Cee Lo’s hair is no more; which four were shown the door?

By Erin Strecker
April 14, 2015 at 11:22 PM EDT
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Last night, Cee Lo’s hair was gone, Christina’s chest was back and accomplished singer Jay Leno had a surprise taped cameo with Team Christina’s contestants. Giving the young people what they want!

Carson Daly started last night off with a shocker: This was The Voice’s very first results show and they went against conventional wisdom of standard reality show filler. That meant no group number a la Idol (unless you count Team Adam providing backup to Gym Class Heroes and Neon Hitch singing “A** Back Home,” which I don’t).

Instead, Carson Daly informed America that he would announce the top three from both teams that had competed the previous evening: Team Blake and Team Christina.  The bottom three from each would then sing a new song right then, and their judge could save one. As Blake explained of the power, “It’s not tough; it’s sucky.”

First up was Team Blake. Daly announced that the three safe, in no particular order, were Erin Willett, Jermaine Paul and bubbly aspiring country artist RaeLynn, who, to my eye, mouthed, “Oh Sh*t! Oh My God!” when her name was called.  The results were pretty much what anyone could have reasonably expected. To anyone who thought RaeLynn was going anywhere anytime soon: Country always sticks around, at least for a while.

From Team Christina, the lucky top three included Jesse Campbell, who won for most stunned reaction after his name was called, retaining a totally blank expression and then saying, “Oh, that’s me!” Also safe were Chris Mann and Lindsey Pavao, ensuring that America will get to see another of Pavao’s unique song interpretations for at least another week.

Back from the break, Naia Kete was up first from Team Blake to perform. She sang “If I Were A Boy” which was an odd choice — it wasn’t a song particularly suited to her talents, and Blake said as much, stating that he would have loved to hear her sing a reggae track. Huh? The night before he was pushing her away from reggae. Interestingly, after Blake said this, Kete explained, “They wouldn’t let me!” Who’s they? Scandal!

Up next was Charlotte Sometimes, who sang “Iris.” I totally get nerves, but if this is supposed to be THE voice, this time Sometimes didn’t have it. We’re left to wonder what the judges thought, though, because for the rest of the show, no feedback was given on the performances. Got to beat the clock!

Rounding out the trio of somewhat lackluster performances from Team Blake was Jordis Unga performing “Wild Horses.” Afterwards, Daly brought all three back on stage and asked each judge who they would save, although only Blake would have the final vote. Based on the performances, I wouldn’t have been surprised if Daly pulled a “Just kidding!” and sent all three home. But, of course, he didn’t, and Christina (after hemming and hawing) said she would save Unga, Cee Lo said Unga, and Adam said…Unga. It’s unanimous! Blake was clearly dreading his decision and explained, “It’s like apples and oranges; you’re nothing alike.” But eventually, he stuck with his fellow judging pals and saved Unga. Naia Kete and Charlotte Sometimes were sent home.

NEXT: Team Christina is on the chopping block!

First up among Team Christina’s bottom three was Ashley De La Rosa. The studio audience seemed pretty shocked that De La Rosa was in the bottom three, and frankly, so was I. I figured girl had enough charisma to carry her through at least to the next round. Speaking of charisma, she sang “Paris (Ooh La La)” and while parts were maybe a little scream-y, I was blown away by her stage presence. And she pulled off a near-impossible reality show feat: Looking like she’s having a genuinely good time while fighting for her life.

Following De La Rosa, Sera Hill sang “Vision of Love,” and the audience didn’t seem that invested. From a viewer’s perspective, the energy seemed down from De La Rosa’s performance. After Hill, Moses Stone took the stage to sing “(Breakeven) Falling to Pieces,” which was probably a wise choice, because if he was in the position to be singing now, it meant America really wasn’t in love with his rapping. Which is too bad, because Stone also had consistently great energy.

The audience, and the judges, seemed a little more conflicted with Team Christina than Team Blake. When Daly asked the judges for their input, Cee Lo said to save Hill, Adam said De La Rosa, and Blake also said De La Rosa. Christina agreed with Blake and Adam (it happens occasionally!) and, after praising them all, saved De La Rosa, meaning Sera Hill and Moses Stone were sent home from Team Christina.

Unsolicited Fashion Update: Christina, Christina, Christina. She’s maybe my favorite Voice judge, and for better or for worse, she backed down the crazy last night. She went hatless and dialed down the makeup to a very “Genie in a Bottle”-era-inspired look. Seriously, did her orange dress remind anyone else of these orange pants? Sure, maybe her top was a bit more low cut  than anyone who isn’t currently auditioning for a Lady Marmalade video might be used to, but she had to make up for Adam’s button up. It all evens out! Also, Cee Lo wore a red spiked jacket that I’m pretty sure he borrowed from Lady Gaga. And I definitely mean that as a compliment. Unfortunately, Cee Lo was missing my favorite purrfect accessory — his cat was nowhere to be found.

Next week, Team Adam and Team Cee Lo will face off. Until then, let me know: Were the right people sent home? Do you like this new version of a results show, with even more contestant performances? And, most importantly, were you missing Cee Lo’s wig?


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