Sugar Joans and Jessie Pitts go home, while America saves Ryan Sills.
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The Voice - Season 14
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Tuesday night was most definitely not ladies’ night on The Voice.

The top 12 became the top 10 Tuesday night as we said goodbye to two strong female singers: Team Pharrell’s Sugar Joans and Team Blake’s Jessie Pitts. Team Gwen’s pretty boy with a very pretty voice Ryan Sills also found himself in the Bottom Three, but America used their frantic tweeting abilities to tweet him into the top 10 after his under-the-gun performance of “More Than Words.”

That leaves us with a pretty dude-centric top 10, with only three ladies remaining: Reggae darling Anita Antoinette (Team Gwen), DaNica Shirey (Team Pharrell), and the “can you believe she’s just 16?” 16-year-old Reagan James (Team Blake).

While Joans and Pitts are both extraordinary singers, they lack a thing, a defining characteristic that sets them apart like the three remaining ladies. Luckily, there’s a silver lining for all you Sugar Joans and Jessie Pitts diehards out there: Once we reach the final three, all of the top 12 will be invited back to perform, and it will be up to viewers to decide who’s brought back as the “wild card” contestant.

Until then, it’s onto the top 10.

Leading the pack is Team Adam, whose three contestants killed Monday night’s live performance round. And hey, it could be a coincidence, but Team Adam’s also composed entirely of men: Matt McAndrew, who was the first sent to the safety of the top 10, soul singer Damien, and rocker Chris Jamison.

Gwen’s also got three contestants, albeit maybe not as strong as Team Blake: Antoinette, resident indie guy Taylor John Williams, and Sills, who’s continued to improve week after week.

I was pretty shocked with the elimination of Sugar Joans, Pharrell’s formidable belter. (I still find myself picking up my jaw from that performance of “I Say a Little Prayer for You.”) But he’s still got two powerful contestants in DaNica Shirey and Luke Wade.

Without Pitts, Blake Shelton’s left with Craig Wayne Boyd and Reagan James. Not sure how far the whole child prodigy thing will take her, but judging from his performance of “You Look So Good in Love” Monday night, Boyd’s probably here to stay.

Here’s your Top 10 America:

Team Adam:

Matt McAndrew


Chris Jamison

Team Gwen:

Anita Antoinette

Taylor John Williams

Ryan Sills

Team Pharrell:

DaNica Shirey

Luke Wade

Team Blake:

Craig Wayne Boyd

Reagan James

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