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Plans go south, as they always do, but the Alexandrians prove there may be hope for them yet

February 15, 2016 at 02:54 AM EST

The Wolf and Denise, mostly on his beckoning, also make their move, but its on his desire to cut their losses and run. They make a break for it, but he is bitten in the process. While he at first tells her to run on without him, she decides to offer him help, and the two make a break for it at the infirmary.

Even after patching him up, though, the Wolf is not long for the world. When the two come back outside after a brief pit stop, walkers surround them, and Carol, from a nearby balcony, helps ensure Denise makes it away safely. The Wolf is less lucky, though, and goes down amongst the walkers. (Before Carol leaps into action, she and Morgan have a brief moment together and it appears this division of ideals is far from being settled. Morgan tries to speak to the humanity in her as a mother, a wife, someone with familial ties. He acknowledges that he didn’t want to hurt her, just stop her from becoming someone else. It has shades of Glenn’s beliefs but put into practice in a different manner. Carol, on the other hand, digs into what she sees as Morgan’s selfish behavior. He wasn’t saving the Wolf for the sake of the group’s humanity; he was doing it for himself. The two may be able to put aside their differences for the night, but they are far from becoming friends.)

Denise, freed from her captor, returns to the infirmary to find a group of Alexandrians prepping the place as a temporary safehouse. They’re hoping to hole up and hide out, but the night has other plans in store for them. Denise and the others notice Rick and Michonne running with Carl outside, and although the others think RIck’s son must have been bit, Denise knows better. She opens the front door to let them rush into the relative safety and kicks into patient-care mode, ordering everyone around to help treat Carl’s grisly face.

As Carl is treated, the world closes in around Rick (director Greg Nicotero nicely playing everything else but his singular focus falling away with the loss of sound as Andrew Lincoln processes the scene). He only has one response to the injury of his son. He’s tired of running, and so he heads out, hatchet in hand, and begins chopping his way through walker after walker. His fury is unbounded as he fights his way through with reckless abandon. Michonne wants to go help, but she’s a key aide in Denise’s operation for the moment. However, Heath knows how important it is for them to go fight.

Eventually Denise gives them permission to leave, and the group goes out to assist Rick in a savage takedown of the walkers trying to overrun their house. The other Alexandrians, hiding out amongst the homes of the town, appear initially nervous but eventually head out into the fray themselves to help. They’re becoming what Rick always knew they could become — survivors.

And Morgan, Carol, Rosita, Tara, and even Eugene also venture out into the night. He knows he can’t turn tail and hide, and plus, stories will be told of this night, he reckons. Why not be whispered in the same breath as the other valiant fighters?

(Morgan comes face to face with his choices as they do so, however, taking down a walker only to discover it’s the Wolf he sought to rehabilitate. With no choice left, he knocks it out and continues fighting with the others.)

Glenn and Enid are also out in this mess of a night, fighting their way toward Maggie, who rests on a rickety guard tower. Glenn tasks Enid with climbing up to her as he draws away the gaggle of walkers surrounding the base of her tower. Firing off his gun and yelling into the air, Glenn manages to pull their focus over in his direction, but Maggie also notices. She sees Glenn for the first time since he’s been separated in a heartwrenching moment. (I will admit, for much as I still have issues with the storytelling decisions of the last half-season, I cannot deny how raw and real Maggie’s emotions felt in this moment. Lauren Cohan, who may have teared up watching some of the show herself, definitely brought a tear or two to my eye.)

And just as the walkers descend upon Glenn, seemingly ready to kill him (though the moment is definitely wiped of its tension after the first half of season 6), he is saved by a hail of bullets felling the undead fiending for a bite. It’s all thanks to Abraham, who is downright gleeful to be back and in the thick of the fight.

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