It's turning out to be a gentleman's game as two ladies go home.
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Yes, Tuesday night’s The Voice played out a bit like an Olive Garden commercial with the notion that “we’re all one big, happy family.” (They even had what was most likely one super awkward Thanksgiving dinner that brought together all of their families.) But, alas, it was all a lie. Because by the end of the night, two members were kicked out of the family.

And now, the fam’s beginning to look more and more like this.

That’s because tonight, we (once again) said goodbye to two ladies: Team Gwen’s smiley reggae singer Anita Antoinette and Team Blake’s 16-year-old prodigy Reagan James. Team Gwen’s Ryan Sill (once again) eked by as the recipient of this week’s Instant Save. Perhaps host Carson Daly summed up America’s voting tendencies (or The Voice‘s core viewership) best: “The ladies love Ryan.”

I’m not saying the guys in this competition aren’t more talented than our departing ladies. I’m just pointing out the facts, is all.

The last woman standing is Team Pharrell’s DaNica Shirey, who I think could very well defy the odds and take the crown.

Team Adam is proving to be this year’s juggernaut. Adam’s the only coach so far who hasn’t suffered the horror of having one of his contestants in the Bottom Three—and for a good reason. All three of his guys are forces to be reckoned with, from the oft-falsettoed (and geeky-in-an-adorable-way) Matt McAndrew, smooth R&B singer Damien, and rock singer Chris Jamison. Jamison’s likely this team’s weakest link, but even so, Team Adam doesn’t look to be going anywhere.

Quickly losing her grip is Gwen, who had two artists—Antoinette and Sills—in the Bottom Three on Tuesday night. Sill will have to step up and make some better song choices if he wants a chance, but she’s got a powerhouse in Taylor John Williams, who not only has a stellar voice, but he also has the whole indie-guy thing going for him.

While Pharrell doesn’t have Adam’s strength in numbers, he’s still got two strong contenders, including the only woman left standing, Shirey. Her gender may give her a slight edge over Luke Wade, but Wade’s also an enormously talented performer, with palpable charm to boot.

And before you go feeling sorry for Blake Shelton for only having one singer left, remember that that singer is Craig Wayne Boyd. Sure, he’s gonna get all the country-music-fan votes going forward, but he’s also got something else going for him: Not only does he have a powerful voice, but a distinct and commanding personality, and he’s not afraid to show it. (Relive last night’s “I Walk the Line” for proof.) Plus, as an only child, he’s going to get a whole lot more attention than the rest of the kids.


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