She did it!

After a season full of increasingly impeccable performances, Maelyn Jarmon is the winner of The Voice season 16, and her coach John Legend has cemented his VEGOT, despite all the “block block block-ing around the clock” that happened during the blinds.

Maelyn had been sensational ever since her blind audition, but her last performance of the evening on Monday’s finale competition round was transcendent. She reached No. 1 on the iTunes Top 100 chart for her splendid cover of “Hallelujah,” and her new single “Wait for You” and duet with Legend also each charted in the Top 10. Even better, the three songs reminded everyone just how versatile her voice is, how much grace she has under pressure, and how on-point her instincts are when choosing her notes and numbers.

Blake Shelton’s trio of country artists might each have considerable talents as well, but every time Maelyn took the stage something special happened, and this win was the only outcome that would make sense for this season.

Some fans of this show have (understandably) complained about the lack of stardom that tends to follow these winners, but could Maelyn, who is beyond ready for the next level, finally be the one to go on to the big time? With coach John Legend in her corner, she just might.

Second place went to Gyth Rigdon, who was also an early frontrunner and has a uniquely brassy tone that he’s had a lot of fun genre-hopping with throughout this competition. He also had one of the more impressive performances of finale week, with his own debut single, “Proof I’ve Always Loved You” breaking through to the Top 10 on iTunes as well.

Third and fourth place went to Dexter Roberts and Andrew Sevener, respectively. Both managed to have standout performances during last night’s showcases, but their similar appeal as downhome country artists may have split the votes. Hey, at least they each got to perform with some serious country legends in Toby Keith and Travis Tritt. Meanwhile, Maelyn got to perform with her sound-alike Sarah Maclachlan and delivered a beautiful duet rendition of “Angel,” and Gyth had a ton of fun performing “Take My Hand” with Darius Rucker. Not a shabby night for any of them, really.

So here we are now, and this is one season finale that did not feature a gut-wrenching twist. Maelyn carried, just like she deserved to. And now that we’re done here, I’ll be off signing up to found and preside over the Official Maelyn Jarmon Fan Club. Thanks for following along this season, everyone!

The Voice Season 16 results:
WINNER: Maelyn Jarmon
Second place: Gyth Rigdon
Third place: Dexter Roberts
Fourth place: Andrew Sevener

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