her struggle and let Warlow out to save her since it was daytime. Warlow looked damn good wet. Equally attractive: He listened to Sookie when she told him not to kill Lafayette because it wasn’t him talking. She told Warlow to zap her father out of Lafayette’s body, and he did. “Tell him to get the f— out of my life, forever,” Sookie told Lafayette. See ya, dad.

For, like, a second, it seemed as though Pam and Eric might actually fight each other. “You made another vampire?” she said. “I did,” he hissed back. Did we know Pam could levitate? Because she did, as did Eric as they prepared to attack. But instead, they hit the guards who were hiding in the walls holding guns on them. It was violent and awesome. One guard got pushed against the one-way glass wall and impaled. It made a hole, which Eric peeked through to see Steve Newlin, who acted like a child: “I had nothing to do with this. They made me!”

After the real Lafayette got his introduction to Warlow, Bilith started to summon Warlow back and he began vomiting blood the way Jessica had earlier this season when she tried to fight that pull. Sookie knew Lilith would ultimately want Warlow dead, so she grabbed his hands and took him to a fairy safe place. After crowd-sourcing on Twitter, let’s say it was to the cemetery where Claudine used to take her. Not that it really matters.

Meanwhile, while Jason nailed his LAVTF recruitment interview with his cocksure attitude and extensive experience with “beheadedism,” Bill realized Jessica was missing and that his Vamp Camp vision must be coming true now. He asked Prof. Hido Takahashi to drain him within an inch of the true death so he’d reach a comatose state and could communicate with Lilith. Then, to drain the episode of any momentum it was building, we cut to Nicole telling Sam that Emma was crying and asking when she could see her grandmother. That scene was so strange, I was trying to think who could be using mind control on Nicole. I guess the writers just wanted to wrap this story line up stat.

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Even though the sun never sets on the fairy plane, Warlow could feel the evening hours coming. He asked Sookie to tie him up because at night, he can’t be trusted not to hurt her. The other times he’s seen her at night, he’s fed first. He sat lounging with his hands behind his neck and tied around a tree. Fairy light, it turns out, can be used to reinforce restraints. I was hoping they’d have time to make out before he got fang-y, because again, he looked pretty dreamy. Little did I know!

Again with the buzz kill, Jackson called Alcide over to his hotel to tell him about Sam, Nicole, and Emma being in room 117. Only Jackson had waited a few hours to do it because he had “money in the meter” that was Jenny the naked werewolf prostitute. So Sam and Co. had already left by the time Alcide and Jackson went to the room and picked up their scent.

Another aside: We saw Andy finally name daughter No. 4, who asked for a name that would help her remember her sisters. Andy gave her four names, but we’ll just call her Adilyn. For some reason, it doesn’t bother me when we have these brief Andy interludes, but the Terry ones still bore me. He visited Lafayette, and they had an awkward exchange as Terry gave him the key to a safe-deposit box that Arlene hadn’t known about and hugged him goodbye. I wanted Lafayette to call Arlene and warn her about Terry’s behavior, but now I’m sad he did. Arlene correctly assumed that Terry was suicidal, and Holly suggested they have her son’s friend’s dad’s husband glamour Terry to forget all his pain.

Speaking of pain, Warlow and Sookie continued their conversation in an effort to distract him. He told her that the contract promising her to him was written in the 1700s, when arranged marriages weren’t as taboo as they are today. He offered to tear up the contract and told her how he had killed Lilith because he hated what she turned him into. If Sookie would be his, they could go wherever they want and only feed on each other. They’d never have to hurt anyone else. But, Sookie noted, she’d have to become a vampire, too.

Back at Vamp Camp, Gov. Burrell came into a room literally dancing to find Eric handcuffed in a tall dog cage. Burrell wants Eric to feel the same kind of immeasurable loss that he felt losing Willa, and since the shrink has a thing for Pam (remember that), Steve Newlin told them Nora was the next best thing. She was wheeled in and injected with a lethal strain of “Hepatitis V.” Burrell then wheeled her closer to Eric’s cage, so he could enjoy the show of her dying. “I love you, brother,” Nora said when they were alone. “I love you, sister,” he answered.

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Bill managed to reach Lilith, and he told her he wanted to find Jessica. He got understandably pissy when Lilith spoke in more riddles. “Do not take a tone with me,” she said. They argued over who was the bigger f— up: Her for turning Warlow or Bill for failing to act now. I can’t wait until we’re done with Lilith. We will be done with her this season, right?

Sam met with Martha and agreed to give her Emma if she promised not to go back to the pack. I bought it when Martha said she’s out of the pack. You? Emma cried when Sam said goodbye and asked if she’d ever see him again. He didn’t answer. That’s worrisome. He just said she and her grandmother should get going and take care of each other. That was a decent, solid decision by Sam, but also felt anticlimactic.

Terry appeared to be watching Deadliest Catch when the vampire arrived at the Bellefleur house. He told Terry the pain of the past would be gone, along with his regrets. Arlene told the man to tell him there was no marines, no war. All Terry needs to know is that he’s a father, a stepfather, a husband, and a cook. It was nice to see Terry smile and ask Arlene to sit on his lap when it was all over, but his pain transferred to the audience: We knew Arlene just erased his ability to call off the hit. She really should have told the vamp to ask if Terry was planning on killing himself. Then, maybe, they would have had a clue…

Jason got fast-tracked into LAVTF, obviously, and Sarah Newlin threatened to expose him when she first got wind of him being there as he told fellow LAVTF and the suit who seemed to be their leader about infiltrating the Authority. Sarah asked for a moment alone with Jason, and she wanted to know what he was doing: He told her he was “grabbing you by your pretty little Texas balls” and getting Jessica out. If she exposed him, he’d tell the man what a “whore for Christ” she is. Should’ve guessed Sarah wouldn’t back down..

Willa asked to see her father and said she wanted to be put in general population. He said it’s safer for her in solitary and that he hopes the research they’re doing there will one day lead to a cure for her. But she insisted she be in gen pop so she could talk to Tara and get help figuring out who she was now as a vampire.

Alcide finally caught up to Sam and Nicole. My cable was cutting in and out during this scene — even it’s bored by this arc. But basically, Alcide was being a douche and Sam said now that Martha has Emma, this tiff between them was ending one way or the other that night. Alcide’s eyes turned wolf-y, but then they calmed down. He told Sam and Nicole to leave for god. If Sam shows his face in Shreveport or Bon Temps or anywhere one of his wolves catches a scent, he’s dead. Hmmm. What does that mean for Sam on the show? I mean, his story line has kind of hit a dead-end, and I can’t imagine Terry being gunned down outside Merlotte’s will be good for business. But are we ready to lose levelheaded Sam? Is Nicole worthy of him?

NEXT: Sarah Newlin uses Jessica in the worst way

When Bill came to, he saw the news report that Gov. Burrell was putting Tru Blood back on shelves at reduced prices. He figured Burrell was the “tyrant” that Lilith had spoken of. Bill drank the rest of the fairy blood and headed out into the sun.

Sarah, meanwhile, brought Jason in to a room to watch a “copulation study” from behind the glass. After they defined “copulation” for him, Jason was ready to meet the lady vamp. How could he not have suspected what we did: It was Jessica, of course. They hadn’t told her what she was doing there. The hot shirtless male vamp, James, told her. She said she didn’t even know him. And James said he wasn’t going to do anything. He’s a vampire not a rapist. Sarah told whoever was running the UV light ray to hit James with it. Still, he wouldn’t do it. Defeated Jessica said they should just do it and took off her top. She told James it’d feel like she’s a virgin, but she’s not. He told her she is a person and doesn’t serve this. She said she’s not a person. (She’s a monster.) They zapped him again and again but he still wouldn’t do it. Finally, Sarah put an end to it. As Jessica was led away, she yelled her name to James. In that moment, I decided I’d be fine if Sarah Newlin died (though I’d miss her great dialogue) and that I want to see James again.

Because that wasn’t traumatizing enough, the next sequence was Terry’s final moments. Arlene thanked Lafayette for saving Terry’s life. A guy in the kitchen told Terry he was a good man. You knew the moment Terry picked up those garbage bags that he’d be killed depositing them outside. And that’s what he was doing when we heard a single shot. He was hit in the neck and was bleeding out fast. He couldn’t speak. Arlene ultimately cradled his head and told him to think about all the joy in his life. Then she sang him the lullaby he used to sing to Mikey when Mikey was still in the womb. When his eyes went glassy, Arlene gave him a kiss as Lafayette stood at the door. I suppose knowing that his story was also at a dead-end — are we even going to see Merlotte’s next season? — this should be viewed as a mercy killing. We should be happy that in his final moments, Terry had some peace, even if it was false. You can’t strip someone of their memories and expect everything to be okay. But what’s in that safe-deposit box?

If that death was expected, Burrell’s definitely wasn’t. Bill showed up at his house as the governor was reading the bible outdoors in the garden by a statue of himself. The guards fired bullets at Bill, and they did nothing to him. Bill used his telepathy to have the guards all point guns at each other and fire. Bill asked about the white circular room and said he was there for his daughter. Burrell said his daughter had been his only reason to live and the vampires had taken her. So fine, he was prepared to be a martyr and die for the cause of making the vampire race extinct. Bilith was in no mood after his fight with Lilith. He bit Burrell’s neck, and Burrell still had his wits about him: He said if you cut off one head, another one grows. So Bill ripped off his head and set it on the base of the statue. Point for Bilith.

NEXT: Eric makes a move, as does Sookie

In the room with Eric, Nora said she wasn’t afraid of dying. She was going to Godric again. But Eric isn’t prepared to let her go. In gen pop with Tara, Willa started feeling ill. Tara told her that was Eric summoning her. Tara told her how to flirt with a guard to get him to help her. When Willa found Eric and Nora, Eric changed into the guard’s outfit and Nora put on a scientist’s lab coat. Eric had told Willa to tear off one of the scientist’s arms after she got the coat off for Nora. Smart. They needed that handprint to get through doors. Watching them pass it back and forth matter of factly — hilarious.

Eric said he wasn’t leaving without Pam, and fine, he’d save Tara and Jessica, too, if Willa insisted. Eric ended up in the room where they were bottling Tru Blood. He saw the same color liquid that had been used on Nora. Still dressed as a guard, Eric heard the men say the bottles weren’t ready for gen pop yet. But all the bottles would be contaminated. To quote Eric, “F— me.” That’s why Burrell was willing to die: He knew by putting Willa in gen pop, he was killing her.

Ah, the final scene. I have no idea what’s gotten in to Sookie. I guess when your ghost father tries to kill you, you’re going to do some crazy s—. She told Warlow that the town consensus on her is that she’s a “danger whore.” She admitted she has feelings for Warlow that she can’t stop herself from having. If it was an isolated incident, she could blow it off. But since this is a pattern, perhaps she should just accept this about herself. She secured Warlow’s restraints with more fairy light because, “I might be a whore, but I ain’t stupid. And you need to feed,” she told him. Then, she let him drink from her neck. She ripped open his shirt and then bit his neck. That was gross. I get it: We’re not supposed to think this is romantic. That’s why Sookie was talking like she was in a transe or something. You get the impression that she’s numb. The best way to save “screw you” to everyone who thinks she’s a danger whore is to screw Warlow. And so she did. She took off his pants, then her clothes (save her boots), and straddled him. As they moved, their lights seemed to merge and grow. WHAT DOES THAT MEAN? Are we allowed to like Warlow now? Because I do. I almost feel sad that Sookie’s feelings for him don’t seem real in that moment.

Your turn. What did you think of the episode? Where do you think we go from here? Will Bilith save Nora? Will Eric have to work with Bilith to save vampires? When do Sookie and Warlow return to reality? Do you want them together?

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True Blood, Anna Paquin, ... | In the season 3 finale, vampire Eric (Alexander Skarsgard) made Bill confess to Sookie — who can't read vampire minds — that he let her…
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