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Blake Shelton wants you to know that there have been numerous articles written about how he, the last original coach standing (or, sitting, as it were), is the winningest coach in Voice history. Not only has he won six times, but he’s coached 24 people to the finale. As much as we tease Blake, that’s incredibly impressive and should most definitely be something he uses when pitching himself to contestants. I mean, maybe he didn’t have to read the article word for word, but still, those numbers are worth noting. And yet somehow, Blake’s having some trouble finding artists to join his team thus far (we’re only on night two, but still!). Will Blake break his dry spell? Obviously, yes, this is a well-oiled machine and it will all even out, but let’s pretend there’s some real drama to be had! To the stage!

Blake Shelton
THE VOICE — “Blind Auditions” Episode 1702 — Pictured: Blake Shelton — (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)
| Credit: Trae Patton/NBC

Shane Q, Sacramento, Calif.
Song: “Tennessee Whiskey” by Chris Stapleton
Shane Q is giving me goosebumps, you guys. That’s the way to kick off an episode. He’s smooth and soulful and easily maneuvers through some complicated runs, which gets both Gwen and Kelly to turn pretty quickly. Then the dude hits some high notes and his range cannot be denied and this turns into your classic four-chair turn situation. John loves the “gospel flavor” in his voice and Kelly, also a genre chameleon, thinks she’d be a great fit. She is not wrong, and Shane Q knows it.
Chair Turns: You gotta kick it off with a four-chair turn, people.
Coach: Team Kelly

Max Boyle, Toledo, Ohio
Song: “Wayfaring Stranger”
This boy starts off in a cappella and I am so here for it I’ve already forgotten everyone who auditioned on night one (just kidding, Katie, I’ll never forget you!). A cappella, you guys! It’s very risky and it totally pays off. Max has multiple chair turns before he even gets to the accompanied section. His voice is legit butter and that’s exactly why John uses his block on Kelly. It’s very mean, but also very smart. Max is that good.
Chair Turns: John and Kelly (blocked)
Coach: Team Legend, all day, every day (he had no choice, but still, a good fit)

Hello Sunday, Atlanta, Ga.
Song: “This Is Me” from The Greatest Showman
I am a sucker for duos and groups, it is my cross to bear, and Hello Sunday, a duo consisting of two teenage angels named Maya and Chelsea is no different. They are adorable and I’m surprised Kelly is the only person to turn around. Sure, they need some polishing, but with the right songs and some work on harmonies, they could be a force. Did you hear them hit that big Keala Settle note? Perhaps it all worked out for the best then, because they get harmony queen Kelly Clarkson as their coach.
Chair Turns: Kelly
Coach: Team Kelly, safe haven for tiny angel people

Emily Bass, Magnolia, Tex.
Song: “Blank Space” by Taylor Swift
As someone who, as a teenager, never missed an episode of TRL with Carson Daly, it warms my old lady heart to see a present-day teen so enamored with the guy. Emily loves her some Carson! She even drew a picture of him, it is all very cute. Unfortunately, her voice is a little rough around the edges. The coaches liked her tone, but she needs “more polish.” Then, even with no chair turns, she hands out drawings of each coach. Frankly, I would’ve liked to have seen her stand up on stage and rip each one in half Sinead O’Connor on SNL style, but Emily is too kind.
Chair Turns: None!
Compliments on her Drawings: So many!

Royce Lovett, Tallahassee, Fla.
Song: “911” by Wyclef Jean
Is this Royce Lovett person not the most pleasant? Like, he seems genuinely tickled that his mother named him after a Rolls Royce because she wanted one so badly. It’s delightful. Anyway, this man gets up on stage and kills with some reggae — something so different from anything we’ve heard thus far — and it’s immediately clear he’ll be going to Gwen’s team. Blake attempts to lure Royce away, but Gwen eloquently talks about how much she loves reggae and how cool it was to hear Royce’s modern take on the genre, and also she dances. It’s a no-brainer here.
Chair Turns: Gwen and Blake
Coach: Duh! Team Gwen, of course.

Elise Azkoul, Atlanta, Ga.
Song: “Million Reasons” by Lady Gaga
Oh dear, more being inspired by grandparents stuff! I cannot take this! Elise’s love of music comes from her late grandfather and she tears up just talking about him. She wants to make him proud, and she does, by earning a spot on Team Gwen. She has a cool vibrato and hits some nice, big Gaga-notes, but definitely isn’t the most interesting or — sorry to say it again — polished voice we’ve seen. We’ll see what Gwen can do with her.
Chair Turns: Gwen and only Gwen!
Coach: Is Team Gwen full yet?

Cory Jackson, Jonesboro, Ark.
Song: “Galveston” by Glen Campbell
Wow, okay, so this is very country. It seems like Cory is the contestant Blake’s been waiting for all night. He is in his early twenties but sounds like he’s a 70-year-old who has Seen Some Things, and in this big, soaring song, his vocals are clear and smooth. Even though Cory is deep country, Gwen’s surprised Blake turned around since the song and performance were so big and theatrical (Cory studied classical voice), but I don’t think anyone else is surprised. This is the type of performer Blake can take far in this competition. It’s an anticlimactic end, but it’s nice to see Blake finally nab a country guy.
Chair Turns: Blake, Gwen, and Kelly
Coach: Team Blake, as it should be.

No, but seriously, is Team Gwen full yet?

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