Luann has something to prove

By Amanda Bell
May 17, 2017 at 10:00 PM EDT

The Real Housewives of New York City

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At this point, it’s almost weird to see all of the Real Housewives of New York City get together in one room and skirt the drama, but it looks like all six of the girls know when to table the fuss for a good cause.

In last week’s installment of RHONY, Ramona Singer was on fire with her underhanded remarks to both Luann de Lesseps and Bethenny Frankel, but both women are big enough to suppress their instincts to lash out for the sake of charity.

Let’s take it from the top.

It’s not just the other Housewives who catch spurts of sass from Ramona on the regular. Her daughter Avery can’t even get through a shopping trip without being bossed around by her mom ad nauseam about silly things like wearing her coat inside the store and disliking her mother’s choice of eyewear. Unlike the others, though, Avery’s not afraid to show off her Ramona Singer impersonation skills right to her face and calls her out for being aggressive in her conversation modes with Bethenny last week. Ramona plays dumb, like she doesn’t understand why there’s tension with Bethenny, but Avery hits the nail on the head when she reminds her that sometimes Ramona’s approach can be a little too sharp for other peoples’ tastes. Bingo.

Meanwhile, Dorinda and Bethenny are doing their regular charity rounds and they chat about Dorinda’s relationship status. They’re both unmarried and turning to real estate renovations for busy work, and it sounds like they’re both loving exactly where they’re at, relationship-wise. Now that her daughter Hannah’s moving out, Dorinda says she’s relishing the idea of living alone. “I’ve either been married or a single mom or remarried. I definitely want to spend a little time being on my own. And also I’m looking forward to whenever I leave a Chanel jacket out it doesn’t go missing for two weeks,” she says. Bethenny’s in the same boat—she’s very into her main squeeze Dennis, whom she’s known for 30 years and only recently started to think of in that way, but she and her kiddo have a good thing going with their apartment projects and she’s not in a rush to change anything except the cabinetry in her newest apartment grab. Fair enough.

Luann meets with Sonja Morgan for a little powwow to find out what happened after she left the bar early the other night and comes to find out that Ramona went ham on Bethenny after Luann encouraged her to strike up a conversation with her. Sonja knows that Ramona struck a sensitive spot with Bethenny before that night even began, saying, “When it comes to Bethenny’s business and her kid, those are two subjects you can’t even tread lightly on.” But of course, Ramona would happily trample on a crystal floor in metal heels if given the chance, so she was exactly the wrong person to discuss Bethenny’s personal life, and it was all downhill from there.
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Carole Radziwill and her boyfriend Adam are still in a weird place … that is, her apartment, seeing as that great apartment she found for him to scuttle his closet full of stuff off to went off the market just as he was about to grab it. So, now she’s stuck rock climbing against her will and lamenting the lost space around her place. She doesn’t foresee them breaking up at this point, but she also doesn’t see them advancing anytime soon either. It’s quite a predicament with those two.

Also on the fence is Tinsley, who, on the one hand is ready to settle down and have babies with someone before it’s too late, but on the other, seems to attract (and be attracted to) fellas way below the age range on that “list” she developed with Sonja. Sonja does not approve of young Chad, whose idea of a date night is bowling (hey, yeah, he’s 23 to her 41), but Tinsley doesn’t really care. She’s not getting married tomorrow, so why not knock boots with someone she’s madly attracted to? Even if it does devolve into her making awkward bird noises at him in between strikes and spares on the lanes.

Ramona might not cause too much of a scene this evening, but she does manage to confirm her reputation as the woman who can’t seem to let a friend have her pick of the male litter. She’s spectacularly flirty with Chad when Tinsley meets him during their night out with Sonja as a trio, and she’s all over this man named Milos, whom Sonja takes a liking to after knowing him for who knows how long. The woman is “insatiable” in Sonja’s eyes, and I’m no psychiatrist, but her excessive and unabashed flirting techniques seem like some textbook self-esteem issues seeping through that straw she likes to suckle on to lure in the men.

Ramona gets a moment with some non-Housewives friends, who confirm her suspicions that Luann’s betrothed is a scoundrel—poor Missy says she was actually dating Tom until she walked in on him with Luann at a bar—and swears she likes the single, Big Apple girl lifestyle, but her incessant need for male attention says otherwise.

Bethenny, meanwhile, is still harboring some hurt feelings from her own divorce as well, and those emotions come rushing in when she takes the stage at herDress for Success charity breakfast. As Carole—who’s everywhere including this function—puts it, “Bethenny may have signed her divorce papers, but she’s still in the thick of it with her divorce, and all of these emotions are coming to the surface.”

She holds it together at the last humanitarian function of the episode though, when she attends Dorinda’s Beauty for Freedom auction soiree. In fact, if it weren’t for her novel “Charity Whores” effort, none of the items Dorinda and Carole put together for the bidding would’ve sold at all.

One thing she’s not here for, though, is a conversation with Ramona. This is the first time all of the girls have been together since the bar, and she has no interest in hearing Ramona call her “weird” or ask her about being there for her “girlfriends” during hard times again (her impression is UNCANNY, by the way, and the network showed the receipts to prove it).

Bethenny does make nice with Tom, who quickly sidesteps her apology for calling him out for the Regency smooch she spilled about in Florida. She still doesn’t believe in this holy union that’s about to happen, but she’s also not interested in getting in the middle of Luann and Tom like that again anytime soon.

Surprisingly, it’s Carole who finds herself on the receiving end of some more damaging information about Luann’s budding marriage—in a voice-over, we hear her talking to a friend of Luann’s who reveals that Tom’s still haunting the Regency in the company of other women—and that Luann knows all about it. “Luann’s got something to prove,” the source reports. “She’d rather get married and get divorced than call it off.”

Carole seems compelled to talk to Luann—unlike Ramona, she’ll opt for a more optimal setting for this conversation than right out in the open at an event like tonight—and steer her clear of making a big mistake just to save face. To be continued …

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