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February 27, 2015 at 06:55 PM EST

Before we get into the big development of “Indifference” — Rick casts Carol out of the group — let’s discuss for a moment Rick’s investigation of Karen and David’s deaths. Following Rick’s suspicions and Carol’s admission, Rick continues to ruminate on Karen and David’s deaths and stares meaningfully into Karen’s cell. Then, in a flashback, we see Carol stab Karen in the head under the guise of taking care of her. Was he able to extrapolate Carol’s actions from the evidence at the scene? He’s no blood splatter specialist, but he was a cop,  after all. I’m not totally convinced.

Rick’s understanding of what exactly Carol did looks a bit too much like Westeros CSI to be fully believable. Mild spoilers to Game of Thrones season one! Catelyn determined the Lannisters were responsible for her son’s crippling fall from an abandoned tower. She came to this realization after discovering a strand of blonde hair in the tower. (The Lannisters are blonde.) Rick determined Carol murdered Karen and David and burned their bodies from a small, bloody hand print. (Carol’s hands are small.) Huh? It doesn’t matter that Rick — and Catelyn — were correct in their inferences. Such conclusions would be grossly hypothetical in reality. Rick is natural poh-lice, but not even Lester Freamon could solve a case so well that he has a perfect premonition of the crime.

This type of realization is a silly, albeit useful narrative device to move the plot along towards the consequences of a violent action. Is there a better way Rick could have discovered that Carol killed Karen and David? Maybe. Were the subsequent events filled with dramatic tension and rich in future story possibilities? Yes.

The Meds Crew

Daryl, Michonne, Tyreese, and Bob, or the Meds Crew as I like to call them, spent the night on the move, continuing their quest to the veterinary college on foot. After a cathartic berserker moment killing ALL the zombies he could, Tyreese is still not okay. He now assumes Sasha and the other infected people at the Prison are dead because the crew is delayed. He is angry, and since no one on this show deals well with emotions, it can’t be a good sign.

The crew winds up by a nice, old gas station in Hell, or at least, the gas station sign now refers to the realm as such in hexspeak. Daryl uncovers a car hidden under brush near the gas station garage, but the car’s battery is shot. The crew cut their way through the brush covering the garage to retrieve a new battery. Knowing full well there are Walkers inside, everyone makes slow, methodical progress through the vines.

Ha! Just kidding! Tyreese Hulk-smashes through anything his machete touches, including vines, leaves, and wires holding the garage door closed. Dammit, Tyreese, you totally Britta’d a relatively easy task. Luckily, a good talk and brood with Michonne mellows him out, or Tyreese merely ends his turn at the crazy one in the group. Don’t worry, though, Bob Stookey is there to pick up where Tyreese left off.

NEXT: Bob the Witness! Can he endanger the group? Bob the Witness! Yes, he can!

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