The battles end on a high note, as Alicia Keys uses her final steal.

By Amanda Bell
March 27, 2018 at 09:28 PM EDT
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And just like that (snaps), the battles are done. Adam Levine, Alicia Keys, Kelly Clarkson, and Blake Shelton each complete their knockouts brackets tonight with one last round of battle pairings — and in one special instance, a solo showcase — leaving us with just 32 contestants who are heading to the next stage of this competition.

So, who made the cut? Let’s take a look at the results for round four of The Voice‘s battle bonanza.

Team Adam: Stephanie Skipper vs. Jackie Verna
“These Dreams” by Heart

After this season, there should be a new rule that whenever the coaches want to throw the kids a curveball just to see if they can throw it, well, they don’t. Case in point: This song is a terrible fit for both of these women. Rhythmically, tonally, everything is just off.

With Jackie Verna, it’s the pace that seems to throw her. Even when she makes some smart decisions — slowing down a lyric or two for drama’s sake — she ends up way behind the measure, which, fortunately for her, seems deliberate, even though we know she’s not that polished yet. Meanwhile, Stephanie is made to scream-sing her way into oblivion with this thing, stretching her voice to a volume that just doesn’t suit her; she’s not a rock anthem kinda gal, she seems so much better suited for some slow folk song. What we’re left with is two women who are stumbling their way through this song, and, oof. Jackie exhibited more potential in this battle, which is why she deserves to stay, but it’s hard to compliment this set.

Winner: Jackie Verna
Steal: N/A

Team Alicia: Livia Faith vs. Terrence Cunningham
“Stars” by Grace Potter and the Nocturnals

Anyone who’s had a long day might be tempted to hit the hay early after hearing this sleepy number. These two were responsible for some of my favorite blind auditions, with Terrence Cunningham arriving as one of the most exciting voices to join the show for the entire season. His runs and authenticity made him one to beat, but Livia Faith sure does give it her best shot.

Answering the question of whether her vintage sound could find a place in modern music, she carries this number from start to finish with her sweet falsetto. That said, Terrence matches her step for step, and makes it look even easier, as he adds some texture and extra range to the melody that justifies him being kept around for the knockouts — not that there was really any question he’d stay, considering Alicia did tell him at his audition, “If I did anything right, it was to come to this show only to meet you.” That’s hard to beat, even for someone as talented as Livia Faith. Too bad all the steals (well, except Alicia’s) are gone.

Winner: Terrence Cunningham
Steal: N/A

Team Blake: Dallas Caroline vs. Spensha Baker
“I Could Use a Love Song” by Maren Morris

Although it does wind up being a nail-biter of a decision, I wouldn’t peg this battle as being a “saving the best for last” sort of situation by any stretch of the imagination. Spensha Baker’s got a very powerful voice, as we saw in the blinds, and she breaks the mold of expectations for the country genre, so that’s always fun to see. Meanwhile, Dallas Caroline has that sharp singer-songwriter quality that’s reminiscent of Taylor Swift back in her twangy teen days.

Their stage performance gets a little nasally, though, and Dallas is clearly nervous, with both ladies struggling to find a proper low voice to match the opening here. That said, they are on even footing, as far as their potential to progress further on this show goes. Dallas’ appeal is kinda similar to what Genesis Diaz brought to the table, so now that she’s gone, well, there’s a blank space (TSwift pun, sorry). On the other hand, Spensha could be the Keisha Renee of the season, so Blake’s got good reason to keep her around, too. He ultimately opts for the latter, but it’s Dallas’ lucky day because Alicia’s been saving her last steal just for her, convinced there’s some raw talent to groom in that tiny little voice of hers.

Winner: Spensha Baker
Steal: Dallas Caroline to Team Alicia

The rest:

There are three battles which get montaged for various reasons. Team Adam’s Angel Bonilla and Gary Edwards, for example, face off with “When You Believe,” which was sung by not one but two inimitable divas, so one can only imagine that there was some butchery afoot which led to this sound snip. Somehow, Gary Edwards manages to walk away with the victory. Then, Team Blake’s Austin Giorgio and Brett Hunter take on “Mrs. Jones” in what sounds like a pretty hokey variation, from the sample we do get to hear. Coach Blake decides it’s Austin who’s ready for the next round, and so it goes. Last but not least, Team Kelly’s Alexa Capelli is left to battle herself after Hannah Goebbel departs for personal reasons. Her rendition of “Pray” has her coach excited to see her through to the next round and whether she really had to fight for that right or not.

Annnd with that, the knockouts can begin. Any match-up you’d really like to see go down in the next round?


Team Adam: Rayshun LaMarr, Drew Cole, Mia Boostrom, Reid Umstattd, Gary Edwards, Jackie Verna, Jackie Foster, Jordyn Simone

Team Alicia: Britton Buchanan, Kelsea Johnson, Christiana Danielle, Johnny Bliss, Terrence Cunningham, Sharane Calister, Miya Base, Dallas Caroline

Team Kelly: Brynn Cartelli, D.R. King, Jorge Eduardo, Alexa Cappelli, Jamella, Justin Kilgore, Tish Haynes Keys, Kaleb Lee

Team Blake: Kyla Jade, Pryor Baird, Austin Giorgio, Spensha Baker, Wilkes, Jaron Strom, Dylan Hartigan, Jaclyn Lovey

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