December 03, 2017 at 10:04 PM EST

The Walking Dead

TV Show
Drama, Horror, Thriller
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Andrew Lincoln, Lauren Cohan, Danai Gurira, Norman Reedus
We gave it a B-

Inside the Sanctuary, Negan is blowing up Eugene’s spot. He extends his hand, which Eugene takes as an invitation to kiss it. Negan pulls it away, saying he understands why Eugene would be confused by this rare gesture of goodwill, but he meant to go in for a handshake. Eugene leaves their meeting feeling euphoric. Negan is a smart guy. As he says, he’s going to survive whatever happens no matter what. So this handshake was probably a chess move to make Eugene more loyal to his cause. Negan smiles as he watches Eugene go off to work on the walker problem.

While Eugene is looking for parts, he comes across Sasha’s casket, and he’s reminded of the sacrifice she made for the cause. In there, he finds her iPod, which he plans to attach to a makeshift remote control glider to lead the dead away from the Sanctuary.

Daryl & Co. roll up to start their plan, but Michonne bails at the last moment, making the “don’t fix what isn’t broken” argument. AHK’s plan isn’t broken yet, so why risk messing it up? Daryl says he just has to do this — he just has to. Spoiler alert: It doesn’t go as he thinks it will. Gee, I wish someone could’ve predicted that.

Eugene is preparing to launch his glider over the walkers from the roof when Dwight confronts him at gunpoint. I was distracted by this scene’s poor green screen, but the gist is that though Dwight threatens to shoot him, Eugene still launches the glider. Dwight then shoots it down as gunfire erupts from below and Daryl drives the truck toward the Sanctuary.

Walkers flood in — and many of the workers weren’t on the other side of the compound, so people start dying. The generals start clearing out as many walkers as they can. After witnessing the chaos, Eugene runs to Gabriel’s room to scream about how, again, he’s taking the selfish route. While it may seem like he might care for the workers who are dying, his main priority is keeping himself alive, and, for some reason, he still thinks that’s best accomplished by serving Negan.

He then goes to his leader with a plan to clear out the walkers; all we know is that it requires a heck of a lot of bullets. Eugene is about to reveal Dwight’s true loyalties when Dwight and the other generals walk into the room. He doesn’t, choosing instead to wallow in his room as he tries to drown out the sound of gunfire by chugging his wine.

Back at the junkyard, it’s time for “after.” Rick is hauled out to the center of the square to be executed by a walker that’s being led out by a stick attached to its head. Being Rick, he’s able to fight off the Scavengers’ guards and gain control of the walker, grabbing the stick and ripping its head clean off. He’s even able to subdue Jadis and hold her hostage with the walker’s chomping head close to her panicking face. When she submits, they forge a deal to give the Scavengers a fourth of the Sanctuary’s supplies if they fight with AHK against Negan — and he made sure to throw a no-sculpting-of-naked-Rick clause in there for good measure. How these groups will be able to trust each other after what happened in the season 7 finale is beyond me.

The Scavengers drive Rick back toward the Sanctuary, where he finds one of his snipers dead. He grabs his walkie and isn’t able to get anyone on the line, so he climbs up to get a better view of the Sanctuary. Rick is horrified to see that, sure enough, there aren’t any more walkers outside the compound. You can always count on these characters to get in their own way.

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