This Thanksgiving, I’m most thankful for pie (always), Team Legend’s rendition of “How Deep of Your Love” (the best of the initial team performances, clearly), and the fact that we now have our Top 10. What can I say? I love a good cut! Tonight, nine artists will be saved by America’s overnight vote (by the way, Jake Hoot was the most streamed artist the second week in a row), and the bottom two will battle for the final spot with the Instant Save.

If you’re feeling stressed, don’t you worry: There’s also a glorious performance from Gwen Stefani celebrating the 15th anniversary of Love.Angel.Music.Baby featuring a surprise appearance from Eve. Okay, so I’m grateful for that performance, too. Maybe it’s all the mashed potatoes in the air, but I think I really missed hearing “Hollaback Girl” at every turn. 2004 was wild! Oh, and Team Blake performs “Taking Care of Business” should that be a thing you’re into. Speaking of business, let’s get into the results!

The Voice - Season 17
THE VOICE — “Live Top 11 Eliminations” Episode 1717B — Pictured: (l-r) Shane Q, Myracle Holloway, Carson Daly — (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)
| Credit: Trae Patton/NBC

The artists saved by America’s vote are:
Ricky Duran (Team Blake)!
Katie Kadan (Team Legend)!
Rose Short (Team Gwen)!
Jake Hoot (Team Kelly)!
Joana Martinez (Team Gwen)!
Will Breman (Team Legend)!
Marybeth Byrd (Team Legend)!
Kat Hammock (Team Blake)!
Hello Sunday (Team Kelly)!


Team Kelly: Shane Q, “Jealous”
A great song choice for Shane Q to win over voters. It’s an emotional gut-punch just on its own, and with Shane’s vocals, it is chill-inducing. Maybe elimination needed to be dangled over him because he’s never performed with more emotion. Blake Shelton thinks Shane Q is one of the best singers they’ve ever had on this show, and Shane’s coach Kelly thinks maybe this was a good experience for him because it brought his performance to a completely new level. The emotion, you guys! From Shane Q!

Team Gwen: Myracle Holloway, “You Are So Beautiful”
Okay, so yes, some people just need to be tossed into the bottom two to bring out their best. Like Shane Q, Myracle gives possibly her best performance on the show. The rasp, the breaks, Myracle’s back! Gwen loves how calm and creative her artist is, and is glad she got to show that off once again. It’s a tough call tonight, folks!

It’s a close vote, but the winner of the Instant Save and the artist rounding out the Top 10 is…Shane Q! Which means we must say goodbye to Myracle Holloway. Anyone else going to eat their feelings in pie?

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