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April 14, 2015 at 11:27 PM EDT

The sight of Cee Lo Green wearing a Red Baron costume, complete with World War I era flying medal, can only mean one thing. The Battle Round of The Voice is upon us! And so it began last night with six incredibly drawn-out vocal sparring matches. Not just between the contestants, but their celebrity mentors as well. Nothing says “battle” like Jewel and Lionel Richie training aspiring artists to belt out “The Power of Love.”

Battle #1: Tony Lucca vs. Chris Cauley (Team Adam)

Alanis Morissette had Tony Lucca’s back going into his showdown with fellow husky-voiced busker Cauley. They were to sing U2’s “Beautiful Day,” which really should have been retired from the repertoires of all singing competitions following Kurt Nilsen’s definitive World Idol take, shouldn’t it? Both dudes rocked appropriately cool headgear over their spiky hair, but Tony had the edge right away by trading in his Mellow Dad look for full-on Justin Theroux-in-Mulholland Drive hipsterism. (A daring move, considering how Theroux’s Mulholland Drive character is cuckolded by Billy Ray Cyrus, who could easily have been a celebrity mentor on The Voice last night.) Both Tony and Chris belted the hell out of “Beautiful Day,” bowling themselves over and crouching just to emphasize their respective vocal acrobatics. Ultimately, Tony won, but I was surprised he didn’t quite have the upper register needed to properly tackle U2’s skyscraper falsettos. That said, Chris may have stolen the night with one of the classiest reality show exits I’ve ever heard when he said to Adam, “I’ve always respected you for your music. And now I respect you as a man, as well.”

Aside: Judging the Judges’ Fashion

As I do most Monday nights, I totally dug Cee Lo’s ensemble. But his Red Baron look was positively sedate compared to what Adam and Christina were wearing. Adam decided to sport a high-collared, check-patterned sweater that I’m sure Gabriel Mann’s Nolan Ross will wear on the next episode of Revenge. Who else absolutely thinks Adam had topsiders on under that table? And Christina donned some sort of flying-saucer pillbox hat. Where to look?!

NEXT: RaeLynn meets her idol Miranda Lambert. And Lionel Richie becomes an opera critic!

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