Adam singlehandedly defies America's votes as Cee Lo picks a side and the other two coaches balk

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April 14, 2015 at 11:14 PM EDT

Well, that happened. Despite having the opportunity to let America make the decision on Tuesday’s semi-final eliminations, coach Adam Levine instead used his percentage points to push Tony Lucca just barely ahead of Katrina Parker. Adam’s scores left Tony Lucca with 60 points and Katrina with 40 (a margin of 20), but when America’s votes were factored in, Tony had 108 and Katrina had 92… a margin of only 16. Thus, the Electoral College of Adam Levine beat out the Popular Vote of the American Public, and democracy was brutally moved (like Jagger) to the side.

Yes, Adam has every right to make his personal decisions, and yes, Tony Lucca is a wonderfully entertaining talent — but would it have been so wrong to let America just have their say on this one? The coaches are encouraged to exercise their power throughout the competition, but could Adam’s overturning of the public’s decision be the final straw for some viewers who have had it up to HERE (capitalized for the sake of the expression) with the constant neglect of America’s melodic desires? It just might be, depending on how much you loved watching Katrina Parker.

Let’s backtrack to the first elimination of the night: Chris Mann and Lindsey Pavao kicked off the budget cuts with an equal 50-50 blessing from coach Christina Aguilera. (A cop-out, some might say, but personally, I’d take Christina’s ambivalence over Adam’s pushiness.) America’s votes were surprisingly close, considering that both Chris and Lindsey appear to have fervent fan bases, but with a final tally of 104-96 in favor of Chris, it was Lindsey who was relieved of vocal duty. Chris pretends to be modest as Lindsey breaks down. Somewhere out there, there’s a record producer with half of a shaved head and a fetish for hypnosis that’s just dying to sign Lindsey, so I think she’ll manage just fine.

Oh, and before we go on, am I obligated to recount to you the stunningly forgettable performances from Tuesday’s episode? Since the contestants had no last chance songs to perform, the task instead fell to last year’s final four: Dia Frampton, Beverly McClellan, Vicci Martinez and Javier Colon (last year’s winner). None of the four performances were memorable, even with fun additions from Kid Cudi, Cyndi Lauper and Cee Lo himself.

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