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October 24, 2016 at 04:12 PM EDT

Eenie, meenie, miney, moe. Where Lucille stops, now we know. After months of waiting, various trailers, and cryptic teases from the cast and crew, The Walking Dead answered a long-lingering question in the season 7 premiere: Which member of the Rickatorship did Negan kill?

Well, don’t kill the messenger, but our worst fears were confirmed: Negan had two victims. So you don’t have to wait in suspense any longer, Abraham was the first to go — and the surprising second kill was Glenn. Here’s how we got to this point.

Even though the episode picks up directly where we left the group in the season 6 finale, the story prolongs the cliffhanger. The camera shows a close-up of a horrified, numb Rick, blood from Negan’s first victim streaked across his face. Accompanied by soft whimpers grieving the loss of a comrade, Rick vows to kill the tyrant one day in the future, even if it’s not today or tomorrow.

Negan just smiles and asks one of the Saviors (Simon) to fetch Rick’s weapon, a hatchet. Holding it in his hand, he mentions Simon is his right-hand man and how important it is to have one of those. “I mean, what do you have without it? A whole lot of work,” he says, alluding to a moment fans of the comic books have been wondering about ever since the Governor was first introduced in the TV series. On the page, the villain of season 3 severs Rick’s hand during a hostile interrogation, but the series has been hinting the event might be coming to AMC in some other context.

Negan sheathes the weapon, but then grabs Rick and drags him into his trailer, promising to be right back before laughing that they might not be.

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Once in the trailer, Negan tries firing it up, saying he’s going to take his new prey on a little ride. He provokes Rick to grab the axe now lodged in the table, but when he does, Negan is standing there with a machine gun in hand. He knocks Rick to the ground and gets back into the driver’s seat. “I want you to think about what could’ve happened, think about what happened, and think about what could still happen,” he says.

A mist descends upon the road as Negan drives ahead. Walkers smash against the windshield like mosquitos while Rick begins to have flashes of Rosita and Glenn. When the trailer finally stops, Negan sits next to Rick and makes it clear that all his possessions, including his axe, now belong to him. He opens the door and throws the weapon out into the walker-infested beyond, commanding Rick to go fetch his new prize.

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Tossed out, Rick sees more flashes of Sasha, Eugene, Aaron, Abraham, Maggie, and Daryl as he fights his way through a herd of walkers and onto the roof of the trailer. From above, he sees that the pile of logs the Saviors set ablaze to block the group’s path in the season 6 finale has burned through the center, and the man flung over the side of the overpass is dangling from a noose as a member of the living dead.

Rick crumbles to his knees in tears as he sees more flashes of Michonne and Carl, the sound of his grief interrupted by Negan’s taunts: “Bet you thought you all were gonna grow old together.”

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