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November 21, 2016 at 06:41 PM EST

With Rick out the door, Carl asks why she didn’t join his dad. She explains she has to figure some things out, namely if and how they can make this Negan arrangement work. Carl still doesn’t think they can. Neither does Michonne, but she admits she doesn’t really know, so she must try. As she goes to leave, Carl glances out the window and sees Enid trying to escape with her backpack through the wall. She’s headed to see Maggie despite Carl’s insistence not to, and she quips she has better aim. Carl vows not to save her anymore, and she brings up the time he locked her in the armory when she wanted to escort Maggie to Hilltop for treatment.

At the Hilltop, Jesus promises Sasha to try and change Gregory’s mind. She wonders why he isn’t leading the group, and suggests he may have to step up to the plate and become a more active member of the community. He merely insists he’s not a leader. In the event Gregory doesn’t yield, Sasha offers to buy Maggie’s place at Hilltop by going out and scavenging for the community’s share of Negan’s price, though Jesus hopes it won’t come to that.

He then presents her with Abraham’s silver chain he found on his body, and Sasha recalls how he was the type of guy who could make you “smile and wince at the same time.” Maggie walks into the trailer, which Jesus has made up for their stay and laid out some of his clothing. She asks why they burn their dead instead of burying them, and Jesus recalls it began as a way for them to keep on with their lives. That’s when Sasha offers an alternate, alternate hypothetical: What if they just all stay at Hilltop? “What can Gregory do?” she asks, calling him an idiot. Maggie warns he’s a coward, which makes him more dangerous.

Enid, meanwhile, is heading for them on a bike, but stops at an abandoned gas station to rest. She sees a pool of liquid on the ground, but is surprised when a walker starts hobbling over to her. A car bursts onto the scene and crashes over the walker. It’s Carl, and when he sees it’s not yet dead, he puts the car in reverse and tries again. When he rolls down his window for Enid, he says he just “felt like a drive.”

As night falls on Hilltop, the terrors bleed forth from the shadows. Sasha and Maggie awake in the middle of the night to a symphonic fanfare blasting from a parked car. (For the classical music geeks out there, the song is Sibelius’ “Finlandia,” which was a tone poem used to bolster Finland’s pride in the 1800s when the country was under Russia’s authority — an appropriate choice, seeing as the Hilltop is under Negan’s rule.) They peer out the window and see various fires have been lit and the gate has been left open. The door and windows are locked, so Maggie puts a chair on top of their table so Sasha can get onto the roof. She wants to come out and help her, but Sasha tells her to stay inside.

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