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When the cross battles first began last week on The Voice, no one seemed more excited about it than Adam Levine. He was all too eager to challenge fellow coaches Blake Shelton, Kelly Clarkson, and John Legend, but the results rounds have been brutal for him. Of the eight cross battles his team participated in, only two contestants actually won. Whew, that stings.

Of course, Adam’s not the only one whose team has suffered heavy losses in this round. Let’s take a look at the rest of the results from the second and final cross battle elimination round before we move on to the Top 24.

L.B Crew (Team Adam) vs. Jej Vincent (Team Kelly)

The first pair up for elimination is L.B. Crew and Jej Vincent, who were also the first performers of the evening in the cross battle. L.B. Crew certainly put on an exciting show during his set, but apparently voters were more drawn to Jej Vincent’s honey sound. Before the results were revealed, Adam told his teammate, “I don’t know what the results are, but I will tell you that I truly you were triumphant and you deserve to move forward.” Even Kelly feels compelled to tell L.B., “We put four chairs against each other and that should not have happened. You freaking killed it.” Unfortunately, Adam has no saves left to spare, and Blake isn’t ready to spend his steal on the guy, either, so it’s the first of several major blows to Team Adam tonight.

America saved: Jej Vincent
Steal/Save: N/A

Kendra Checketts (Team Adam) vs. Jimmy Mowery (Team John)

Team Adam takes another hit right away in the second results reveal, too. Although Kendra Checketts was far and away the coaches’ favorite to win this cross battle, it’s Jimmy Mowery who gets the “Mercy” of being saved by voters. Blake doesn’t waste much time tamping his button to steal her, though, especially since she’s smart enough to economize her 10 seconds of talking time to tell Blake she’s grateful to have been on his team before — flattery will get you everywhere with these coaches. And while Adam is grateful that Kendra will get to continue on in this competition, he’s pretty bummed she’s yet another member of his squad who’s been taken away by the cross battles.

America saved: Jimmy Mowery
Steal/Save: Kendra Checketts to Team Blake

Shawn Sounds (Team John) vs. Karly Moreno (Team Blake)

This cross battle could’ve gone either way, but voters opted to keep Shawn Sounds around for the next round, and John is delighted. Blake is disappointed, of course, that she won’t be around to teach him to skateboard because there are so saves or steals available to keep Karly Moreno in this thing.

America saved: Shawn Sounds
Save/Steal: N/A

Carter Lloyd Horne (Team Blake) vs. Jacob Maxwell (Team John)

Between these two beach boys, Carter Lloyd Horne turns out to be the favorite of the couch crowd, which means Blake’s speech about how he’s on the right path and should continue on his musical journey was for naught. Luckily for Jacob Maxwell, though, his coach is willing to make good on his statement that he wants to keep working together because John throws down his last save to keep him in the game a little longer.

America saved: Carter Lloyd Horne
Steal/Save: Jacob Maxwell stays on Team John

Kalvin Jarvis (Team Adam) vs. Julian King (Team John)

It was a tough match-up between Kalvin Jarvis and Julian King, who each showcased some soul and character on-stage during their cross battle. Adam says he thought Kalvin had an “amazing moment” but, considering how his night has gone so far, he has no idea how the results will shake out. John, meanwhile, props Julian for having “the mind and heart of an artist.” Ultimately, it’s Kalvin who has won over voters, but even though there’s no save or steal option available, Julian is still grateful to have been on the show to “create a memory that will last a lifetime.”

America saved: Kalvin Jarvis
Steal/Save: N/A

Rebecca Howell (Team Kelly) vs. Beth Griffith-Marley (Team John)

Ouch, this one hurts just as much as seeing L.B. Crew go home. Beth Griffith-Marley was pretty electric during her cross battle, but it wasn’t enough to overcome Rebecca Howell’s strong pop-country performance. John again has no avenue of keeping his contestant from elimination here, so it’s the end of the road for Beth, despite a rousing showcase. Even Kelly feels compelled to tell Beth she gave “a hell of a performance” and invites her to sing with her sometime soon.

America saved: Rebecca Howell
Steal/Save: N/A

Gyth Rigdon (Team Blake) vs. Abby Kasch (Team Kelly)

As expected, Gyth Rigdon has done enough to win over voters based on his calm and collected cross battle performance, but Kelly feels that Abby Kasch’s rock-country aesthetic is “important” to the genre right now and decides to lay down her last save to keep her from going home.

America saved: Gyth Rigdon
Steal/Save: Abby Kasch stays on Team Kelly

The Bundys (Team Kelly) vs. Andrew Sevener (Team Blake)

It’s the end of the road for The Bundys. Andrew Sevener impressed the coaches and audiences at home with how well he performed against the trio, and, since Kelly’s last save is now gone, that means the sibling group won’t advance any further from here. Whether or not Blake will find a gig for them in Nashville, as he offered to Andrew before the results were read, remains to be seen.

America saved: Andrew Sevener
Steal/Save: N/A


Adam Levine (4): Domenic Haynes, Mari Jones, Kalvin Jarvis, Betsy Ade

Kelly Clarkson (6): Jej Vincent, Rebecca Howell, Abby Kasch, Presley Tennant, Matthew Johnson, Rod Stokes

John Legend (5): Maelyn Jarmon, Lisa Ramey, Shawn Sounds, Jimmy Mowery, Celia Babini

Blake Shelton (8): Gyth Rigdon, Kim Cherry, Carter Lloyd Horne, Dexter Roberts, Selkii, Andrew Sevener, Oliv Blu, Kendra Checketts

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