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S13 E19
November 21, 2017 at 09:58 PM EST

The people have spoken, and voters, you’ve got some ‘splainin’ to do.

The Voice‘s first live elimination round lands two from Team Adam Levine in the bottom, vying for the go-ahead vote. And at least one of those is a complete surprise. But before we get to that, let’s talk about the night’s performances and results.

For starters, it seems like the rest of America wasn’t quite as put off by what Addison Agen and Noah Mac brought to the stage last night because the two join Chloe Kohanski as the first three artists sent through to the top 11 tonight. I’ll take my licks for misreading those moments (while still hoping that they harken back to some of their more impassioned performances going forward). Addison’s certainly been strong all season, and Noah, well, he’s doing enough to earn some love from audiences this week.

After the first names are read, we get a sampling of what Jennifer Hudson’s team sounds like en masse by way of their rendition of “Let It Be,” and it’s probably one of the most dramatic interpretations of the song you’ll ever hear. Between Davon Fleming’s feathery riffs, Noah Mac’s rocker railing, and Jennifer and Shi’Ann Jones’ matchy-matchy diva belts, there’s not a trace of the Beatles’ earthy original. But it’s got J. Hud Productions’ own rhythm running through, so it works.

The next two contestants to receive their green lights to the next round are Brooke Simpson and Keisha Renee. No shockers there, since even if their showcases of this week weren’t your absolute favorites, they’ve done enough this season to earn some more time on this show and did nothing last night to hurt their chances. Good call.

And after Maroon 5 treats us to that radio-takeover tune of theirs (“What Lovers Do”) and we get to hear the whole top 12 team up with the Barden Bellas for a Pitch Perfect 3 tribute video, we learn that Shi’Ann Jones and Ashland Craft have advanced as well. Ashland had the more competent performance of the two last night, even if it was devoid of sentimentality, while Shi’Ann was doing her best to replicate every single punch note of her Mariah Carey classic. She hit enough to pass muster, at least this time.

That’s when Miley Cyrus joins Adam Levine to introduce his Snapchat winner (and show off her life-sized-scrunchie-inspired dress) before Blake Shelton takes the stage with his team. Annnnd we’re basically treated to three different songs at once during their delivery of Hank Williams Jr.’s “If It Will It Will.” The first verses belong to Blake and Red, and singing side by side, it’s clear why he’s so fond of Red Marlow this season; they’re practically music twins. I can just picture them both sitting on a rocking chair, sipping on moonshine and telling stories about the good old days. They’re clearly kindred spirits. Then, we’ve got Keisha Renee coming in with her song-saving soul factor, followed by Chloe Kohanski throwing in her own emo girl moments, and it’s just…different. If it will land with you, it will… (Recap continues on page 2)

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