Ramona stirs up trouble, just because.

By Amanda Bell
May 10, 2017 at 10:00 PM EDT

The Real Housewives of New York City

S9 E6
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Dorinda Medley has hit the nail on the head when she says that Ramona Singer’s experiencing some kind of emotional crisis. Clearly, the woman is unhinged, based on all the things she dares to say to both Luann de Lesseps and Bethenny Frankel in tonight’s incredibly awkward episode of Real Housewives of New York.

Do either of these women deserve the underhanded vitriol? Yeah, well, maybe so for both. But it’s still a little difficult to justify her complete disregard for time and place decorum.

Let’s take it from the top.

The episode begins with Bethenny meeting Sonja Morgan for lunch. The two have bonded over Sonja’s participation in Bethenny’s clothing drive — even if all Sonja has to offer are dated cocktail dresses and “yacht jeans,” whatever those are — so Bethenny feels comfortable enough to bring up some escalating tension with Dorinda. She believes Dorinda is mad at her for not showing up to Ramona’s birthday party, but Bethenny’s fed up with Ramona’s mouth and didn’t want to play pretend that it was okay to bad-mouth her 6-year-old daughter Bryn. Sonja agrees that Ramona’s a piece of work, and somehow the conversation turns into how many of these Housewives have dated Sonja’s former flings, which means we get the zinger of the evening early when Bethenny says, “You’re like a curator of c–t.” (Followed quickly by the runner-up: “If your name is Dick, you better be packin’.”)

Meanwhile, on a much more somber note, Dorinda gathers her parents, daughter Hannah, and Carole Radziwill (because she loves cemeteries, for some reason) for a tribute meeting at her late husband’s grave. It’s been five years since Richard Medley passed away, but still, the sting of this loss is obviously very raw for everyone, especially Hannah. Hannah delivers a tearful speech about how, even though she was his stepdaughter, she felt like they all shared beautiful experiences and tosses in the “don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened” cliche, and bam, everyone’s a wreck. Dorinda’s still happy, and she doesn’t think her late husband would be disappointed in that, but she didn’t invite Jon out of respect for the Medley memory anyway.

Sonja and Tinsley Mortimer are still living together, but Tinsley’s definitely got a foot out the door. She doesn’t feel completely comfortable with Sonja’s ways — I mean, who would positively respond to brown ice in the freezer? Then again, she does keep company with a woman whose dog literally rides around in a remote-controlled mini-Mercedes, so who really knows what this woman is about right now.

Over in Luannland, the soon-to-be-former Countess gathers her girls for a dress showing where she debuts her snug white gown. She knows she doesn’t have any right to wear white in the strictest sense, but since she didn’t get to do it up during her first wedding, why not now? Dorinda’s a straight-up vision in her pink bridesmaid’s dress, too, even though she very well knows that the hubby-to-be has some question marks floating above his head from all his midnight-to-five-a.m. activities with other ladies. The difference between her and everyone else is that Dorinda doesn’t like to antagonize Luann about her groom’s documented wandering eye. She’s got too much else going on to become the bad guy over something so fruitless, apparently.

Speaking of staying mum in the face of home-front trouble, when Bethenny pays Carole a visit, she finds out that Carole is basically kicking Adam out of the house. The two must’ve adopted one kitten too many because suddenly, her apartment is feeling cramped and she’s ready for him to get his own place. Yikes. She insists they’re still good and want to be together — although neither wants a marriage — but that they just need their individual space. As Bethenny points out, it can’t be a good sign when a couple who’s been together two years wants to move out from their shared dwelling. Nevertheless, she puts on a good face for Carole when she changes the subject to her own personal drama, and apparently, things have gotten quite nasty with the ex and his crazy e-mails to her.

It’s all worth it, though, because her break-up (and the successful sale of her shared apartment) has gotten her interested in the real estate game, and she’s considering selling her current place with Bryn for something a little bigger. This might mean there’ll be plenty of room for Bryn to hoard all of her colorful tutus, but this mama’s still ready to toss anything she hasn’t used in a while because the spring cleaning bug bit her a little early this year.

And while she’s fleshing out all things unnecessary, now seems like the right time to cut Ramona out of her life for good, too.

Bless her, Dorinda’s doing her darnedest to bring everyone back together, but at the same time, she also talks out of both sides of her mouth, too, because she subtly encourages Ramona to be peeved at Bethenny for not showing up to her birthday party, even though she plays the part of being the ultimate peacekeeper of the group.

That encouragement is all Ramona needs to show up to their drink date together armed with every intention to confront both Luann and Ramona. She says she’s not going to be confrontational with Bethenny, but we all know tact is not in her vocabulary when it comes to situation involving booze, so here’s where we pause the DVR and warm up the popcorn because, yes, it’s on.

It takes, oh, five minutes to get the drama in full gear. Ramona starts things off by confronting Luann over why she didn’t invite her to the wedding. Actually, what she says is that she’s got her ticket booked for the locale already so now Luann should hop to it and send her that invite already. Balls of brass, this one. She also insists she shoulders no blame for those accusations against Tom during the Miami trip, which, to be fair, were of his own doing… but still, she can’t see why Luann wouldn’t want her at the wedding. Ramona states Luann’s case for her, though, when she starts ranting about all her friends who have been taking bets on whether the wedding would ever actually happen, and that’s when even Bethenny’s willing to break down the brick wall she’d built between herself and Ramona to speak up.

“Now you’re doubly not invited,” Bethenny shouts in Luann’s favor before adding that this is the second time she’s wanted to call Ramona an a**hole to her face. Ramona tries to do what Ramona does and awkwardly (read: drunkenly) plants a smooch on her cheek with the promise that she’s happy for her, but Luann’s hardly convinced.

Even so, she indulges Ramona with a one-on-one moment in which she concedes that Bethenny may have been being hostile about the whole birthday no-show thing, but really she’s just pulling the strings to watch the show that’s going to happen afterward. At this point, everyone knows Ramona’s buttons, so she knows she’s just signed the declaration for World War Ramenny right then.

As Carole and Tinsley chat about the fact that Carole’s building has some empty apartments and she’s got an in since she’s the board president, and Dorinda gabs about who-knows-what, Luann tries to take her leave before the next round of drinks devolves the night into something spectacular.

Bethenny, wisely, tries to follow her to the exit sign, but she’s quickly cornered by Ramona — as in, literally cornered, with Ramona practically sitting on top of her as her eyes bulge out of her head from four too many glasses of wine.

Ramona is not a subtle person, guys, so when she tries to speak in hypotheticals, it’s kind of hilarious. “With your girlfriends we all have situations that are good, but sometimes when it’s a bad time in their lives, do you like to be there for them?” she asks.

Bethenny tries to shut it down right away by saying that she’s just not digging the tone, but that fires Ramona up even further to dig a little deeper with the sloppy insults. “You can’t even have a conversation,” she slurs. “I’m very disappointed in you in so many ways. I was there for you every day when you were sick.”

Bethenny responds that she was there for Ramona during her divorce from Mario, but that she has no interest in carrying this conversation any further. Ramona’s response to being shut down is to stand up and shout across the whole restaurant as Bethenny’s taking off because her middle name is secretly “Scene” and that’s just who she is and what she does.

After Bethenny’s gone, though, Ramona’s clearly still dejected and cozies up to a completely uninterested Carole while fishing for everyone to complement her for having “the biggest heart in the world.” Yeah, no. The only people who have any patience for that whatsoever are Sonja and Tinsley, so that’s who she spends the rest of the night shutting the place down with.

As Dorinda puts it, “there’s clearly something curious about Ramona” right now. We’ve seen her be semi-reasonable in the past, but this constant combativeness and her outrage over the slightest of retribution acts is completely bonkers. Of course, Dorinda puts it more kindly to say, “she’s emotionally heightened” right now. Yeah, that’s it. But, hey, kudos to Tinsley for rightly pointing out that Ramona is, as she tried to dub Bethenny, a “wild dog” when it comes to flapping her gums.

Thing is, what would this show be without Ramona? She’s the life of the party, and everybody knows it.

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