Tamra and Vicki deal with their respective wounds as Heather slams Shannon and Meghan for their lack of sympathy

By Evan Slead
September 13, 2016 at 10:32 AM EDT
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After last week’s shocking dune-buggy accident, this week is all about picking up the pieces and checking in with each of the ladies. First and foremost, Tamra learns she’s well enough to leave the hospital. Instead of making the three-hour drive to Orange County, she decides she’d rather go back to camp and see her friends. There’s still no update on Vicki’s condition, though, other than she’s stable. What is clear is Meghan didn’t get Heather’s hint to go visit Vicki, since we see her lounging in her kitchen talking to Jim about their golfing plans. The Beadors make it to the La Quinta home, where Meghan instantly reveals to Shannon that she is, in fact, pregnant. She even shows off her “baby bump,” which Shannon points out is actually nonexistent.

In the middle of the golf outing, Meghan finally drops the news to Shannon about Vicki and Tamra’s hospitalization, which is immediately followed by a call from Heather. Thinking she could talk some sense into her friends, Heather again pleads for someone to visit Vicki. Shannon instantly shuts down, acting as if it’s ludicrous to ask for that kind of favor. “She’s hurt me. Why would I go see her?” Shannon says.

In the meantime, the great Google Maps-ing of 2016 begins. Heather tries to persuade Meghan to drive to Vicki — she looked up the distance and saw it was only a 45-minute drive. Of course, Heather and Kelly are just trying to reiterate that someone needs to visit Vicki, and since Meghan and Shannon weren’t involved in the accident, they should hop on a golf cart or other nearby vehicle and go see their friend. According to the La Quinta girls, though, they weren’t aware of the severity of the situation, since Heather and Kelly’s original phone call was punctuated by “some laughing and a beer.” Shannon and Meghan decide to sit down with their husbands — over comically large pieces of chocolate cake — to further express their strong feelings against visiting Vicki in the hospital. Meghan shares a picture someone took of Vicki on a stretcher, which Shannon confuses as a selfie, further plunging into despair.

Back at the Glamis camp, Heather, Kelly, and Tamra FaceTime Vicki and learn she’s able to talk and eat, though she’s in some serious pain after the buggy flip. It’s hard not to empathize with the pain she’s in, along with her friends who wish they could be there to support her. The show’s editors didn’t want to paint Meghan and Shannon as villains too much, and we’re treated to a clips reel of all the times Vicki has yelled at Meghan in past seasons. Oh, how times have changed!

The pair decides to try reconciling with Tamra via phone, but she’s not letting them off easy. Tamra describes the entire incident in detail, which finally prompts Shannon and Meghan to show some concern. Tamra, in tears, asks why the two of them couldn’t take the time to visit Vicki, to which both of them can only respond in garbled, unfinished sentences. “You know what, Meghan? Go to hell,” Tamra says as she hangs up.

On that cheery note, Meghan tries to talk out her guilt with Jim, which proves pointless when Jim seems to only be concerned with the latest options for candle scents. Thankfully, Vicki is now resting up at home, but she still has to don an itchy and uncomfortable neck brace. Meghan lets go of her pride and visits Vicki, admitting she shouldn’t have taken the accident so lightly. Holding back tears, Vicki asks her why it would take so long for someone to show compassion after a traumatic event; Meghan apologizes, knowing nothing she can say will make up for her initial response (or lack thereof). Due to past drama between the ladies — of which the editors again remind us using old clips — it’s interesting to see how the tables have turned with Meghan now cast in the role of “bully.”

NEXT: Heather and Tamra throw down with Shannon

Vicki’s house becomes hangout central when Heather visits as the self-proclaimed leader of the cheering-up committee. With gift in hand, Heather learns Meghan was there mere hours before her. Before she can even deliver her joke about MapQuest, Tamra and Kelly show up to bring the fun to their sick friend. In a play to end all plays, Heather points out that the drive from Meghan’s house to Vicki’s is actually longer than the drive from Meghan’s to the hospital. Good work, Detective Dubrow! With everyone alive and accounted for, Tamra says she wants to take the girls on a spa weekend for some relaxation and reconciliation; however, the verdict is still out on whether Shannon and Meghan are invited.

Before any sort of fun plans can be made, Tamra and Heather decide to sit down with Shannon over dinner to hear why she didn’t show any compassion to Vicki. Immediately, Tamra asks Shannon when she learned about the accident, and Shannon answers rather nonchalantly. “It was during the golf game,” she says, sending Heather into a fit of rage over Shannon’s lack of urgency. Both Heather and Tamra push Shannon to admit she was just upset over Vicki being a victim once again. This pushes Shannon into her own fit, making the entire table just one condensed spot of vitriol and annoyance.

Trying to apply some logic to the situation, Shannon admits she can see why she looks bad after not visiting Vicki, but also asserts that she still doesn’t want a friendship with Vicki ever again. Heather and Tamra begin to calm down, but their anger is then redirected at Meghan, whom Shannon defends with the “well, she is hormonal” card. In her own way, this was Shannon’s attempt to give Meghan a break — and herself one, too — but it just exacerbates Heather’s frustration.

With that dinner over, we flash forward to another dining experience, this time between Heather and Meghan. The icy wall between the two friends is so dense that neither one knows how to begin the conversation. “So I’ve heard you’re mad at me,” Heather finally manages to squeak out. Meghan justifies her hurt feelings by saying she didn’t know the severity of the situation — and she wants some credit for trying to fix her mistake by later visiting Vicki at home. The only problem is she keeps calling Heather “theatrical” and “patronizing,” which doesn’t really make it easy for Heather to accept her rationale. Just when it seems their friendship could be over, Meghan throws in an apology that stops Heather in her tracks.

She concedes she didn’t handle the situation well and was a bad friend to everyone. Heather is truly thankful for this revelation, but of course, Meghan throws in one last joke and calls Heather “chief of the morality police.”

With an entire episode dedicated to figuring out who was wrong after the dune-buggy accident, this season is really shaping up as the most dramatic in years. Shannon left Vicki a voicemail, asking her to call back with an update on her condition, and hopefully we’ll see the outcome of that in future episodes. The group has incurred some serious damage, though, and it’s almost impossible to imagine what the rest of the season will look like. Next week should provide some insight as to who’s on which team — and whether there’s any hope for a reconciliation between former “whoop it up’” twins Vicki and Shannon.

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