Vicki goes to the hospital, and the other housewives have very different ways of coping
Credit: Bravo

Nothing says “Girls’ trip!” quite like, uh, wait a minute, a trip to the hospital? The housewives are finally in Iceland, and after some ATV-ing and hiking and waterfall admiring, Vicki takes a trip to the emergency room, temporarily putting a damper on the whooping-it-up and sending the other housewives into a tailspin. (Unless you’re Kelly.) Here’s what’s been going on in Iceland:

Vicki is…not feeling well. After some strenuous glacier hiking, a sleep-deprived Vicki starts feeling ill and ends up going to the hospital over what the other housewives worry is a heart attack. She later explains that she’s diagnosed with elevated blood pressure and suspects that the elevation and the lack of sleep sent her over the edge, but it still gives the housewives quite a scare. Thankfully, it doesn’t take long for Vicki to get back to her old self: After she returns from the hospital, the housewives all gather in one of their rooms to drink champagne, order room service, and generally whoop it up…until it gets to the hour where they all start having serious heart-to-heart conversations. But more on that in a minute.

Lydia is…sticking with Vicki, even though Vicki didn’t seem to want anyone to go to the hospital with her. Hospitals can be scary, especially in a foreign country, so Lydia takes a cab to the hospital to be by her side regardless. The other housewives are in less of a hurry to get over there, which annoys Lydia, who’s already annoyed about accidentally being left off a group thread with the other housewives that Tamra started.

Kelly is…hungry. While Vicki is getting medical attention in her hotel room, Kelly and Peggy are butting heads about the proper way to help her. Peggy wants to be by Vicki’s side because Vicki once offered to be there for her whenever Peggy needed, and you know, that’s what friends do; Kelly is more of a fan of giving her some space, which also has its merits. Everyone responds to emergency situations differently, of course, but neither one can totally let it go. After Vicki goes to the hospital, the other housewives realize they’ve barely eaten, so they decide to gather for dinner and spent time at the hospital in shifts, with the exception of a cranky Lydia (who’s already en route) and a distressed Peggy (who is asking for advice from Diko, who tells her to go to the hospital too). Peggy comes by the table to tell Kelly she’s leaving, and Kelly explodes at her, telling her to wait a few minutes to finish her dinner because a few minutes isn’t going to matter in the grand scheme of things; Peggy storms off and tells them that she’s not going to disrespect her husband by ignoring his advice, which leads to the rest of the girls questioning (or downright making fun of) her obedience after she leaves. You’d think in a time of crisis that they’d be nicer to each other, but remember that this is Real Housewives, okay?

Meghan is…ready with a casserole. In the past, Vicki has talked about how when Brooks was going through…whatever he went through, all she wanted was some compassion and a casserole. Meghan doesn’t want to leave the hotel to go to the hospital because of her baby, so she decides to get Vicki a casserole and present it to her as a gesture. And, weirdly, the restaurant they’re at doesn’t balk at all when Meghan asks for one. Sure, it doesn’t exactly look like a traditional casserole, but, hey, it’s a gesture. It’s the thought that counts!

Tamra is…finally getting somewhere with Vicki. Vicki’s health scare puts things into perspective for Tamra, who tries to talk out her issues with Vicki once again while they’re all hanging out back at the hotel. It’s…surprisingly successful? Tamra explains why Vicki’s rumors about Eddie allegedly being gay were hurtful, which prompts Vicki to compare what she said about Eddie to what Tamra said about Brooks, to which Tamra responds that she was just trying to protect Vicki and lashed out in the past because she felt like Vicki was choosing Brooks over her. And there you have it! The whole Vicki-Tamra saga in 56 words! In retrospect it doesn’t seem that complicated, but I guess a trip to the hospital was all it took to get both women in the mood to listen with open minds and open hearts. (The champagne probably didn’t hurt, either.) “It doesn’t mean we’re best friends again,” Tamra clarifies the next morning, but at least they’re able to be around each other and have fun together.

Shannon is…mad that Vicki and Tamra are working it out. While the two of them cry and hug it out, Shannon fumes in a corner, telling Meghan, “What I’m watching is making me sick to my stomach…. Vicki’s never been a real friend to Tamra, ever…. I’m a real friend, Meghan!” Pretty much all the other housewives are in agreement that Shannon’s outburst really has nothing to do with Vicki’s treatment of Tamra and everything to do with Shannon wanting Tamra to herself and not wanting to lose an ally. Listen, Shannon, we’ve all been there — but “there” was high school, so you gotta leave that behavior behind. If you love someone, let them go! (Tamra, it should be noted, is not so sympathetic: “I need to move on for myself, and if Shannon doesn’t like it, too bad!”)

Peggy is…taking some alone time. During the housewives’ post-hospital hangout sesh, tensions between Peggy and Kelly exploded. Kelly started making fun of Peggy, and others in the room started to laugh, which Peggy describes as “one of the worst experiences” of her life. She skips the shopping trip the next day and ignores calls, texts, and door-knocks from the housewives. The other women give her some space for the day, but when they come back from the excursion and still can’t reach her, Lydia loses her patience, telling Peggy that it’s okay if she’s mad; she just has to tell them and let them know she’s okay, which she eventually does. Something tells me she’s not going to let this grudge go for a while.