When the children who 'played' with Drill get sick, Wes quarantines them—to disastrous results.

By Shirley Li
August 18, 2015 at 01:44 AM EDT
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Drill must really hate Wes. First he kills his wife (RIP Lena), and then he possesses his daughter—apparently, anyway (more on that in a bit). So what’s next, Drill? A scene where Wes must sacrifice himself to save her? Is that where this season is headed? Drill, you devious little alien minx.

Speaking of minxes, our favorite human Minx is definitely the one everyone thinks has been possessed by Drill, thanks to the group of tattletales kids pointing at her. But just because all the tiny adults have decided to band together and accuse Minx, I’m not 100 percent sure she’s the culprit; the final scene is too chaotic to tell if it’s Minx who burned the president’s daughter, and earlier in the episode, we see one of Drill’s other friends calling Minx a spy for her dad and getting the group to gang up on her. (And as we all know, making up rumors about another kid = bullying, and bullying = bad, and Drill = bad, so according to the transitive property, rumor-spreader girl = Drill. Maybe. I don’t know. I’m just guessing Minx isn’t the one possessed by Drill. Anyone else agree? If we’re wrong, well, we tried.)

But how did we get to that chaotic cliffhanger? It all starts with Wes, who’s understandably distraught after Lena’s shocking (sorry) death. He gets even more distraught when Minx spots him punching a mirror during the funeral and then faints while talking to him because of a pounding headache and fever. At the hospital, Dr. Benavidez returns to deliver even more w h i s p e r s exposition: Kids who had been “friends” with Drill have been checking into the hospital all day, with the same symptoms of headaches and fevers. After scanning their brains, she noticed that all of the children have been “marked” by Drill. Wes, who really should not be making the calls at this point, makes the call to quarantine all the children in the area experiencing these symptoms.

With Lena dead and Wes busy rounding up children like a tyrannical babysitter, the Scooby Gang has now turned into the Scooby Duo, as in, just the Bennigans. Sean and Claire head to the hospital, where Claire follows a series of flickering lights and finds Harper (!) sitting alone in an examination room. Harper tells her Drill was just there, and that the children will get better once he finds “O’Ryan.” (At least, that’s how Claire spells it when she briefs Rollins later.) The two try to keep Henry from being taken away, but an adamant Wes isn’t having any of it.

Wes drags Henry and all the Drill-affected children to a site cut off from power lines so Drill can’t reach them. (Best luddite day camp ever!) The children say the headaches have gone away, but Wes brings in Dr. Benavidez to examine each of them again. She talks to the children, but it’s not until they’re asleep that she notices something peculiar while on the phone. She’s about to say what it is when—oh no—Drill strikes and kills the unlucky doc, leaving a burn shaped like a child’s hand on her arm. Wes figures out what’s going on: Drill had possessed a child before they were moved to the quarantine site, which is why the headaches cleared. Now, all he has to do is figure out which kid in the 100-plus he’s gathered is being controlled by an invisible alien. Shouldn’t be too hard.

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Wes realizes he needs Claire to help weed out Drill, so he finally lets her go to the quarantine site, while Sean stays behind to tell Rollins about Benavidez’s death. (Does Drill not show up on the heat monitors once he possesses a child?) Claire’s plan, once she arrives at the site, is simple: First, argue with Wes about his poor decision-making. Second, interview each of the children individually and look for signs of “emotional authenticity.” She reasons that children should show certain tells that expose when they’re lying, but Drill isn’t a child and won’t show true emotional responses.

Fair enough. Claire has some twisty questions for her interviewees, like “What do you see?” and “What do you fear?” and “What do you dream?” Not everyone’s happy to respond: Harper puts things bluntly for the FBI child specialist. “I don’t like this place,” she says. “It’s ugly and it smells funny.” Henry tries to keep things light and smiles at Claire. The president’s daughter challenges her. And finally, Minx turns the tables completely, asking Claire to answer the same questions, but Claire doesn’t know what to say. “I thought so,” Minx says.

And then there’s Silas, whose bangs can’t hide his secret: He’s fearful of Drill hurting his mother, because he knows who has been possessed by Drill. Claire tries to get him to spill by circumventing the rules of Drill’s game and using photos of each of the children so Silas can point to the possessed child without saying a word. Of course, Drill’s not so easily outsmarted; the possessed child accesses an outlet and makes the alarms go off just as Silas is about to identify whom it is. On the table in front of him are the possible candidates, including Minx and Henry. As everyone rushes outside, Minx walks toward Silas with an angry look on her face, while Henry runs over to keep the two of them apart. Somehow, the president’s daughter walks into the middle of the brawl and Minx—it looks like Minx, right?—shoves her to the ground. Wes and Claire run into the middle of the chaos, just as the president’s daughter reveals her arm has been burned. All the children gather around Minx and point their fingers at her. Wes, who had just been holding Minx, backs away.

But while all that has been happening, at least we found out the identity of the Good Samaritan from last week stalking the Drill-connected families. He’s Daniel Gates, a Drill paparazzo reporter who Dr. Benavidez had contacted after she returned from her adventure with the amnesiac Sean. He gets defensive when Sean brings him to Rollins, rambling about freedom of the press and Harbor Point and pointless threats and yada yada yada… what is the point of your character, Gates? Why are you here? Luckily, Sean asks the question, and Gates reveals his intentions: to share the truth about Drill to the world.

So, with two episodes left (we’re almost there, folks!), the final questions I’ve got are: Is Minx really the possessed child? Will Gates publish his story? How will Drill-as-possessed-kid manage to get to the Deep Space Network and do what he needs to do? And most importantly, of course, will Claire and Wes ever stop making eyes at each other? (Lena just died, you two!)

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