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With a Walker herd at their door and the infected getting worse, the Prison is on the brink of deterioration

February 27, 2015 at 06:54 PM EST

After an episode set primarily on the road away from the Prison, “Internment” focuses on the struggles directly concerning the Prison community from directly outside (the herd) and within (the virus). The episode picks up where the last left off with Rick brooding in the car after exiling Carol. His brooding eyes are brooding — especially in a overly extreme close-up.

Meanwhile back at the farm Prison, Hershel intubates a choking infected man (we later learn his name is Henry) as Sasha and Glenn hold the man down. They agree to take shifts squeezing the bag in order for Henry to breathe. Sasha takes the first shift, and Glenn accompanies Hershel on his rounds. It’s like Grey’s Anatomy in hell. After spending so much time in A block, Hershel seems healthy whereas Sasha and Glenn are coughing up their lungs almost as much as Henry.

Hershel and Glenn find Mr. Jacobson dead (sorry Mr. Jacobson, we don’t really care about you) and wheel him out of the main block. But not before Lizzie appears from the shadows like a snooping servant on Downton Abbey. Hershel gently shoos her away, telling her to read Tom Sawyer, which was incidentally not included on our What is the Best Young Adult Novel of All Time? bracket game. (Huck Finn is better!) There must be an epic endgame for Lizzie, right? The writers seem to be building Lizzie as a character and a presence in order for some major action or event related to her to take place. The question remains whether she will be a hero or harbinger of death. Will she be a Neville Longbottom or a Jar Jar Binks?

With Lizzie gone for now, Hershel and Glenn can definitively kill him unseen by the other infected people. “People don’t need to see it,” Hershel tells Glenn. “I don’t want them to.” Hershel relies on his hope and heart just as much as his medical skills to help the infected.

Maggie visits Hershel behind the glass barrier, hoping to also see Glenn. She pleads to come in and help her father. He urges her to “hold it together a little longer.”  As the last uninfected person standing save for the Meds Crew and Rick (exiled Carol doesn’t count anymore), she is their last defense on the outside…and they need it. Oh boy, do they need it.

After her emotional talk with Hershel, Maggie focuses on pest control at the fence. The camera cuts to a wide shot of Maggie versus a growing herd of Walkers, exuding a profound sense of “Ah f—, that’s not good.” There’s more Walkers at the fence than ever before, including when Rick baited them with his pigs.

Luckily, the prodigal farmer returns to the Prison in the nick of time. Huzzah! Now he and Carol can help Maggie at the fence and perhaps rally some able-bodied kids like Carl to help pick Walkers. Oh wait, that’s right. He exiled Carol and wants to keep the kids away from all the chaos slowly but steadily closing in on all of them. Thanks Rick!

Even though I may not be on Team Rick, Maggie is. She agrees that he did the right thing sending Carol away. She questions whether she would have been able to do it. Rick, however, says she could have, telling her not to doubt herself for they can’t doubt themselves anymore. Is this a facet of Rick’s morality now? He cannot doubt his actions because if he did, he would grow indecisive and not be able to survive? The connection between survival and doubt is a strong one.

Rick heads inside the compound to see Carl and Hershel, leaving Maggie to fend off the Walker herd on her own — again.

NEXT: “A sad soul can killer quicker than a germ.”

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