Is this a real estate show now? Also, someone goes to Hoboken!

By Tim Stack
June 21, 2017 at 10:00 PM EDT
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Guys, I don’t know if you were aware, but the Real Housewives have nice apartments. That was the basic takeaway from tonight’s episode of (Maybe) Million Dollar Listing. Can’t someone host a damn bra party or something and cause a fight? Or an impromptu trip to the Berkshires? Anything other than just hearing them talk about rent.

Carole and Tinsley have bonded. They both went to some sort of winter gala and wore white and it really cemented their friendship. But in a real bonding moment, they sat at lunch together and read a gossip item in the New York Post about the two of them. In Housewives land, that’s like proposing to someone.

Carole is adamant that Tinsley change her look, particularly her hair. Tinsley is like, No ma’am. Carole prob didn’t see the interview where Tinsley explained that her hair is what made her an It Girl. Hasn’t Carole ever seen the second season of Felicity? Stars can’t cut their hair!

So Frenchie has definitely moved in with Sonja. Although, according to her, he still goes back to Paris because he “has a hotel” and he has restaurants. I don’t know what that means exactly. Like, does he live in these hotels and restaurants? Or he just owns them as a business? Unclear. In any case, the Morgan townhouse is super crowded now with Tinsley there too. Frenchie’s main issue, though, is that Sonja doesn’t close the bathroom door. But Sonja feels like her bathroom is part of her suite. So they’re at an impasse. But I do have to say no one really likes when the bathroom door is left open, Lady Morgan. Frenchie also tells her he knows she’s been spending time with Rocco. You busted, gurl… and by someone who lives 3,000 miles away.

Tinsley decides to see what downtown has to offer and takes her mom, Dale, on a trip to the West Village to check out apartments. Dale is charmed by the West Village and actually says it looks like “a little village.” Nuthin’ gets past old Dale! But Tinsley’s mom is most concerned about the kitchen in the West Village spot. “Where does her wine go?” she asks. Fair question and and an important one for a Housewife. Nuthin’ gets past old Dale!

Frederick comes over to Bethenny’s house because we’re still trying to set up this pilot with Bethenny and Frederick on Bravo. He’s happy with her de-cluttering of the place but feels like she needs to get rid of her bar. Then, Bethenny reveals that her bar, which looks like something that would fit in a Sofitel, is worth $40,000!!! WTF. Someone needs to monitor her purchasing. Maybe Dale should be involved?

Dorinda and Carole go to the Women’s March in D.C., which is my favorite D & C adventure since they went to London. Dorinda is going because, in her words, she is “a woman.” Glad we cleared that up. The Women’s March is a brief sequence — the bra party lasted longer. But it’s nice to see them attend.

In what may be a first for Housewives history, a cast member goes to Hoboken! Sonja travels to Jersey to meet up with Rocco, but at first I assumed she was lost or Connor gave her the wrong directions while he was delivering Tinsley her hats. She has dinner with Rocco and sorta reveals to him that she’s been hanging out with Frenchie but kinda doesn’t. Her story of how they ended up together involved a night at the museum and sex. I didn’t exactly follow it.

Ramona decides to throw herself a party because she redecorated her apartment. In honor of the “edgy” new apartment, Ramona decides to wear a too-tight dress and a too-tight pony tail. It’s certainly a bold choice. All the ladies come, and she even invites Harry, which is controversial since he’s seemingly hooked up with half of the Upper East Side. He immediately gravitates towards Tinsley, but luckily Dale is there to block all of Harry’s sexual energy. Nuthin’ gets past old Dale! Tinsley also reveals that she knew Harry when he was “hanging out” with Kelly Bensimon. UM PARDON? Is that another Housewife connection?

Ramona also invites one of Tom’s exes, which doesn’t seem to please Luann. But this lady is actually mostly afraid of Luann. I mean, she is a tall gal. I bet Luann can get scrappy.

The party ends with Sonja revealing that most of the stuff in Ramona’s new décor is actually super cheap. Something breaks and she screams out, “Don’t worry — $12.99!”

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