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February 27, 2015 at 07:03 PM EST

The Irish non-Walker Woman begs Rick to help her get the boar to her husband for they haven’t eaten in days. (According to Talking Dead, her name is Clara, but I don’t remember hearing her actually say her name in the episode.) Instead, Rick offers her his foil-wrapped lunch. Creepy Clara asks if she and her husband, Eddie, can join Rick’s camp. (Side note: Creepy Clara is trending on Twitter!) Before she is brought into the fold, Rick must her husband and ask them both three questions. The Three Questions test is the new community’s Litmus test for bringing in new members. She agrees, allows Rick to frisk her for guns, and leads him to her camp.

(Aside: is Rick really going to leave that poor boar in the snare? Can’t he kill it and come right back for it? I doubt a captured dead boar would attract anymore Walkers than a captured live boar.)

Creepy Clara explains that her and her husband were en route to Puerto Vallarta for their honeymoon when the Zombiepocalypse hit. They stayed in the Atlanta airport for four nights before Walkers broke through. She credits Eddie for saving her and teaching her to be willing to do “things” to survive.

Creepy Clara and Rick arrive at Clara and Eddie’s camp. She rushes off-camera, over to Eddie, thanking God “he’s still here.” She falls to her knees and soothes Eddie — but where is Eddie? Something definitely isn’t right. Rick looks into Creepy Clara’s tent and sees only one sleeping bag.

Surprise! Creepy Clara is nuts! She pulls out a machete and lunges at Rick, who easily dodges her attack. She falls to the ground and Rick whips out his “unnecessary” gun. Creepy Clara tearfully admits that she needed something “alive” for Eddie to eat. (Unlike her and Rick, Eddie is most certainly not “alive.”) Unable to let go to her husband, she kept him after he turned and now pleads Rick to let her “be like him.” She pulls out her knife and stabs herself in the abdomen, zombie seppuku-style.

(I know this is an unpopular opinion, but I miss Lori. Not Ghost Lori, obviously, but the real one. I think she would have flourished in the new prison, taking a strong leadership role like Carol. She balanced Rick. Now, he seems a bit broken and perpetually melancholy and that makes me sad. It’s a good sadness, a testament to the writing and Andrew Lincoln’s performance but still sadness.) Farmer Rick is distraught — he stuck to the farm so he didn’t have to deal with death up close anymore. With her dying breaths, Creepy Clara asks what the Three Questions test is. In return, Rick asks, “How many Walkers have you killed?” Clara replies, “Eddie killed them all until…[he died.]” Then, he asks, “How many people have you killed?” She whispers, “Just me.” The last question he breathes, “Why?” “You don’t get to come back from this,” she answers before she expires. He respects her wishes and leaves her to turn in the company of Eddie — or at least the zombified head that once was Eddie.

The Farmer Rick project is doomed to fail. He can’t come back from all he’s been through — and more importantly — all he has done.  Unlike the dead, the living can’t return to their old selves. They must learn to adapt or die (and turn into a Walker). Such an omen in the very first episode back does not bode well for Rick and the others.

NEXT: Because raining zombies from on high isn’t enough of a problem.

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