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November 23, 2018 at 01:00 PM EST

Well, this was an intense episode! You have to love stories that spend most of their time beating down the heroes with overwhelming force so that their eventual revenge tastes even sweeter. This episode does an exemplary job of that, while also giving us good insights into Rachel’s history and propelling Dick further down the path toward the destination I really, really want to see.

To start with, I thought Dick and Kory would be reluctant to go along with Adamson’s request from the last episode that he only speak to Rachel. But I guess they don’t really have any other options, so they let him have his one-on-one time with her. Adamson is so excited to speak with her. He talks excitedly about how she’s destined to save the world — contrary to the dire prophecies in Kory’s Rust Cohle-esque conspiracy bunker, which said she would destroy the world. To prove he’s the one with the right idea, Adamson manages to slit his throat, telling Rachel that only she can save him. She frantically reaches out to touch his neck and stop the bleeding…and it works! His neck is healed. Next up, the world!

In exchange for saving his life, Adamson provides Rachel with some very interesting information. We saw her adoptive mother die in the first episode, but apparently, Rachel’s birth mother is still alive. Adamson even gives her name: Angela Azareth. That, of course, gave me a little blast of nerdy joy, because if you grew up watching the Cartoon Network Teen Titans like I did, then you surely remember that Raven’s magical spell on that show required her to say “Azareth, Metrion, Zinthos!” We’ll have to keep an eye out for any references to the other two.

Adamson even tells Rachel where Angela can be found. Dick and Kory see this for the trap that it is, but there’s no stopping Rachel — especially not when she’s paired with the excitable Gar. They literally take an Uber to the site (using Kory’s account, apparently) where they are promptly captured. Dick and Kory arrive shortly after and are captured as well.

We saw a glimpse of this mysterious psychiatric facility a few weeks ago when the Nuclear Family needed a new dad. Now, it’s Dick’s turn to be strapped into the same chair as that other poor sucker and loaded up with psychotropic drugs. Having been trained by Batman and made his bones fighting Gotham’s endless array of psychedelic villains, Dick has apparently built up quite a resistance to such mind control. For a second there, it looks like he’s so resistant that he’s even able to break out of his cell, complete with his Robin uniform. He’s then hit with a vision of his younger self taunting him for becoming Robin (we even get a glimpse of his memory of the Batcave!), but alas, it turns out to be the drugs as we soon see that it’s all happening in Dick’s head as he’s still strapped to the chair. His teammates have it even worse.

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