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November 26, 2017 at 10:04 PM EST

“And Rick”

Rick approaches Jadis in the hopes of striking another deal — but why? He shows her polaroids he took of the fallen Sanctuary and says to switch sides (again) or die. She turns him down and locks him up, which seems like that was his initial plan all along. His true goals are still unclear though, even as he later closes out the episode peering out a bullet hole in his cell while also in the nude. His son, though, is trying to make better decisions.

Carl finds Siddiq, the man Rick almost shot, in the woods to offer him food, water, and the Alexandria entrance quiz: How many walkers have you killed? (About 237.) How many people have you killed? (One, because the dead tried to kill him but didn’t finish the job.) Siddiq explains how he sets traps for walkers because his mother believed that by killing the dead it would free their souls. Carl, too, keeps his mother’s teachings alive by trying to do the right thing, even when it’s not so obvious.

Walking back toward Alexandria, Carl helps Siddiq kill more walkers to honor his mother, resulting in a poorly staged fight. Case in point: Carl is pinned down by two walkers, and he’s able to grab his gun to shoot them. There are no effects beyond the sound of a gunshot. Carl just flinches his hand to simulate the ricochet from the pistol, and the undead assailants fall away with no blood splatter. It’s not the quality we’ve all come to expect from this show.

Carl then explains that Siddiq is his responsibility now and, despite what his father might think, “sometimes kids have to find their own way to show their parents the light.”

(Also, Michonne)

Michonne and Rosita, too, ignore their orders and set out for The Sanctuary. Michonne needs to see it for her own peace of mind; she was one of the few who started this whole thing and it didn’t sit right with her to sit out the first wave. Rosita is following along. On the way, they stop to investigate some choral music coming from somewhere in the woods. They find a building in which two Saviors, a man and a woman, are planning to ride a truck strapped with speakers toward The Sanctuary to lure away the walkers with music.

Michonne gives away their element of surprise when she accidentally kicks a tennis ball towards the Saviors, and in the ensuing gunfire, Rosita drops her pistol. Still wounded from an earlier battle, Michonne struggles as she’s forced to fight the woman, while Rosita tries to stop the man from absconding with the stereos. In one of the few redeeming moments of this episode, Rosita finds a spare missile launcher and holds her target at gunpoint. As soon as he says she won’t use that on him, she does and blows his body to pieces.

The explosion distracts Michonne, and the other Savior escapes in the truck. But as she’s about to get away, Daryl and Tara smash her off the road with a garbage truck and shoot her to ensure she’s dead. The duo had met at Alexandria as Michonne and Rosita were leaving. They spoke about wanting to kill Dwight together once all this is over and how they might not have to wait long. Turns out they were heading in the same direction as their comrades anyway. They take Michonne and Rosita to see The Sanctuary before stating they’re going to end this all right now.

Among Daryl and Tara, Aaron and Enid, and Jesus, everyone seems to be diverting so much from the main plan that it’s a miracle they’re all still coming out on top. But the pieces are in place for this good luck to unravel. If that happens, not even the children’s model behavior will be enough set them on the right path.

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