Rowan stands up to Simon.
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A year ago, Rowan was cleaning the house when she saw something: Simon. But this Simon was, presumably, a figment of her imagination. “You’re just like me,” Ghost Simon told her. “That’s why we belong together.”

After the exchange, Rowan wrote two letters—one for Tommy, one for Chloe—and went upstairs, where Tommy later found her unconscious on the bed. This is when Rowan tried to kill herself. This is why Tommy had those cameras installed.

The episode cuts to the present before we can see what happens with Rowan that day, so it’s unclear if she, like Lucy, died for a little bit. But for now, she’s very alive—and very angry.


Rowan was all about leaving with Simon—until she found out that Simon killed himself the day of their wedding. Now, she’s completely Team Tommy and there seems to be nothing that will change her mind.

She’s so done with Simon that she goes for her usual appointment at the psychiatrist’s office and basically breaks up with her doctor, claiming she’s tired of wasting her time and money to get over Simon. The psychiatrist, bless his heart, calmly tries to get more information out of Rowan, but she seems more intent on making a dramatic exit than being specific: “Goodbye,” she says as she tosses a few bottles of prescription pills on his desk. PSA: Leaving your doctor in the midst of a personal crisis is not the way to solve said personal crisis.

Rowan seems happy enough though when she goes to pick up Chloe from camp, but that good mood vanishes once Chloe reveals Simon—or the “angel,” as she calls him—came by to say he’d be coming to the house after dark to pick them up. He makes good on his word and shows up at the back door once it’s dark out. But instead of facing Rowan and his daughter with suitcases in hand, he faces a disappointed Rowan (drinking a red wine glass, because lord knows she needs it).

“You told me you were happy,” she says. “I told you I was pregnant. And you killed yourself.” Simon says he doesn’t remember doing that, that that wasn’t him. And he’s probably not lying: It seems like none of the Returned remember their deaths or the moments immediately leading up to them.

But there’s no way he can talk himself out of this—mostly because Tommy’s right around the corner. He eventually pops out, points a gun at Simon, and barks some orders at him. Instead of obeying the police officer with a gun though, Simon keeps talking and inching closer and closer to Rowan. All the while, Tommy’s shouting “Don’t move!” Simon doesn’t listen, and pays for it: Tommy shoots him in the heart, and he falls to the floor.

This is complicated for many reasons, the biggest being that Simon is already dead. Is it possible to kill an already-dead person? I would think not, but then again, we do see blood—you know, the stuff that comes out of real live humans—soak Simon’s shirt. Something bad must be going on inside his body.

And then there’s the question of how this will affect Rowan’s relationship with Tommy. It’s clear she knew Tommy would be there, and likely knew he’d have the gun—but no matter how mad she was at Simon, watching him reel from a gunshot must be traumatizing. Probably time to kiss and make up with that psychiatrist, Row.


Last time we saw Camille, she was making out with Ben… and then scaring Ben away. He knows who she is, and he wants to get to the bottom of it. Literally.

Ben and two other friends head to the cemetery to dig up Camille’s grave so they can make sure she’s in there. Instead of finding bones though, they just find black water—the same black water we’ve seen in bathtubs and sinks before. Before they can further investigate, a gravedigger calls the police and the three end up at the police station where Tommy questions them. I’m beginning to think Tommy is the only cop in town (Nikki’s also one, but she’s too busy trying to get back in Julie’s pants—we’ll get to that later, though).

Ben ends up telling Tommy that they think Camille is back, so Tommy goes to her family’s house to see for himself. Claire lies though and says “Alice” is out with her friends.

NEXT: Camille makes her official return.

Because Ben and apparently Tommy know about Camille, Peter suggests that Claire and Jack tell everyone that she’s back. This isn’t the best idea, especially because Peter decides to first break the news to the support group of parents who lost their kids in the same crash as Camille. Losing your kid must be impossible enough, and finding out that your child wasn’t “chosen” to return to earth must make the grieving process even more unimaginably painful.

Some of the parents react with anger when they see Camille, so Camille does the teenager thing and goes up to her room to pout. Peter convinces her to return downstairs though and to use her second chance on earth for good. And by that, he means he thinks Camille should lie to the parents about their children.

For the rest of the support group’s meeting, Camille acts as a representative for the dead: She tells parents how she knows their children are at peace, how she “felt” them, how “the other side” was the most beautiful place. They’re all in awe and seemingly incredibly comforted by these words—who wouldn’t be? Throughout the presentation, Camille keeps looking at Peter for approval. He continually nods his head at her, egging her on. This is probably how John Edward got his start.

Just a reminder that all of this is happening as Lena’s in the hands of a stomach-eating murderer.


Lena wakes up and goes looking for Adam, but instead finds Lucy’s necklace and puts two and two together: Adam attacked Lucy the waitress.

She tells Tony about this once he gets home, so Tony gets a little scary himself and ties Lena up—what he thinks this will accomplish, I don’t know. But then it’s Adam who saves the day when he gets home, lets Lena go, and instructs her to run. So she does. She runs and runs, and eventually runs out in front of a semi-truck. Watch the driver of this semi-truck be another stomach-eater.


Victor is in full-on creep mode this episode. He and Chloe have a quick conversation that’s quick only because he scares her off by telling her he’s dead. Somebody needs to get this kid a copy of How to Win Friends & Influence People, stat.

He also spends a good amount of time watching Nikki and Julie make out before they notice and shoo him away. “Doesn’t he ever sleep?” Nikki asks, exasperated. “No,” Julie replies with a hint of sympathy in her voice.


Helen joins a tour of the dam but seems to have ulterior motives: Afterward, she takes shots with the tour guide and does her usual “this town should have been washed away” shtick. He’s drunk, so he does some rambling and ends up telling her that all she would have to do to destroy everything is put a bomb in one of the dam’s diversion tunnels. Conveniently, that’s when he realizes their conversation is getting weird and puts a halt to it—but by that point, Helen’s already got what she wanted.

I ended last week’s recap by asking what’s the worst that can happen when you’re already dead—and although my question hasn’t been 100 percent answered yet, it’s pretty clear from Simon’s run-in with Tommy that even the Returned aren’t invincible.

The dam and the mysterious water continue to play big roles, and it’s likely Helen’s going to make a move to destroy the town sooner rather than later. And, hopefully, that means we’ll get to find out why she and the others came back also sooner rather than later.

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