Warlow's identity is revealed as Bill and Eric each make bold moves that end badly
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True Blood, Anna Paquin, ... | In the season 3 finale, vampire Eric (Alexander Skarsgard) made Bill confess to Sookie — who can't read vampire minds — that he let her…

Once again, True Blood gave us an hour filled with great moments that when added together, somehow don’t feel epic as this show used to. It’s like we’re in a holding pattern as the season inches along, so this battle against vampire extinction lacks urgency. Pam and Nora got taken by the LAVTF, and yet, I’m not worried they’ll meet the true death any time soon. Sookie’s holding Ben, who is actually Warlow (as we expected), at light-point, and I doubt she’ll be killing him since we’ve also learned that Warlow, Lilith’s progeny, is the only one who can kill her/Bilith. I want something huge and shocking. Let’s hope we get it soon. In the meantime…

We picked up with Ben and Sookie caring for a collapsed Jason, who barely had a pulse. Since there was no vampire around to give Jason blood, Sookie called 911. As she did that in the other room, Ben finally showed his fangs, bit his arm, and let the blood drip into Jason’s mouth. Ben told Sookie that Jason had come around on his own. Meanwhile, Niall was off holding Nora by fairy light. She told him about the mistranslation in the vampire bible — it should have read that the progeny led Lilith to the sun. Only the progeny, Warlow, can kill Lilith. When Norah got curious about why Niall smelled so good, he zapped her away — and the LAVTF got her. Back inside, Niall scolded Ben for caring for human Jason when it’s fae-bearing Sookie they need to keep safe.

The search for Warlow wasn’t the only one that continued this hour. Rikki realized that Nicole was unaccounted for just as Martha figured out that Emma was missing. As the werewolves picked up their trail, the governor and his SWAT team busted into Ginger’s house looking for Willa. The governor had Ginger sent to the Camp, too. So they’re doing testing on vampire-friendly humans as well. Eric and Pam were also hunting for Willa. Pam summoned Tara, who screamed to keep from hearing Pam’s order to tell her where she’d stashed the governor’s daughter. Eric took Tara to the ground and forced it out of her, which pissed Pam off more. I miss the old Eric and Pam banter. Are they distancing them so Eric will feel extra horrible when Pam eventually dies at the Camp? As previously mentioned, Pam eventually got captured after Tara stormed off following another fight over how humans should be treated. There are rumors we’ll be losing a major character this season. IT BETTER NOT BE PAM.

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Over at the Bellefleur house, Andy’s four girls read Terry’s mind because they don’t know that we’re all pretending that the whole Patrick/Ifrit story line never happened. This best not be a way to introduce the idea of Terry unraveling again. Been there, done that. Arlene told the girls that Uncle Terry has an active imagination and it’s wrong to snoop, and Andy put them to bed. They grew again — into 18-year-olds. That was a cute scene, them all comparing bust sizes. They wanted to get out of the house and have some fun before they woke up 30. They raided Arlene’s wardrobe, which was brilliant, because we recognized the mini skirts and shirts (including a Merlotte’s one). They took Andy’s sheriff’s car and drove off tailed by Jessica and Bill.

Eventually, Jessica convinced Bill to let her follow the girls into a liquor store, because they’re the same age she was when Bill turned her and she’d never forgive herself if Bilith hurt them. Jessica ended up glamouring the clerk, who’d wanted to take the girls “in the back” to check their IDs, to sell her the beer and forget he’d ever seen any of them. Jessica was honest about being a vampire and convinced the Bellefleurs to think of her as a normal girl who just wants to party. She invited them back to her house, and they weren’t afraid of Bill, who drove them. If only they’d seen that episode of The Facts of Life in which the teen runaway befriends Tootie in New York City because her pimp wants to make Tootie a prostitute. It still haunts me.

It didn’t take Sookie too long to piece together that Ben is Warlow. First she saw a totally ripped Jason doing hundreds of pull-ups in a doorway (which was some Arrow-type awesomeness — thank you), and then she spotted blood on the floor by the couch. And the blood lit up like the blood found at the fairy Moulin Rouge massacre. I hadn’t even thought about the bonus we’d get with Jason drinking Ben’s blood — the sex dream. Jason was shirtless shaving in the bathroom with a straight razor. Then Ben was there, shirtless, and asked Jason if he wanted to do him, too. “You haven’t done this before, have you?” Ben said. “Just relax. Do it like you do to yourself.” Priceless. Dream Jason cut Ben’s face, and Ben told him to lick the blood. Jason woke up at that point, horrified.

Over at Bill’s, one of the Bellefleur girls went into Bill’s office to find him playing with “historical vampire artifacts.” “I think history is really sexy,” she said. It was a wrist cuff that withdraws blood into built-in vials. “So this is like foreplay,” she told Bill. Historical sex toy? All in good time, Bill replied. He told her to continue partying with her sisters, and he took her blood to Hido Takahashi. Bill told him he wanted him to map the genetic code and synthesize it, just like he had done with human blood to make Tru Blood. Failure is not an option.

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Now for the best/sexiest sequence of the episode. Eric found Willa sitting on a Merry Go Round. Why had she stayed? She knew Eric would come, and she wanted to talk to him. She reiterated that she’s on his side and then asked why he hadn’t let her taste his blood in Ginger’s coffin. He wanted to know why she wanted to taste it so badly. “ I think I deserve to,” she said. Eric asked if she really wanted to help him. “I do,” she said. Next we saw them, the marriage metaphor continued with him carrying her across the threshold to a new location. He dug a grave and took her hand, and she jumped in it. As he began to take off his shirt, and all of our pulses started racing, she told him she’s a virgin, “pretty much.” “So much courage, so little experience,” he said. He spread his shirt out on the ground for her to lie on. “How you feeling?” he asked. “Excited. And scared,” she answered. “Death is not the end,” he said, touching her face. She asked if it was going to hurt. “Not the way I do it,” he said. So funny. So hot. He bit her neck, and after the initial pain, it looked fairly enjoyable. We watched the blood soak the back of her white nightgown. He told her that everything her father put in her — his cowardice, small-mindedness, and hate — would seep out with that blood, and in with Eric’s blood would come a millennium of wisdom, honor, and life. She wanted to know why he’d chosen her, and he said it’s because she deserved it. He said he was going to let her taste his blood now, seeming to give her time to back out. How nice. He used the cross on her necklace to puncture a hole in his neck and then raised her head to it. He growled as she drank. Water. I need water.

Earlier in the episode, we’d seen that Lafayette was driving the getaway car for Sam when Sam went to fetch Emma and came back with Nicole also. They stopped to tend to Nicole’s wound, and she figured out that all her friends are dead. She tried to walk off on her own, to not slow Sam down, but he told her she’d never get far with wolves tracking her. Sam insisted Lafayette take the car and go. How would Sam and the girls travel? Sam shifted into a horse (as Lafayette turned Emma around so she wouldn’t see Sam naked — sweet). Later, we’d see that Sam had found them adjoining hotel rooms. With Emma asleep in one room, you knew Nicole and Sam would start making out the second he sat down on the bed with her and offered her some of his booze. They started talking about the loved ones they’d lost, then there was a kiss on the forehead, and then a kiss on the mouth. I guess when the world goes to hell, you don’t let the idea of being a rebound stop you. Alcide and his father, Jackson, could be on their trail — unless they followed the car tracks. Alcide had sent Rikki and the other less levelheaded wolves back to clean up the compound. That was a smart move, but I’m still not loving Alcide the packmaster.

Sookie visited a hotel room, Ben’s, to invite him to dinner that night. As she shopped, she left Jason a voicemail asking him to take Niall to a movie or something so she could have the house to herself. I’d like to think they’d have seen The Heat, since Jason is a cop and all. You may have forgotten he wears a badge, but with Andy realizing his girls are missing, it was time to remind us. The APB had to be vague: four caucasian females between 4′ and 7′ tall, between 60 and 260 pounds, and between the ages of 10 and 50. Before Jason joined Andy in the hunt, he had to continue looking for Warlow — and ask Niall if he’s a straight type of fairy. Niall read Jason’s mind and saw the dream about Ben. Niall said he doesn’t know of any fairies that can give you those dreams with their blood. That’s when Niall put it together: Ben’s a vampire who walks in daylight. He’s Warlow.

Jason got the keys to Ben’s hotel room, and I was thinking that Ben’s vampire hearing must have heard them come in. They thought he was in the shower, so that’s where Niall threw his ball of light. But Ben wasn’t in there. He popped out and zapped Niall with his own light. He glamoured Jason to stop fighting him and forget he’d ever come there. He told him not to come to Sookie’s house that night. He told him now was the time to say goodbye to his grandpa and that by the time he got to his car, the awful burden of all the pain Jason was carrying around would be gone. Well, that’s nice of him, at least. Ben than drank from Niall, spitting out the blood as he went.

While Sookie prepared a home-cooked meal for Ben doused in liquid silver, Takahashi informed Bill that he couldn’t cook up synthetic fairy blood because the compounds disintegrated almost immediately outside of their hosts. Bill said he’d get another sample.

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Next we saw Eric and Willa, he was paying a man for serving as her first meal. Willa wanted to know if she and Eric were going to “f—” or hunt next, and he told her neither. He was sending her back to her father. She didn’t want to go and thought he was a monster for taking her life just to hurt her father, but Eric didn’t do it for that reason: He wants Willa to convince her father that they’re not monsters. After he told her that she was only the second person he’s ever turned, she felt special enough, I guess. He pulled the “as your maker” card and sent her on her way.

At the governor’s mansion, Sarah Newlin came into Burrell’s bedroom and offered to take his mind off all this awfulness with sex, so she could talk to him about something afterwards. They got interrupted by his people bringing in Willa. Willa almost had him convinced that she was still herself and he needed to call off the LAVTF — until she smelled the blood on his wounded hand and went to bite him. Sarah shot her and told him he had to send her to Camp. Eric should have waited. She’s too new to control her hunger. Or, is this exactly what he wanted? Did he want Willa to end up in the Camp so he could somehow sense his way to her? So that if she manages to escape and he summons her, she can lead him back there? Regardless, you know Eric is going to storm that place as soon he hears that Pam and Nora have also been captured.

When we caught up to Ben and Niall, Ben had him in the trunk of his car on the bridge. Ben bit his arm and had Niall drink his blood. They’re kindred now. Ben said the war is over. Suddenly sounding hella old, he told Niall that his family had been side-by-side with Niall’s. Just before Niall was born, Ben had been turned into a vampire. Even as he stood over the ashes of his own parents, he couldn’t bear to kill a child. So that’s why he’d spared Niall when the village was massacred. And he was going to spare him again. Instead of killing him, he threw him into whatever dimension he’d been banished to.

I can’t make myself refer to Ben as Warlow. Maybe it’ll get easier. Warlow showed up at Sookie’s house with flowers and wine and apologized for being so late. Sookie gave him his plate of food and watched as the silver appeared to have zero effect on him. She switched tactics, knowing she’d put nice lingerie on underneath that white lace dress for a reason. She told him about Bill being a vampire and a liar. She asked Ben what it is about her that he wants. He said everyone wants to be understood, and he felt like they understood each other right away. He said it so sweetly, I wanted to believe him.

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Speaking of Bill, over at his place, the Bellefleur girls were growing restless. They wanted to leave. They knew Bill had bled two of them. They knew their dad was a sheriff who could make Jessica and Bill’s lives hell. Jessica tried to stop them, thinking it would make Bill angry if they bolted, and the girls crowded her. The smell was too much. Jessica bit one and fed.

Jason, meanwhile, had finally connected with Andy at the liquor store, where Andy’s car had been found. Jason hit the clerk in the nuts — serves him right — when he wouldn’t tell them how the car had gotten there. Jason decided the guy was either stupid or glamoured. Once Jason said fairies are like catnip to vampires, Andy ran off. He remembered his conversation with Bill — and what his deputy had said about kidnappers often being family members. Bill heard screaming about that time, and he found Jessica collapsed on the floor, surrounded by the four girls who appeared rather dead. She’d thought it was gonna be Bill who lost control, and instead it was her. On the one hand, I can’t imagine these four fairies joining the show full-time, and on the other, I can’t see THIS being all they were introduced for. So who knows if they’ll survive.

Back at Sookie’s, she put on the song “At Last,” also the title of the episode, and gave her couch its usual makeout workout. Ben went right for the dress, and his shirt followed. That was pretty hot. Warlow can stick around. Sookie made her ball of light and held it at the back of his head as she told him, “Get the f— off me or die, Warlow.” Sookie has been marathoning Alias or The Americans.

Your turn. What did you think of the episode?

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True Blood, Anna Paquin, ... | In the season 3 finale, vampire Eric (Alexander Skarsgard) made Bill confess to Sookie — who can't read vampire minds — that he let her…
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