The housewives look back on season 12

By Nolan Feeney
November 27, 2017 at 10:01 PM EST
Nicole Weingart/Bravo

Well, that’s it: Almost five months after it started, the 12th season of Real Housewives of Orange County is officially over. And considering the fragmented state the housewives started in, this week’s big, dramatic conclusion…was not that big and dramatic? Actually, it was kind of sweet? Here’s what went down on part two of the reunion:

  • Meghan is having a baby! She announces to the housewives that she’s one month pregnant, which means, according to a blog post published on her website earlier today, she’s nearly 10 weeks along. She also continues her feisty streak on the reunion couch, accusing Peggy of “playing the cancer card” when she shut down her conversation with Shannon during their psychic dinner and taking Peggy to task for her “lip clipping.” Less flawless, however, is when Meghan and Kelly rehash their fight at drag queen bingo and the texts that inspired it, when Meghan struggles to explain why her text to Kelly asking if she had a boyfriend was innocuous while Kelly’s text about an affair was malicious. (Meghan’s in the right here, but she backs down once Kelly starts yelling and looks ready for blood.)
  • Peggy sure is bad at explaining herself. After keeping relatively quiet during the first part of the reunion, Peggy finally had a lot to say as Andy questioned about her some of her biggest story lines this season: Why was your cancer story so confusing? Why did you leave Iceland early? What was up with the video you took? I don’t want to say her answers were inconsistent with what she said on the show, but…they seemed inconsistent with what she said on the show. (Specifically her line about her cancer story being confusing because she was in denial — she seemed pretty sure about what the deal was during the actual episodes. Also, they filmed one of her doctors explaining the situation — why doesn’t she/Bravo trot that clip out every time this comes up?) But everyone spots Peggy some points considering she started the show just weeks after losing her father and undergoing her double mastectomy.
  • Vicki and Tamra make up. Actually. Officially. For real this time. Despite their tearful hug in Iceland, Vicki and Tamra’s friendship hasn’t been on steady ground since the show wrapped filming. That’s apparently because of comments Vicki has made or shared on social media and, Tamra alleges, stories about Eddie that Vicki has planted in the media. (Vicki denies doing this.) The same back-and-forth they’ve been having all season continues here — Tamra says Vicki won’t really acknowledge her role in spreading hurtful rumors about Eddie, Vicki says Tamra keeps calling her a con artist and bringing up Cancergate — but they seem to hit a real breakthrough when Tamra tells her to apologize like she means it and speak from the heart about what she’s sorry for. And it works! But I think their success here has a lot to do with the fact that it’s not the wee hours of the morning in Iceland. Also: No one’s drunk on champagne.
  • Even Shannon and Vicki have a breakthrough. After getting up to hug Tamra per Andy’s prompting, Vicki asks if she can hug Shannon and apologizes to her too. Shannon is skeptical, but she gets up and gives into the hug, and pretty soon she’s tearing up thinking about the good times they’ve had. “We’re all good people, we just got a little derailed,” Vicki tells them, which sounds like a tagline for Bloodline. And Tamra even invites her to switch over to her couch, which is a strange sentence to type with any sincerity but is actually a big deal in the Bravo world! A few weeks ago, I would have told you that the best thing for Orange County going forward would be for Vicki to take (at least) a season off given how disruptive she is to the group. But after seeing Shannon, Tamra, and Vicki all hold hands together, I’m willing to take that back and say if Bravo replaced everyone but those three, I wouldn’t be sad one bit.

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