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December 06, 2016 at 05:27 AM EST

Move over, Bonnie and Clyde. There’s a new bank-robbing, gun-toting pair in town.

Our time-traveling trio is headed back to the 1930s, chasing Flynn to dusty Depression-era Arkansas. On one hand, this is an episode that’s all shoot-‘em-up action, a sharp plot with a simple mission for our heroes: Get the Rittenhouse key from around Bonnie Parker’s neck. This is also an episode that’s basically an hour of simmering sexual tension. Inspired by two of the most notorious lovebirds in American history, “Last Ride of Bonnie & Clyde” is all about couples, from Rufus and Jiya’s burgeoning relationship to Wyatt’s grief over losing his wife…culminating with a big moment where Lucy and Wyatt finally — finally! — kiss.

Lucy kicks things off with an extremely awkward date, temporarily reuniting with her mysterious fiancé. We still don’t know anything about him except that his name is Noah and he’s really ridiculously good-looking. Lucy is still pretty weirded out by the whole “suddenly having a fiancé” thing, but she figures hey, if this is the guy she picked in an alternate timeline, he can’t be all bad, right? (Once again: He’s very attractive.) So, they sit down for a date — her first date with him, his 400th with her. It’s pretty awkward.

It’s made even more awkward by Wyatt interrogating Lucy about why she’s wearing her engagement ring once they get to work. But Lucy doesn’t have time to have an extended conversation with her coworkers about her romantic relationships: Flynn has taken the Mothership back to May 1934.

Thanks to a convenient offscreen raid of Flynn’s hideout, Agent Christopher and the gang know Flynn is fixated on a mysterious key, so the trio is tasked with finding said key before Flynn does. It’s refreshing to see Christopher get something to do instead of just stand there with her mouth agape every time the Lifeboat comes back. She’s starting to figure out that whatever Flynn’s deal is, it has something to do with the mysterious Rittenhouse — and there’s a good chance Connor Mason is involved.

As for Lucy, Wyatt, and Rufus, they don’t have to search for very long for the Rittenhouse key: It’s only a few minutes before Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow waltz into the bank they’re investigating and rob the place, all while Bonnie is wearing the key around her neck. After Flynn shows up with the cops in tow, Wyatt and Lucy are separated from Rufus, and soon find themselves face-to-face with two of the most glamorous and notorious bank robbers of all time.

So, Lucy and Wyatt try to earn Bonnie and Clyde’s trust — by also posing as lovers-slash-bank-robbers. Despite Bonnie and Clyde’s suspicion (and the fact Wyatt keeps almost blowing their cover by saying stupid things, like how he and Lucy spent $25,000 on “hooch”), Lucy and Wyatt manage to win them over with believable chemistry. There are some things you just can’t fake.

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NBC’s science-fiction drama Timeless features Abigail Spencer, Matt Lanter, and Malcolm Barrett as they time-travel in an effort to save history.
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