The final top eight singers are revealed after two more go home. Also, we interrupt your regularly scheduled programming for a "sexy" announcement

By Jennifer Arellano
Updated April 14, 2015 at 06:51 PM EDT

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For an eliminations round, Tuesday night played out as a surprisingly light and airy turn of events. We were treated to an electrifying performance from Christina Aguilera, more cross-team renditions, and zany choreography. But before I get to the good confectionery segments, here’s the heavy dose of reality parts: Kat Robichaud and Austin Jenckes were eliminated. Caroline Pennell was instant-saved and gets to stay in the top eight.

Carson took a temporary respite from his harried host persona to “announce” that Adam Levine is People magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive. Just when ya thought last week’s shot of Adam with a puppy couldn’t get any cuter, this week’s Adam with a side of bashful may have tipped the adorable scale. The coach was silent and surprised, and even thought Carson was pulling his leg, “You just had that made,” he accused Carson. After some bro-mantic ribbing from Blake Shelton “I think you’re beautiful on the inside,” he told Adam as all four coaches were nestled in one giant group hug. In the opening segment we also saw a quick cut of Blake snogging a helpless Cole Vosbury, who could only yelp a feeble “Oh, goodness,” in his defense.

Now onto the group performances…

TEAM CHRISTINA: Matthew Schuler and Jacquie Lee

The song: “Scream” by Michael Jackson (feat. Janet Jackson) and “Bad” by Michael Jackson (Update: As some commenters have pointed out, Christina also sang “Black Cat” by Janet Jackson in the MJ medley)

The performance: Christina performs this MJ montage with her precious young students in what is arguably the best, most showstopping group rendition thus far. Sure, at times Jacquie’s vocals would get drowned out, or Matthew would sing too pretty when his voice needed to be rough, but you can’t deny that Xtina is a born star. She came trouncing out in an Effie Trinket meets Sexy George Washington get up, storming and stomping on the stage like a woman with a vicious vocal vengeance. This is how you perform, kids.

TEAM ROCKER CENTRAL: Kat Robichaud, James Wolpert, and Will Champlin

The song: “Sugar, We’re Going Down” by Fall Out Boy

The performance: Look, it’s team “we can all play intensely-rhythmic electrics and sing at the same time!” It’s a fun song to whip out, but it’s not fun for the audience when all three singers are clearly in it for themselves. It was a disjointed performance that showcased how each can respectively be great lead rock singers, but together, it was too much ego, too much of Kat’s possessed drawls, and too little of James’ unique trill.

NEXT: Team Blake and Team Estrogen TEAM BLAKE: Austin Jenckes, Cole Vosbury, and Ray Boudreaux

The song: “Sharp Dressed Man” by ZZ Top

The performance: It’s a bro-down world and we’re just living in it — at least according to this performance. While it was neat to see Blake sing for an extended period of time, I got tired of his team after the first verse. So much uneven volume! Austin was too loud; Ray was too soft and sang too pretty. I could go all Goldilocks nit-picky on this one, but I’ll just say it was my least favorite because it felt like we as viewers were intruding on an aging Southern fraternity’s drinking buddy karaoke session.

TEAM ESTROGEN: Tessanne Chin and Caroline Pennell

The song: “Royals” by Lorde

The performance: I thought Tessanne’s powerhouse chords with Caroline’s mousy vocals was an odd pairing. But when they started to sing, their polar styles made a lot of sense sonically — or this could just be a damn good song. Either way, they both sang their parts perfectly, with Tessanne’s Jamaican accent sweeping through, and Caroline’s subtle runs providing nice harmony. They made an already infectious song into their own kind of pop confection, despite the jiggling sexy mimes “dancing” around them.

And onto the saved artists who make your Top 8…

TEAM ADAM Tessanne, James, and Will

TEAM CHRISTINA Matthew and Jacquie

TEAM BLAKE Ray and Cole

I was surprised that Ray has made it this far, especially when he hasn’t been elevating his performances. I’m not surprised that Will has fought his way through — he has vastly improved since knockouts. My biggest shocker was that Caroline was in the bottom three. I hadn’t questioned her popularity because she always sang songs that were ear candy and charted on iTunes.

What did you guys think of the eliminations? Did Caroline deserve to be saved? Is the Twitter instant save still spoiling things for West Coast viewers? Sound off in the comments below.

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