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The Strain

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August 06, 2017 at 11:00 PM EDT

There’s a lot of pressure on Dutch to help the delivery go as smoothly as possible. “This baby is the only family I have left in the world,” Sophie tells her. Welp, that’s not going to make the job feel any easier. Nurse Brigitte Nielsen Lookalike comes to check in on the patient and proves to be ruder than ever. When asked by Sophie how long the procedure will take, she responds, “Why, do you have somewhere better to be?” Maybe — you don’t know her life! Okay, she kind of does, since it just involves being pregnant and watching reruns of classic sitcoms.

“All the bedside manner of a tarantula,” quips Sophie when Nurse Greenwood leaves the room. (Is that a saying? Because that was a really weird comparison.) Dutch goes to get some fresh air, but instead, she gets a lecture from Sanjay and some s— talking from an eavesdropping pregnant lady, who suggests Dutch has rug burn from “helping” Sanjay. “Cut the bulls—, Miranda,” the woman contends. “Only person you’re helping here is yourself.” That’s two sick burns against Dutch, allegedly.

Appearing to be the only two survivors from the strigoi attack at the high school, Alex and Eph flee to a nearby building full of mannequins. That’s almost as creepy as strigoi. Alex, overtaken with emotions following Jason’s death, is comforted by Eph and alcohol. But Eph isn’t partaking; he’s off the sauce because of that whole “my son set off a nuke” thing. He’s psychoanalyzing Alex and pulling a lot of parallels from his own experience. “I told you, I’ve been there,” he admits. “You and Jason relit a fire in me that I thought had gone out.”

Then, Eph reveals the big bombshell (pun intended). He begins to tells Alex about Kelly and Zach before getting to the big headline. “My son…he set off the nuke,” he shares. “He didn’t push the button because he wanted people to die. He did it because he’s angry with me.” Seems reasonable; that’s usually what I did when I was mad at my dad for giving me an early curfew. When asked if Zach is still alive, Eph admits he doesn’t know and stops himself short of fully suggesting that his son might be better off dead (I sit here quietly, not wanting to say what I really want to say).

Despite this disturbing revelation, Alex sticks around and goes with Eph to scout out out a location from which strigoi have been shipping humans. They find a New Horizons ad recruiting people to join The Partnership and help create sustainable farms. If New Horizons sounds familiar, it’s because it was the logo at the scene of last week’s strigoi poisoning. Eph knows this is surely not what the brochure makes it out to be.

Gus has returned from his scouting mission and is giving his crew the lowdown on “the score of the century.” He counted six cops, which Creem deems “easy.” “They can’t kill us all, right?” he asserts, to which Gus replies, “You want to bet?” Strange bet. These two have totally different management styles, and Gus’ looks to be winning out, as he’s clearly become the group’s head honcho. Judging by his expressions, that fact isn’t going over well with Creem, so I’m predicting an eventual backstab. In the meantime, the duo’s partnership is still strong enough to lead a successful and bloody raid on the cops’ hideout.

Everyone has taken their position for the big C-section: Sanjay is watching, Dutch is by the bedside, and Sophie is lying on her back to do the real work. Upon the delivery, the baby’s silence makes Dutch and Sophie nervous until she finally cries. But unfortunately, the newborn is immediately whisked away without being shown to her mother. This causes Dutch to lose her s—. She punches Sanjay in the face and takes him hostage in order to free herself. While they briefly struggle, she ends up kicking his ass pretty easily. SHE’S A GIRL LIKE THAT! Dutch makes a run for it, but instead of freedom, she finds people in cages and strigoi throwing them up on an assembly line to be bled dry. It’s a setup first teased last season when Eichhorst gave it a test run. The discovery leaves Dutch frozen and surrounded by strigoi.

What did you think? Will Dutch make it out of that room alive? On a scale of 1-10, how scared are you that we’re going to get sooooo much Zach next week?

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