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November 28, 2016 at 07:04 PM EST

I genuinely forgot all about Tara. There was a moment during Negan’s pit stop in Alexandria when I wondered about her whereabouts, but just as quickly forgot I even asked the question. Yes, we tend to tune in for our favorite characters and tune out for the others, and clearly for me, Tara has become part of the latter. Considering how much we feel for her, it goes to show how much she’s been impacting the overall story as of late: not much at all.

Not even the characters themselves care to mention her much, mainly because they have bigger problems.

We last saw Tara before the season 7 premiere, when she invited Denise to come with her on a two-week run. Tonight, we find out what she’s been up to in her very own extended (yes, this one was 70 minutes) episode, like it or not.

We first find her passed out on an unknown shore as the soft waves lazily drift by. A woman and a young girl are on the beach, running up to walkers they find so the girl can take care of them with her wooden spear. She walks over to Tara, thinking she’s another one, but the woman shouts “She’s not a bobber.” The girl says “We still gotta do it,” but is persuaded not to, even though it seems like the law of the land. At the same time, the girl won’t help her keep Tara alive, and she leaves the woman to pull Tara’s still-breathing body away from the water.

A flashback sees Tara sitting in a trailer and sharing a snack with Heath (Corey Hawkins, for those who need a refresher). They’ve been on the road past the two-week mark and have gone farther than originally planned, with nothing to show for it. They barely have enough gas for the return trip. Heath starts back on his old fears about how Rick’s group has always been about themselves and doing things for themselves instead of for the benefit of Alexandria, though Tara calls it all “total bulls—t.” According to her, they do what they do — like what they did to the Saviors at the satellite station — to stay alive. Changing the subject, Heath says they can push towards the shore but have to go back after that, even if all they find are rusty cans.

When the flashback breaks, we get a glimpse inside yet another new community. We find out later the woman who saved Tara is named Cyndie, and she’s now lying on a bed and scanning a map. She looks up at the clock on the wall before going back to the shore to tend to Tara. Cyndie places two water bottles, something wrapped in cloth, and a spear on the sand beside Tara’s seemingly unconscious body, lying under the shade of an uprooted tree. She walks away, and Tara quickly opens her eyes to see if the coast is clear before taking a swig of water. Cyndie is still seen off in the distance, but Tara slowly snatches the cloth package and finds an uncooked fish.

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