Kelly takes back every apology then denies she's got anger issues. Well, okay then!
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And we’re back for part two of the Real Housewives of Orange County reunion craziness. It’s astounding to me that even with the cameras rolling and with footage proving their deepest regrets that they’ll still deny or lie whenever it suits Kelly and Vicki them all best.

Tonight, Shannon, Kelly, and Vicki were in the hot seat — but that didn’t stop fancy/bossy pants Heather from getting in her two dollars worth (she’s way too rich to just add two cents!). Here’s the highlights of the best bombshells, craziest defenses and all around insanity (mainly from Kelly)!

  • Vicki can’t accept that Shannon and David’s vow renewal is the real deal because Vicki’s televised vow renewal to Don didn’t last. Don even said afterward, “Well, that will be good for TV!” But Vicki and Don were unfaithful to each other; only David cheated so Shannon is adamant that it’s TOTALLY different.
  • In case you were wondering, those sitting on the couch with sex tapes under their belts include Tamra, Meghan, and Andy!
  • Shannon’s issues with her evil mother-in-law began after Shannon called her out for not helping with the dishes. I have to say, anyone with a MIL may actually see the rationale there…
  • I actually think Vicki’s eyebrows raised up to the ceiling when Shannon called Tamra “one of my best friends.”
  • David’s mistress sits in front of them at football games. Am I a terrible person for having a zillion ideas in my brain for how Shannon could really mess with her (she basically just needs a hot dog overflowing with ketchup and mustard, a straw and well, use your imagination!)
  • The tag lines for next season are in the works:

    “Are you kidding me?” —Shannon

    “By the way…” —Heather

    “Of course!” —Kelly

    “Let’s whoop it up!” —Vicki

    “Jesus, help me here.” —Tamra

    “Sperm.” —Meghan

  • Heather won’t reveal the price of her new mansion and no one has been invited over yet, but that doesn’t stop Kelly from thinking it’s in the $20-million-plus range! Duh, it does have custom ice cubes and a porte cochere!
  • Vicki’s new boyfriend Steve must be a keeper (though he doesn’t have to do much to look better than Brooks). He gets the seal of approval from Briana — even Tamra has nice things to say!
  • Oh shocker, Vicki regrets getting involved with that cancer charity — which was actually serving as a portal to her insurance business. Don’t totally understand the connection, but Vicki has done away with it, thankfully!
  • Kelly has ZERO shame — and ZERO remorse watching herself get drunk and rage on her castmates. “It’s not hard to watch at all,” Kelly admits to Andy — much to his horror.
  • Kelly is very clear that she’s not an alcoholic but she has been to AA. The reason? It was court ordered after a drunken brawl on the 4th of July caused her to hit her husband so he wouldn’t hit anyone else. Aha! Okay, that clears it all up now. That’s perfectly logical thinking, especially while you’re drunk.
  • FYI, Kelly is adamant that the ladies pushed her to get so crazy time and time again — not the alcohol.
  • Heather almost quit the show after Kelly dropped that now infamous “see you next Tuesday” at the sushi restaurant because a) the last time she was there was the last time she saw her brother-in-law alive, so lots of bad memories, b) the walls inside were paper thin and she was mortified that others could hear, and c) Heather thought as a show, “WE’RE better than this” (so no, she wasn’t making it about herself…)
  • By the way, Kelly is no longer sorry about calling Shannon a “see you next Tuesday” in the sushi restaurant because of what went down on the van in Ireland. Essentially, Kelly thinks that the behavior of Tamra, Shannon, and Heather in that van negates everything Kelly ever did or said to them. That van ride gave Kelly a clean slate — at least in her own little bubble.
  • Speaking of Ireland, Tamra pushed Kelly after she talked about her daughter. She did not hit or slap her (which for some reason everyone thinks is better). But, Tamra is lucky because if Kelly hadn’t taken anger management courses, she would have “beat the crap” out of Tamra. So just to review — we’ve been witnessing Kelly AFTER a full anger management course load…
  • We learn of an off-camera moment where Kelly texted Tamra a picture of Shannon with the caption “keep eating.” When Shannon asks Kelly why she would do such a thing, her response sums it all up: “Because I really don’t like you.” Well, we gotta give Kelly at least one point for honesty! But fat shaming, really? Are we in middle school? Grow up, Kelly! (And Shannon, you look amazing!)

There’s still one more reunion episode to go and it’s gonna be a doozy as Shannon and Vicki go head-to-head over whether or not David did hit Shannon and why Vicki insists on giving that terrible accusation so much life!

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