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March 18, 2016 at 04:03 AM EDT

After a very exciting showdown last week, Jeremy emerged victorious and Amar made a blazing comeback from Last Chance Kitchen. (Am I the only one who felt a tiny bit bad for Jason, winning for so long only to lose LCK so late in the game?) Now that they were the final two, Amar and Jeremy sized each other up over a game of pool, with Amar noting that Jeremy tends to go a little crazy under pressure.

The final two had the pleasure of having Tom cook a private, four-course dinner for them. The most delicious-looking course was the first one, the crab and sea urchin with finger limes. Every season has its disproportionately used odd ingredient, and this season, it’s either finger limes or Dungeness crab.

Tom’s dinner was only an amuse-bouche to the final challenge, which would have Jeremy and Amar make four-course meals of their own, with each course highlighting an ingredient they particularly love to cook with.

When the final two showed up at the kitchen, all the previously eliminated chefs were waiting for them. Amar and Jeremy got a choice of two chefs to help them each. Amar, who got to choose first, picked Kwame because he knew Jeremy wanted him; Jeremy then chose Carl, Amar chose Marjorie to help with breads and desserts, and Jeremy chose Angie for her prep skills and speed. For someone who got eliminated so early, Angie has a great record for being chosen first for challenges.

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The twist of the challenge was that Jeremy and Amar’s mentors — superstar chefs Jean-Georges Vongerichten and Charlie Palmer, respectively — were on hand to help prep and cook. Jean-Georges and Jeremy have the kind of relationship where they can call each other “bro,” but Charlie and Amar have a deep, complicated history. They apparently had a falling out, with Amar becoming arrogant as he struck out on his own, having said things he “regrets to this day.” We didn’t get an exact picture of what happened between these two, but Charlie, despite claiming he wasn’t one to hold a grudge, seemed to display of pride and spite toward Amar, reminding Amar that no one’s too good to wash dishes and telling the camera, “There’s a difference between being confident and being an a-hole.” There’s a story here, and I suspect it resembles that of a young Padawan defying his master.

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Tom, Padma, and Gail tell the cheftestants to pack their knives and go.
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