Everybody is super happy!

By Tim Stack
August 23, 2017 at 09:00 PM EDT
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Tonight’s second installment of the RHONY reunion brought out a lot of revelations. Bethenny has a boyfriend. Carole (sorta) doesn’t have a boyfriend. Tinsley isn’t into voting. And Sonja has loud sex. Here are the other highlights from the hour:

  • Luann is still defending Tom despite Ramona saying that he has friendships with women he’s had sexual relationships with.
  • Then she gives this quote, which will likely sting today: “Tom is a great guy who loves me. We love being together and married.”
  • Bethenny calls out Luann for referring to their apartment as a penthouse. It’s apparently a one-bedroom on the top floor of a building but Luann doesn’t understand why that’s obnoxious. Bethenny bluntly says, “It’s pretentious as f—!”
  • But don’t worry: All the women are super happy for Luann!
  • Tinsley is still living in a hotel room and loves “the little lobby.” WHAT HOTEL IS THIS?
  • She’s moving in with Scott this fall and thinks he’s the one. I can’t wait to see Dale’s mother of the bride dress :)
  • Tinsley does not think she has a drinking problem but she was waking up in Mexico and drinking booze from her coffee cup.
  • Carole and Adam are kinda broken up…but then just went on vacation with Tinsley and Scott, so I don’t really understand.
  • Ramona, Sonja, and Luann all refuse to admit who they voted for so let’s just all do the math on that one.
  • Tinsley didn’t actually vote but she has an excuse: “It’s not my thing.”
  • Carole and Luann have both heard rumors that Sonja’s Frenchie is actually an actor “cast” as her boyfriend. It’s unclear who was casting him but Sonja denies it. She washes his underwear after all.
  • Tinsley says Sonja and Frenchie have really loud hook-ups. That’s not something we all really needed to know but thanks Tinz.
  • Sonja has a “box” for toothbrushes in her apartment.
  • Bethenny tells everyone that she’s much happier. Two minutes later, she starts bawling about her divorce.
  • She’s dating Dennis, but she says it took some work getting to this point.
  • Her relationship with ex-husband Jason sounds highly unpleasant.

Next week we get to hear about Ramona’s sex life!

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