Kelly and Vicki are the odd women out while Shannon's on cloud nine
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Let’s be honest: The ladies of the OC are still reeling from Kelly’s crazy outbursts at Meghan’s “night before getting knocked up” party that included an appearance from the c-word. Offensive? Yes. Crude? Totally. Worrisome? 100 percent. But worthy of Heather scolding Kelly like a school girl and leaving the party sobbing? Mmm, well…the jury’s still out on that one. But tonight is all about new beginnings, new perspectives, and glimpses of all the different kinds of crazy Kelly’s harboring.

The most literal new beginning is watching Meghan get implanted with her embryos without her husband Jimmy there. It’s fine because she really wants to focus on Kelly, the aforementioned c-word, and the craziness at her “night before I got knocked up” party, and Jimmy wouldn’t be down for that. Jimmy does get a phone call when they have to decide which embryos to implant, since the girl embryo has the highest chance of working — even though Meghan really wants to give Jimmy a boy. They decide to put both in and we’ll see if Jimmy gets his wish. It feels like Meghan will do anything to make sure Jimmy’s happy and gets his way, even though she’s doing all the work and then some…

Kelly is certainly the talk of the OC, and not just at local fertility centers. Tamra meets up with Heather at a kid’s book publisher to see how she’s doing after being exposed to the c-word. Seriously, why is Heather taking this so personally? She really doesn’t have an answer and she can’t believe she reacted so strongly. The truth is, when you look at Kelly’s overall history of outbursts and craziness during the short time she’s been hanging with these ladies, her reaction isn’t really that shocking. In fact, it’s surprising she hasn’t used the c-bomb sooner. But even though Tamra put her friendship with Shannon on the line last week to give Kelly the benefit of the doubt, Tamra’s finally realized something is “seriously wrong” with Kelly. And Heather makes an amazing point: Tamra really handled herself well when Kelly called her a “dumb f**k.” So cheers to new beginnings, indeed — though I kinda miss “off the rails” Tamra, you know, before Jesus taught her to think before she speaks.


Now if I were Kelly, I probably would have been so embarrassed that I would have ran out of there, packed up my beachfront mansion, and moved far, far away. But while Kelly did cry (somewhat) real and remorseful tears, she didn’t really take responsibility, claiming she’s never had a group of women attack her like this. If that is true (and I have serious doubts), then okay, fine, rookie mistake. But then Kelly digs deep into Meghan’s major Achilles heel — her stepkids being, well, step — and tells Meghan that when she has kids of her own, then she’ll understand why being called a prostitute made her go nuts.

Truth be told? Kelly needs Meghan in her corner if she ever wants a chance of getting back in the group. We know from last year, when Vicki tried to insinuate Meghan’s step-kids weren’t her kid-kids, that Meghan won’t take too kindly to Kelly’s remarks. Kelly insists she was provoked, but finally admits she does regret using the c-word. Kelly lets Meghan ream her out some more, smiling the whole time, and tells Meghan how lucky she is to have her. You know that Gnarls Barkley song “Crazy”? Yeah, it’s playing in my head right about now.

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But the biggest renewal/new beginning happens between Shannon and David. It’s Shannon’s birthday and David gives her 20 minutes to pack for an overnight surprise. It’s so nice to see Shannon look genuinely happy and touched by David’s gesture (even though he owed her bigtime after taking her to a pub last year). But you have to wonder what David was thinking when he only gave Shannon 20 minutes to pack — after 16 years of marriage, didn’t he know she was going to take along her entire medicine cabinet, including her nasal-wash machine and hormones? Next time, he should figure out how to ship that stuff to their destination ahead of time.

But we’ll let it slide, because David has really out done himself — Heather, Terry, Tamra, Eddie, Meghan, and Jimmy are on their way to join the fun. Everyone assumes there’s going to be a vow renewal, since David proposed on Shannon’s birthday and they’re going to the hotel where Shannon and David got married. You know who’s not on the bus? Odd women out Vicki and Kelly, currently whooping it up together over spicy martinis.

Now, this little get-together is actually very dangerous for the future of Vicki and Kelly’s place in the group. Kelly is stuck on Shannon being a “negative nelly,” as if that excuses calling her the c-word. Vicki says she understands why Kelly flipped out at the party, because SHE’S A SCREAMER, TOO! Yes, Vicki, the eardrums of longtime viewers have never been the same since you went up against Gretchen and Slade at the ‘80s bunko night. But wait, Vicki then tries to MENTOR Kelly. The same Vicki, who was excluded from Shannon’s birthday festivities and who currently has no friends because she chose Cancer-gate over them is going to MENTOR Kelly back into the group. The same group she’s no longer in. But Vicki is the OG of the OC (or as Kelly says, she’s the “guru”) and Vicki holds onto that — friends or no friends.

Her sage advice includes avoiding name-calling and having better social graces. Kelly hangs on Vicki’s every word because she really believes Vicki can help make her a better person. Kelly also believes the other ladies “hate us because they can’t be us,” so clearly there’s work to be done — baby steps, people. It also worries me that later, when Kelly opens up to Vicki about how rocky her marriage has been since the separation, Vicki’s takeaway is “at least you have a husband who loves you” and “being single sucks.” Dating and marriage is one area where Vicki should probably lay off the mentoring and advice-giving. We get it, Vicki. You’re lonely. But the man you had and refused to leave until it was too late is fully responsible for your friends saying sayonara.

But enough about crappy relationships and breakups, because Shannon is floored when she and David arrive at the hotel where they got married. They have 45 minutes until the next surprise, so those crazy kids get in a quickie. It’s amazing what a better, stronger, happier place Shannon and David are in. They really worked hard to save their marriage and it’s just beautiful to see — even though David acts like something bad is about to happen. “I just want to tell you I love you,” he keeps saying, like the room is going to catch on fire. Instead, all of Shannon’s friends are waiting (including Jeff Lewis and Jenni Pulos!) and it’s great to watch Shannon completely freak out as her husband’s surprise sinks in.

And it doesn’t end there — the next surprise IS that David and Shannon are going to renew their vows. I may or may not have gotten something in my eye during this scene, something that caused tears to stream down my face. Shannon and David’s daughters are there and the whole ceremony was a wonderful reminder that after 16 years of marriage (and less than two years since the affair), Shannon was right to fight for her relationship. (And David was right to exclude Vicki and Kelly, because it was weird to watch a major event go off without a single fight!)

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