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February 14, 2017 at 10:00 PM EST

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The booth

Kevin’s decision to drop in on Sophie did get her attention and when she agreed to a second “date” after that, it’s now officially official. They’re going to give it another go — “cautiously dating,” as she phrases it. In Facebook terms, that’d be, “It’s complicated.”

Surprisingly, it’s not at all awkward between Kevin and Sloane as they prepare for opening night of their play. They exchange some cordial congratulations that smooth things over well enough. He’s masking some significant pre-show jitters — he’s even been having a recurring dream about a Katie Couric interview that ends with her walking off to play golf with other journos instead of pumping the new career path of the good-pecks guy. But ultimately, he finds some unexpected comfort in the form of Miguel.

Miguel knows Kevin’s not fond of him — after all, this is the man who took his late father’s wife after a lifetime of best friendship — but he points out how similar Kevin is to his dad. It’s hard to see what Miguel means, exactly, considering that his dad was a family man who’d never walk out on a job or cheat on his wife, but he insists the hand gestures and such make Kevin a dead ringer.

Kevin takes that advice to heart when he goes to his show, which he’s sure he’s going to bomb right in front of that New York Times reviewer. As the show is about to begin, in a last-ditch effort to quell his fears, he tries to think of what his father would do. When the lights go on, though, Kevin’s nowhere to be found, because…

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