THE VOICE -- "Live Top 24 Results" Episode 1613B -- Pictured: (l-r) Dexter Roberts, Gyth Rigdon, Andrew Sevener, Blake Shelton, Kim Cherry, Oliv Blu, Carter Lloyd Horne -- (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)
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The Voice - Season 14
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Has the team count ever been this uneven before on The Voice?

We knew coming into the Top 24 eliminations that the odds were already stacked in Blake Shelton‘s favor thanks to the results of the cross battles, but by goodness, this is getting ugly. If it weren’t for the fact that John Legend and Kelly Clarkson each have perceived frontrunners voted through, and Adam Levine‘s team has gotten a much-needed shot in the arm thanks to the return of a disappointing loss from the cross battles, this could easily become the Blake Shelton Show by the finale.

Let’s take a look at how the results shook out, shall we?

The first eight contestants to go through are saved by voters at home, and of those, a whopping five come from Team Blake, starting with the most-streamed artist of the round, Gyth Rigdon. In order of announcement, Carson Daly calls out the following to go through:

  1. Gyth Rigdon (Team Blake)
  2. Shawn Sounds (Team John)
  3. Carter Lloyd Horne (Team Blake)
  4. Rod Stokes (Team Kelly)
  5. Kim Cherry (Team Blake)
  6. Dexter Roberts (Team Blake)
  7. Maelyn Jarmon (Team John)
  8. Andrew Sevener (Team Blake)

Then, “fifth coach” Bebe Rexha reveals that her winner from The Comeback Stage is Kanard Thomas, who was not selected during the blind auditions but still showed some musical mettle even then. She also gets to choose someone from the cross battles to compete with Kanard for a coveted spot in the next round and opts to go with L.B. Crew, who delivered a convincing performance but was up against a formidable contender at a time when saves and steals had already been spent.

Both singers have a comforting raspy quality to their full voices, but Kanard’s intro is still a bit reserved — which was the bane of his blind, too — while L.B. Crew is clearly here to energize the audience. Despite all Kanard has done to get to this moment, it’s L.B. who emerges victorious. When given the choice of which coach to work with now, he opts to return to Team Adam, even though he’s dreamed of time with John Legend, because he sees that his team is “struggling” with no contestants chosen to go through yet.

That’s when the coaches get their turns to choose one additional person to remain from each of their teams.

For Blake, the choice probably isn’t as difficult as he imagined it would be ahead of this airing. He’s already had over half of his contestants go through, so of those remaining, he decides to give Oliv Blu another chance to dazzle us with her gift for creating an atmosphere with her voice.

Next up is Kelly, who has far more left to pick from, since only one of her contestants made it through by votes. She’s not happy to send so many home, but she knows that Jej Vinson is her best chance at the finale, so that’s where she lands.

John has a lot less trouble selecting who to carry through from his contestants. Although he does credit all of his remaining squad members with giving their best efforts yet during the Top 24 performances, he was most blown away by Celia Babini’s return to form. Since other two of his three favorite showcases have already been waved on, it’s Celia who’ll get another shot here.

Last, but not least, Adam Levine has had exactly zero team members go through (apart from that quick comeback by L.B.), so he has the most difficult decision to make of all four coaches. Ultimately, he decides to go with the contestant that he thinks is the “best person in this moment” and waves Mari Jones through.

With that, we have our Top 13.


Adam Levine (2): Mari Jones, L.B. Crew

Kelly Clarkson (2): Jej Vinson, Rod Stokes

John Legend (3): Maelyn Jarmon, Shawn Sounds, Celia Babini

Blake Shelton (6): Gyth Rigdon, Kim Cherry, Carter Lloyd Horne, Dexter Roberts, Andrew Sevener, Oliv Blu

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